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Here’s How You Can Work Vintage Fashion Elements Into Your Look This Season

Since I am a pessimist, let me begin with a drawback of vintage style that discourages people from flaunting it: You, basically, run the risk of looking like you are invited to a 50s-themed birthday party! Now, no one wants to look like they are wearing a costume when they are not, right?! So, what do we do then? There are a few ways we can usher in the vintage fashion elements in our look without appearing theatrical!

First of all, you need to make certain that your ensemble looks like a modern trend. See, contemporary fashion is the retelling of styles of the past. Ultimately, you need to choose an up-to-the-minute garment that is inspired by the days that were! Again, when it comes to vintage coifs and makeup application, let me be clear: They are laborious! What you can do instead is opt for an updated hair and makeup which will further ground your vintage outfit. Think: Victorian blouses with smoky eyes, or wiggle dress with a top knot!

Here are 10 vintage fashion elements that you can adopt today!

1. Platinum curls

Please don’t do this yourself, and also block out the blonde. Contrast the ultra-light pale blonde starkly with a bottomless brunette hue for an asymmetrical flair.  Style your hair up and give it a mod finish with a feminine pompadour!

2. Shirtdresses

When it comes to cinched-in waist shirtdresses there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, a loose-fit not only flatters those curves but also is extremely comfy! Second, choosing the right print is crucial. Experiment a little with the color palette. Lastly, bolster your look with accessories, a chunky timepiece and a statement necklace.

3. Edwardian blouse

Pair it with a pair of boyfriend jeans for perfection. You can even think of going all in for ripped jeans or DIY denim shorts with gladiators and a top knot!

4. Fit-and-flare dress

First things first, everyone looks good in a fit-and-flare dress. So whenever in doubt go all in for one. It nips in at the mid-section, which obviously defines your waist-line, and flounces out thereafter, to hide anything you want to!

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5. Fierce eyebrows

For fierce eyebrows, opt for waxing rather than tweezing or threading. Brow pencils too serve as a great tool to help you enhance your eyebrows. When you fill in your sparse eyebrows, use hues of a different pop so that it renders you an exotic look.

6. Rouge and pouts

The makeup of the 50s was basically minimalist, except the eye shadow that they splurged on. Mascara was their most adored beauty enhancer. Most ladies used the blush only for a light touch-up to pronounce their cheekbones, and over the brows to sweep it out in an arch. Ruby red and pastel hues were the cherry picks that were used to complete the look.

7. Parasols

Don’t save those lacy Victorian parasols for weddings alone. Work them into your casuals without looking like a character out of a Jane Austen novel!

8. Vintage swimsuit

Bathing suits of the past have made a comeback, and why shouldn’t they?! Think: high-waisted shorts and balconette tops and bandeaus! Definitely the crème de la crème of beachwear fashion! Halter-top maillots, ginghams that flatter and ruched bottoms, you cannot miss this vintage style!

9. Pastels

Pastel cardigans never went out of fashion, did they?! Well, team them up with your most vibrant and interesting midi skirt to perfect the vintage style.

That is a wrap from us on vintage fashion. The sun doesn’t set on fashion from the past it seems, eh?! Let us know what you think, in the comment section below. Also, sign up for our daily newsletter today. Ciao!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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How To Work Vintage Fashion Elements Into Your Look This Season
There's a reason vintage fashion and style never go out of style!
Riya Roy

Riya Roy

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