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If You Read One Article On Teddy Bear Coats, Read This

Are you wondering what on God’s green earth is a teddy bear coat? Is it a line of coats for teddy bears? Is it a coat made of teddy bears? Will it make you look like a teddy bear (although now that we think about it, we wouldn’t really mind that)? Why is everyone who’s anyone so obsessed with these strange pieces of clothing? Is it simply a glorified camel coat? Well, fear not my curious child, for we have all the answers you are looking for.

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For starters, as far as we know, no teddy bears were harmed in the production of these coats. They are oversized, fluffy, long coats in varying shades of brown and beige. And yes, you probably will look like a hella chic teddy bear in one of these coats. But hell, if I look half as chic a teddy bear as these following celebrities (who are rocking this trend, jut btw), then I’m a happy cookie. Here are 12 teddy bear coats to give you some IRL inspo for your next big fashion buy.

1. The Classic Max Mara Coat

This is the coat that started this entire trend. Even though Moschino was actually the first designer to launch the teddy bear coat, it wasn’t until celebrities started buying this iconic coat from Max Mara, that this trend really took off. We are LOVING this coat on the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whitely. So stylish, yet so cozy ugh we stan it.

2. Teddy and Denim

Yet another celebrity, gracing our lives with the famous Max Mara coat. Take a leaf out of supermodel Elsa Hosk’s book and opt for a denim-on-denim look underneath that fabulous coat. The all-denim outfit makes for a super casual look, but that coat elevates the look from “everyday casual” to “street style-ready, supermodel casual”. This outfit is a classic example of how you can make an average, casual outfit look like a luxurious, photo-ready one.

3. Velvet Teddy

Did you see what we just did there? Hurhurhur. Anyway, here’s fashion goddess, Kim Kardashian, slaying us all with her own take on the teddy coat. She went brown on brown by opting for a pair of (gorgeous) brown velvet wide-legged trousers underneath the coat. We love how she toned down the entire look by choosing a simple, fitted black top, which acts as a buffer to tie in the entire look. This is the kind of monochrome look we live for!

4. Next-Door-Teddy

Take a cue from fashion influencer, Chiara Ferragni, who has taken this high-fashion piece of clothing and worn it in a cute, next-door-girl sorta way. We love love love how effortlessly feminine and young this look is. She went down the same route as Kim, only went more camel instead of chocolate brown. Pairing a luxurious, camel-brown knitted jumper with the coat, and layering on the simple jewelry is a foolproof recipe for fashion greatness. This look is easy to recreate, comfortable, and hella chic. We love!

5. The Red One

No, Max Mara does not produce just that one teddy coat. Here is the classic Max Mara coat in a stunning oxblood red. Now we’re not sure which one we like more cuz OHMYGOD this is so gorgeous! Bonus points for pairing this insanely beautiful coat with casual cutoff denims, static-print socks and spotless, white sneakers! Yet another excellent outfit-inspo for all you pretty things to try out this winter!

6. The Polar Bear Coat?

If you’re looking for something more timeless, why not go for this chic, white teddy coat (we’re calling it a polar bear coat, try and stop us) from Common Leisure. This coat is giving us some major Cruella DeVil vibes and we are here for it. Whether you want to layer this coat over your formal office-wear for a crisp but stylish look, or whether you want to opt for something more fun like a red top and white boots, this coat is bound to make you look like a million bucks!

7. 90’s Aesthetic

We cannot get enough of this incredibly chic styling of the classic Max Mara coat. The best part about the coat being oversized is that you can wear numerous layers underneath it. We love the oversized, plaid blazer underneath the coat, because that, along with the sneakers, is giving us some major 90’s vibes and there is very little that we love as much as we love 90’s fashion. This is such a fun, youthful look, and we totally stan it.

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8. The Sky Blue One

Sure the classic coats are pretty awesome. But c’mon, there’s very little that can match up to this crazy cute sky blue teddy coat! Fashion blogger Caroline Daur knows how to keep it young and fresh, with this all-blue look that is giving us all the winter fashion inspo we need! You can pair this coat with an all denim look as well, for a slightly more edgy look, or wear all white underneath for a very suave-chic look. Basically, something this cute will look epic with just about anything, so go nuts; the world is your oyster.

9. The Mini Coat

Albeit not a traditional teddy coat, this one is more like a baby cousin of the teddy coat. This one is a bit more casual, but still super cute. This short teddy coat is more 80’s than anything else. So we are digging the way it has been paired with a classic white t-shirt and mom jeans. That being said, this coat would also look hella cute over a chic blazer and trousers. You could opt for a classic white t-shirt for a casual look, or try something a bit fancier like a crisp white shirt or a white blouse. This coat would also look really chic with a pair of pin-striped trousers.

10. The Yeti Coat

This one is far greater than the teddy coat. It’s more of a…yeti coat (we mean that in the best possible way). This coat is so fluffy, so stylish and soooooo sexy, you’re bound to get more than a handful of envious glares. Pair this over the top coat with ripped jeans and a comfy blouse for a super casual outfit. Or wear it over your cutest dress for a comfy yet stylish outfit for a night out on the town.

11. Casual Teddy

Here’s yet another way to style the iconic Max Mara coat. Sure, the teddy coat is optimal for just wrapping yourself in it and braving the cold in a super stylish yet comfy way. But why not go for a much more casual look by rolling up the sleeves of your favorite teddy coat? We are digging the brown turtleneck jumper layered underneath the coat. The casual, rolled up sleeves add a surprisingly “chill” element to the entire look. This look is perfect for a winter-to-spring transition outfit.

12. Ice-Lolly Teddy

Who said you have to stick to understated (boring) colors when you’re dealing with something as extra as the teddy coat? Take a cue from these street-style-ready friends/sisters, and opt for bright, ice-lolly colored coats this year! We are seriously digging the bright orange coat. Ugh there’s so much you can do with it! You can stick to the basic all-white outfit, or a simple jeans and a white top outfit. OR, you could go hella quirky and opt for a print-on-print outfit underneath this fabulous coat, to go down in history as the bravest fashionista ever!

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So these were some of our favorite teddy bear coats, and our favorite tips on styling the teddy bear coats. 2018 is the year where fashion meets comfort and this teddy coat trend is just the perfect beginning to what’s going to be an epic fashion year. Whether you want to invest in a classic Max Mara coat or rein it in and go for something a bit more budget friendly like an ASOS or a Topshop coat, this piece is bound to be a closet favorite! It’s the perfect coat for all fashion lovers, irrespective of your personal style. Whether your aesthetic is super edgy or super cash, this coat is going to fit into your style FLAWLESSLY.

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If You Read One Article On Teddy Bear Coats, Read This
Here are 12 teddy bear coats to give you some IRL inspo for your next big fashion buy.
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