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Coz Love Is Like The Changing Seasons

Let’s get one thing straight, we all love being in love. It’s the best feeling in the world and no one would want to change it for the world. But love is much like the weather, always altering, seldom constant and filled with surprises. Love is an amalgamation of many things: emotions, words, actions and these aspects come together to produce one singular, greater love. The weather isn’t much different: pressure, temperature, moisture et al make or break a sunny day and cast cloudy skies. Wouldn’t it be fun seeing both in each others hue. The changing stages of love are almost like the changing seasons. Don’t agree with me? Here’s how:

1. Of rainbows, and magic!

1 rainbow

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Imagine the days when you newly encounter a person whose presence changes everything about your day, just like the day you see a rainbow cast in the sky. There are butterflies in the stomach, and smiles abound. Everything is fresh, jokes funnier, food yummier and the love filled with myriad colours.

2. The sunny days

2 sunny

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Breeze in the hair, song on the lips The beginning of every relationship is like the newly arrived summer. Winter inhibitions are shed; warm breezy nights ignite passions and melt ice­creams. Days seem a little brighter, colours more richer. Surf boards come out, as do the bathing suits. Summer seems like an invincible friend who would never leave your side.

3. Time to cool those scorching heels

3 time to cool

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Weather is a deceiver, and so is love. The problem with the honeymoon period is that it passes you by too soon. The spring takes into summer and the heat starts getting a little uncomfortable. It’s still not hot enough, but sunscreens are needed more than before. Some couples grow complacent while elsewhere cracks start surfacing. Too much sun can be harmful just like over­familiarity.

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4. Foggy morns, and cloudy nights “Are you okay?” “I am fine”

4 are you okay

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The clouds have descended and everything from here on is shrouded in the fog of thoughts. De­coding this stage is perhaps the hardest in any relationship. You are in love, everything’s great and yet the clouds won’t clear. At times rains accompany the clouds but that is a blessed release.

5. First lightning, then thunder

5 lightning and thunder

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Light travels faster than sound­ any high school grader knows that but perhaps what they don’t know is that ““Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.” Once that sets in, every day is like a thunderous storm and every calm a premonition of the impending doom.

6. Time to face the storms

6 storm

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Every geography chooses its own disaster- some places are rocked by earthquakes, few get ravaged by volcanoes and others destroyed by tsunamis. Similarly there are shouting bouts, and other time chilled indifference. Faults are pointed out, names are called- the storm has descended and it is raging with all its fury.

7. Chapped lips and freezing winters

7 winter season

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There comes a time when even the weakest of sun starts to seem like a gift. Nothing around reflects joy, colour or warmth, much like the state of the heart. It’s time to move on. Or at least move away. When the sun becomes but a memory, and love goes into hibernation it’s foolish to stay on shivering in the snow. Winters are harsh and so are break-ups. However, it must be remembered that earth will bring back the warmth and the heart will once again leave in the search of it’s rainbow.

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Coz Love Is Like The Changing Seasons
Love, in its ever-changing form, is very much like the changing seasons. Isn't it?
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Sejal Parikh

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