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Do You Know Why Kylie Jenner Looks Butt-ilicious?

Love her or hate her- you can’t ignore her. Not only is Kylie Jenner a popular face courtesy elder sis Kim Kardashian but is quite a fashion sensation of her own. Just 18 years of age, this hot, hot lass (it runs in the family, we think) rocks every single item on the F-list (we mean fashion). From nail art to makeup to accessories or even swimwear, this curvaceous beauty is a headturner, whenever, wherever!

kylie jenner

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

But despite the overwhelming dose of daily fashion tips and how-tos on her website, it seems like Kylie just cannot have enough of doing GOOD. And so, (get ready for the BIG ONE) she dropped a massive one last week when she revealed something about herself that most celebs in her league wouldn’t. Yep, you read that right- and no, we aren’t talking of those engagement rumors. Although Kylie, we’d like to  have some clarity about that too.

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What she did reveal was this:

Kylie Jenner_snapchat_spanx

Image source: Snapchat

A picture is sure worth a thousand words, no? 😉

Sourced from her Snapchat, the picture shows Kylie in a tank top and tan body shaper from Target with in-built butt pads. Guess we all know why Kylie looks so amazingly bootylicious…here..

… and here…

… and here…

… and here…

… and here…

And let’s cut it out, everywhere

Yes, you can go order those shapers NOW!

Featured image source: Instagram

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Do You Know Why Kylie Jenner Looks Butt-ilicious?
We found out the secret to Kylie Jenner's enviable behind. And we bet you cannot guess what it is!
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Sejal Parikh

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