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How To Wear Mirror Nail Polish Like A Boss

1. Marble chrome nails

This avant garde, stunning style is something that is going to make you the queen of all things nail-related. It is creative, artistic and high on fashion and combines two trending styles- marble nails and mirror nails.

2. Mirror and matte

When you combine mirror nails and matte nails, the effect is effectively stunning.

3. Chrome feature nails

Brides, who are looking for inspiration for their big day, here’s an idea that is simply irresistible!

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4. Colorful mirror nails

The possibilities are endless when you decide to combine colors with your mirror nails.

5. Holographic mirror nails

You know what is even cooler than mirror nails? Mirror nails that change colors when you shift it in light.

Now that I have opened up to you the wonderful world of mirror nails, don’t forget to try out various styles and experiment with this awesome new trend!

Featured image source: Instagram 

Article Name
How To Wear Mirror Nail Polish Like A Boss
Chrome nails and mirror nail polish are the new in-thing right now. Find out how you can get mirror nails, and the coolest new ways to wear them!
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