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Why You Need To Look For A Partner With INFJ Personality Traits

Your personality is a very important part of your life. It has a very detrimental role in whatever you do, and can be the deciding factor in a lot of cases. Whether it is your profession, your inter-personal relationships or the way you behave in public and at home, it all goes back to who you are as a person, which compels you to make certain decisions and choices, which ultimately defines who you are. Among other personality types, you also have the INFJ personality type, and today, we are going to be discussing in details, all the dominant INFJ personality traits and how it affects their relationships.

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INFJ is not a random arrangement of letters. It stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgment, which are the characteristics most prominent in their personalities. These abbreviations, full forms and personality types were decided by Myers and Briggs, two psychologists who developed a test known as the Myers-Briggs test which is able to categorize you into your personality type.

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Even though each person is born with their own unique personality, they share some prominent behavioral patterns, which qualifies them for one of the sixteen different personality types that exist, according to the Myers- Briggs personality test. These sixteen personality types are further divided into four broad categories, namely, Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers. The INFJ personality falls under the second category, which is the Diplomats. Here is more about INFJ personality traits, and how it affects the behavior of the people who have this kind of a personality.

About INFJ Personalities

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INFJ personalities are also referred to as the Advocates, and are some of the most peace-loving creatures of the entire lot. They are the perfect idealists and prefer to live in a dreamy world of their own, rather than the world of reality. They have a wonderful combination of personality traits. They are shy and introverted and soft-spoken. However, they also have very strong opinions about the things they believe in, and the reason they are called the Advocate, is because they can defend the people they love and the things they believe in to death.

Advocates are also very altruistic by nature. Despite shying away from actively participating, taking the lead and interacting with people because of their withdrawn nature, they truly believe in helping others, being there for others and living for others to create a harmonious world full of love and peace. They are very sensitive about the feelings of others, and their warmth, sensitivity and emotional availability makes them some of the most dependable and sought after people. They listen with genuine concern and go out of their way to make people feel at home with them. They understand the value of emotional support and prefer sensitivity and intuition, to handling a situation with logic and practicality.

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Advocates make for some of the best humanitarians, because they have the common sense to understand humankind and what is wrong and what is right, and the zeal to fix the things that are out of balance in this world. However, in an attempt to fix everything around them and achieve a sense of ideal balance and harmony, they tend to channelize all their energy externally, and leave themselves uncared for. One of the biggest drawbacks of their personality is their inability to think about themselves, love themselves, and take care of their own selves. This leaves them exhausted and tired and unable to live up to their full potential.

Advocates make for some of the greatest friends and inspiration that everyone can look up to, despite being introverted by nature. They covet their personal space, and once they have recharged themselves emotionally and physically, they make themselves available yet again for the good of others.

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INFJ Personalities and Relationships

Like everything else, your relationships are also affected by the kind of personality you have. If you have an INFJ personality type, then you are especially sought after in a romantic way, because an INFJ personality combines some of the most endearing and appealing qualities in people. Here is everything that an INFJ personality brings to the table, when it comes to relationships.

1. Meeting people

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It is very easy for the Advocate to meet people in general, because of their amiable, approachable, and warm personality. However, when it comes to meeting the right person, they take their time and don’t rush into a relationship. They aren’t afraid of being alone, so they don’t consciously look for someone they can share a relationship with. They wait for someone who gets them on a very deep and personal level and only then do they get into a relationship with them.

They are very intuitive, as that is one of the strongest features about their personality. They understand people, sometimes better than they understand themselves, and when they are meeting new people or prospective suitors, they expect complete honesty and transparency. Advocates are smart and cannot be beguiled or sweet-talked into things that they don’t want. They have a very clear idea of who they want to be with, and when the right person does come along, they know it instinctively.

2. Early stages of the relationship

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Advocates are perfectionists and idealists by nature, and when they get into a relationship; all these personality quirks find a way to manifest themselves. They take things very slowly, and sometimes their partner can get impatient with their progress as a couple. If they do get impatient however, then they aren’t the right match for the Advocate, which they get to know pretty soon.

Even early on, an Advocate stresses the importance of honesty, commitment and authenticity in a relationship, because they are in it for the long haul. They are sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, and needs of the people they are involved with, and go out of their way to make the other person feel at home and loved. This gives them a huge advantage and makes them easy to fall in love with.

The complete honesty with which they love right from the start also allows them to have long, fulfilling relationships. However, if after dating a person for a while they realize that they aren’t the right match for them, they have no qualms about letting go and moving on, because nothing matters more to them than harmony and balance and perfection in all things, including love.

3. Long-term relationship

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If there is one personality type which was made for the perfect long, happy life with someone they love, then it is the INFJ personality type. They inherently belong to people, and they have an infinite amount of love to give. In any case, their altruistic side makes them love everyone around them, so when it comes to loving someone they believe is their soul mate, then there is nothing stopping them from giving their all.

It is all about finding someone who has a spiritual connection with the Advocate, and once that person is found, few people can match the love, commitment, dedication and mutual respect found in this kind of a relationship. It is an affair replete with understanding and care. Their long term relationships also have their fair share of spontaneity and excitement, but the kind which allows for fun and personal growth at the same time!

4. Rough patches

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Because the Advocate is so averse to external conflict of any kind, they have a tendency to sweep things under the carpet when met with crises. They have their head in the clouds, and can sometimes aspire for unreal things, which are impractical to expect, relationship-wise or otherwise. Their spirituality and idealism also put them slightly out of touch with reality and the goings-on of day-to-day life, which means they aren’t very adept at handling things like finances and money.

They also seek to achieve the perfect life for themselves as well as for others, so finding the right partner can be a tiresome and time-consuming process, because in most cases, people don’t seem good enough or dedicated enough to them. They also have trouble opening up themselves completely to others, because they are so invested in the life and needs of the other person.

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5. Compatibility

The two personality types that they are most compatible with are:


While the Advocate’s dominant traits are I (Introverted) and J (Judgment), it is naturally practical for them to be compatible with people who are extroverted and more perceptive. This creates the harmony and balance in personality and behavior that they themselves seek unconsciously, and also allows for mutual control and check, which can be the perfect solution to problems and crises.

All in all, it is safe to say that having someone with INFJ personality traits is one of the best things that could happen to you, because they combine some of the best characteristic qualities found in human beings. They are caring friends, committed lovers, and dedicated humanitarians.

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