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10 Reasons Why Mondler Will Remain The Best TV Couple Ever!

I know that Ross and Rachel were lobsters and that their ‘on again off again’ dynamic spans all ten seasons and how even with their breaks and fall outs, it was ‘never off the table,’ but I tend to have more of a thing for the couple who wasn’t even supposed to get together according to the initial plan of the show makers. Yes, I am talking about Mondler – Monica and Chandler – the couple who taught us that true love endures.

monica and chandler

Monica and Chandler

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Monica and Chandler taught us that true loving involves complete acceptance of each other. Monica and Chandler taught us that no matter the tempestuous storms of the past (especially when they are in the form of the devastatingly charming Dr. Richard Burke or the Oh-My-God Janice), there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And Monica says as much in her wedding vows – she tells Chandler that when she turned to a friend for comfort at another wedding three years ago, she found ‘EVERYTHING’ she was looking for. Monica calls him her prince, her soul mate, and her friend, who she wants to spend her life with because there’s nobody else she sees in her future. And well, umm Chandler gives me trebled the dose of *feels* with what he says next.

But hey, let’s save some for the body of the article too! Let’s go all in on why Mondler shall remain the best TV couple ever:

1. Their relationship was founded on friendship

monica teaching erogenous zones

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Remember how they were always there for each other? Whether she was teaching him all about erogenous zones or he was comforting her when Phoebe left her apartment, whether she was explaining why his realization might make him open to being in a real commitment or he threw subtle hints at being her boyfriend in ‘The One At The Beach’ or even when he suggests that they be each other’s back-up at the hospital when Carol is in for delivery – they are shown to be pretty comfortable with each other. And why wouldn’t they be – they were best of friends – remember the dance thingy they did together when they are watching Joey’s porn tape??? 😉 A relationship that grew organically out of such a deep bond would definitely be awesome!!

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2. They never, even for a moment, doubted that they were meant to be

monic and chandler london hookup

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I mean, yes, in the first few moments of the Mondler phase, we wonder about what’s next for these two! But their follow-up after returning from London, telling each other how that night meant so much to them, deciding on why ‘goofing around’ is exclusive in their case, sneaking around, hiding their relationship, giving each other THE look when Joey finds out, and then, confessing their love to each other when everybody finds out is all so adorable! There isn’t a moment when we feel any shred of doubt about the future of these two together! Even though it’s CHANDLER!!

3. They loved each other in spite of themselves

monica and chandler

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Despite Monica being an extreme control freak, a person who obsesses with cleaning and organizing, a question-machine, and ‘too loud for such a small person,’ Chandler loves her. He tells her so when he finds out about her messy closet! And Chandler, well … umm … isn’t an easy one to take either! He’s a hoot and his joke, joke, joke, joke, joke syndrome can get to anyone getting on board with him for a lifetime! Monica is up for it. And you know why – because true love is accepting of each other’s flaws and is able to give love, in spite of them. Remember when Monica tells Chandler that he’s on her list because he called her ‘high maintenance?’ Chandler looks her in the eye and tells her it is okay, because he loves ‘maintaining’ her!! And she smiles that oh-so-precious smile as she hadn’t even put that one on his script! <awwwww>

4. Their LOVE was EVERYTHING one wants to feel about LOVE

monica with turkey on her head

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That time when they decide to get married in Vegas but don’t quite feel ready for it – they get back and Chandler asks Monica if she’d be willing to live together and she jumps off the couch to leap into his arms! You actually FEEL the love crawling up your skin, just like you do when she makes it up to him with a turkey on her head, an over-sized pair of plastic shades, an abhorrent red cap, and well, a shimmy! And you feel that *feel* again! Plus, Phoebe had already told us that it helped if you had a li’l of ‘that’ (shimmy) going on, no! 😉

5. They braved the rocky patches, ohh-so-adorably

monica and chandler1

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Whether Chandler refuses to cave in to the advances of his pretty colleague at Tulsa or Monica explains the hierarchical position of Chandler with her professional commitments, we see this brave couple weathering the storm together. Not only did Monica help Chandler overcome his commitment-phobia, but Chandler proved his undying commitment to his lady love innumerable times.

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6. The Proposal and The Wedding gives you the ‘feels’

monica and chandler wedding

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Who can deny the irresistible appeal of words like these:

I thought that it mattered what I said or where I said it. Then I realized that the only thing that matters is that you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. Monica, will you marry me?”

OR these:

Monica, I thought that this was going to be the most difficult thing I ever had to do. But when I saw you walk down the aisle, I realized how simple this was! I love you. Any surprises that come our way, it’s okay because I will always love you.”

Could it BE any more LOVE-ly??????? <Chandler style>

7. They were willing to do ‘anything’ for each other

monica and chandler shark porn

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Monica and Chandler are the couple who are willing to do the sowing, the shoveling of manure, and the tilling until the harvest is ripe. They are ever ready to work on their relationship to help it thrive. They know they cannot do without each other and that makes them do ‘anything’ for each other, without exception. Whether it be watching shark porn or carrying Monica because of her painful boots! Which, in Chandler’s words, were the cost of ‘a husband.’ And yet, he lovingly had her have them and even, lose them! Ohh, unconditional love! 😉

8. Their MOMENTS were MAGIC, really

monica and chandler3

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Although there is no dearth of moments in this list, the only one that I wish to describe here is when they are debating if it is okay to lie to Erica for her baby and when Chandler walks up to Erica to convince her that his wife, Monica, is the best mother there could be. These words,

My wife’s an incredible woman. She is loving and devoted and caring. And don’t tell her I said this but the woman is always right! I love my wife more than anything in this world but it kills me that I can’t give her a baby. I really want to have a kid and when that day comes, I will learn to be a good dad. But my wife, she is already there. She’s a mother without a baby. Please?

And well, what can we say, but with Monica, “God Bless You, Chandler Bing!” :)

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9. They are together, even in the alternate fictional version of ‘The One That Could Have Been’

monica and chandler ending up together

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And when a fictional relationship transcends fictional reality, it’s got to be the hand of the universe!

10. And when you imagine about what’d have been after Season 10, you have not an iota of doubt that they’d still be rocking it, with their kids Erica and Jack

monica and chandler2

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Well, don’t you????

Because Monica and Chandler, I must say, are the real ‘lobsters’ of the show! 😉

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Unforgettable Relationship Lessons From Monica and Chandler of Friends
Monica and Chandler were the best TV couple of all time. Wanna find out why? Here are 10 reasons why they're the best!
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