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How Do INFP Personality Traits Influence A Relationship?

The Myers-Briggs personality test divides all people into 16 different personality types. All of these personalities are a combination of behavioral traits, which are determined based on a series of questions that you have to answer. These are all performance, reaction and preference based questions, which can determine the kind of person you are, and categorize you into one particular personality type.

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Today, we are going to be talking about one particular personality type, namely, the INFP personality traits. This is the second type in the second group of personalities, which is called the Diplomats. They are also referred to as the Mediators.

The Myers-Briggs personality test is a great way to gain insight on your own life. It rationalizes your behavior and traces the patters that you are likely to follow, based on the kind of person you are. Your personality affects every single thing you do, including your relationships. A lot of people don’t take into consideration the kind of people they actually are when they are making their way through life, which is the whole point of this exercise. When you know all about your personality and the things that you are likely to do because of it, then you are more self-aware and conscious, and you can make your decisions with greater care.

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Similarly, your INFP personality traits could predict the kind of relationship you have, not based on destiny, or fate, or stars or anything of the sort, but your own mind and your psychological tendencies. Here is everything you need to know about the kind of person you are, and the kind of relationship you are likely to have as a result.

About INFP Personalities


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Creativity and kindness is what defines the Mediator. INFP stands for introversion, intuition, feeling and perception. These are a very sensitive combination of characteristics which make Mediators a rare group of people. They comprise of only 4% of the world population.

The most dominant characteristic trait of Mediators is of course, their introversion. Most people that they interact with consider them as shy, withdrawn, soft-spoken and polite. However, despite the fact that they are all of those things, they are also very creative and hyper-active mentally and physically, always striving for perfection in all things that they do. They are constantly brimming with ideas because of their keen perception, and they also have the drive and the passion to execute these ideas flawlessly. These are qualities that don’t become evident when you meet them, because they can be quite reserved when talking to people which makes them difficult to read and sometimes, understand.

They tend to be altruistic, having a keen sense of judgment and the ability to feel for others, which is a quality that not many people share. Even though people find it easy to open up to them and are attracted by their mysterious quality, there is very little that people know about them in return. Mediators are also very driven by their values and principles, and are not willing to compromise on their beliefs no matter what. They are less driven by the end result, and are more inclined towards the sentiments that drive them to take action in the first place, irrespective of the result at the end of the road.

Apart from their introversion, what defines them is their intense sensitivity. Because of their incredible insight into things and people, they tend to be artists in various fields in most cases and spend a lot of time thinking about things and contemplating existence. This can make them com across as melancholy, and when they are unable to come to terms with who they are, or are unable to understand something, they become depressed and dejected and even more isolated.

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However, Mediators are too smart to remain reticent for too long. They bounce back with all their creative energy in no time, and go back to being the wonderfully mysterious, creative force of energy that they usually are. One of the most compelling characteristic traits is their communication skills. They are the master of their language (and more often than not, several other languages) and find it easy to connect to the few people that they do interact with.

INFJ Personalities and Relationships

INFP personalities are unique characters. They are an enigma that few people have access to, which is why their love life and their relationships is also a topic of much intrigue. Like everything else in life, they tend to handle their relationships with grace, creativity and elegance. Here is everything you need to know about the kind of relationship mapping you would expect from the mysterious Mediator.

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1. Meeting people

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Everyone knows this one friend who is so invested in the Hollywood ideal of the perfect romance that they usually end up breaking up with people because they aren’t perfect enough, and refuse to acknowledge the way dating works in real life. Chances are, if you know a friend like that, then they are an INFP type. Not only are Mediators introverted, but also hell-bent on finding the perfect soul mate for themselves, and the kind of love that people make movies about.

Because they are so creative and have such a vivid and active imagination, they often have preset ideas about the kind of people they would like to be in a relationship with, and play out ideal relationship scenarios in their heads. They also allow very few people to interact with them, which considerably reduces the chances of them meeting the person of their dreams. They are usually found in isolation, and wait for fate to play out, usually just waiting for the perfect person to come along.

2. Early stages of the relationship

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When Mediators do find someone to trust enough to actually date them, they spend most of their time comparing the idea of the perfect partner that they have in their heads, with the actual person that they are with. This can lead to them being a little distracted during the initial stages of their love life.

However, they aren’t known to be completely feather-headed, and are rather practical and driven when it comes to getting things that they want, which allows them the space to be open to try new things, and trust their new partners, no matter how different they are from what they imagined.

Once they are over the whole comparison phase, they dive headfirst into a relationship and dedicate their time and attention to the person they are with. Despite being introverted, they are protective of the relationship that they do have, and defend their partners as they would defend their beliefs. For them, compatibility is key, and if they are nothing like what they imagines, then the only thing that will matter to them is whether their partner is compatible with them or not.

3. Long-term relationship

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Even though the initial stages of a relationship can be rocky and unsure and sometimes very short-lived for a Mediator, the way they handle their long-term relationship is a whole new story altogether. If they have been with a person for a considerable period of time, then it implies that their partners have passed the internet test that they were constantly being put to, and have managed to gain the trust of the Mediatory fully and unconditionally.

Once they are inside, and have established a secure, long lasting and secure relationship with a Mediator, it is only a series of creative adventures and mutual happiness. INFP personality types like to change and grow in a relationship and hate a stagnant relationship graph. Even though most people prefer excitement and spontaneity in a relationship to keep the flame going, the Mediator prefers a stable, but intellectually stimulating love life with their partners. The fact is, once they allow a person to get to know them completely and truly, there is nothing more secure and dependable than the mutual connection they share with their partners.

4. Rough patches

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Mediators are likely to have a tough time in their relationships because of their constant strive for perfection. They have to realize eventually that the perfection that exists in their heads, doesn’t exist in real life, and people can be as wonderful and as endearing without possessing that insane level of idealism. They might also tend to point out flaws in their real life partners, which can be demotivating for the people they are with. However, once they come to terms with the realization that everyone, including themselves are flawed, they are great to be with.

5. Compatibility

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The two other personality types that an INFP is most compatible with are:


Both of these types are extroverted, outgoing, adjusting and intelligent, which is the kind of combination which will appeal to an INFP type, and also be patient enough to handle them at their worst.

All in all, it is safe to say that dating someone with INFP Personality traits is nothing short of an adventure. They are creative, intelligent, sensitive and exciting people, who will definitely make your life much more interesting than it was before you met them.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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