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What Men Secretly Want From Women?

Sure, confidence is a surefire charmer, neediness is his clue for the ‘exit,’ sex is ohh-so-important, and well, I hate to break it, but his mum comes first too! But what about the other things that men secretly want! What is it that gets his boat sailing? Admit it, he’d not spell out all you need to know for the sail trim. So how do you know how and when to tighten and ease the sheet so you can be his perfect sailing companion on bright sunny morns and stormy evenings too?

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And if you do not really know what men want from women, how do you give it to ’em? We all know that women are often blamed for being mum about their desires, but well, men are equally elusive when it comes to telling women what they want. They shall drop a hint or two here and there without really spilling the beans and coming clean! They won’t tell you they’d like you to go Dutch on the bill or not make him do the dishes, they will never tell you that they’d like b***jobs with breakfast-in-bed or that they love to have the remote control when you aren’t complaining, right beside! And we thought men were direct and straightforward! Ha!

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So, what men secretly want from women? We have an insider-access (don’t ask us how!) card and have decided to go ahead and let all you lovely ladies in on what men secretly want – coz, well MEN are hard to read too:

1. To be respected

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James Bauer has probably drilled this one into all minds! The Respect Principle, remember? He has proven that men value respect and admiration over love by recording the responses of men who said that they’d rather be unloved than be disrespected. This speaks volumes about how a certain slight in the way you disregarded his opinions, questioned his judgment, and downsized his capability made him go silent and unresponsive! So, know this ladies – a woman’s soul food is to feel loved above all else, a man’s is to be respected. It is crucial to let a man know how much you respect, admire, and appreciate him! This does not mean that you cannot really give constructive feedback – it only means that you know how to do so without flaring up that ego-demon and criticizing his behavior. You also dig the respect, don’t you? Same for him! Always!

2. To be flirted with

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Flirting is always fun! Flare up the flirtatious fire in your relationship and watch your relationship be as exhilarating and refreshing as those early spark days! Flirting is a force that can take your relationship to the honeymoon-land! The key here is to never let the flirting fire ebb into embers (no matter how deep and intense) coz flirtatious energies keep the relationship healthy and kicking!!

3. To be desired

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It is extremely important for a man to feel desired by his woman. It is fun for the man to lay back for a while and watch his chicka get into pursuer mode – whilst telling him how hot and attractive she finds him!

4. To have his space and keep it that way

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Men have a primal need to be in their man cave every now and then. So the next time he wants to go for a game of golf or just drinking with the guys, do not bicker about it! The piling pressure of a much-needed retreat into his man cave might cause unnecessary friction in your relationship. Give him his space and have yours too. Trust me – this one is a win-win!

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5. To be wooed and seduced

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Wooing, contrary to popular belief, isn’t quite a lopsided game. Men love to be wooed too – only the rules shift quite a bit! Playful banter – easy, breezy and tease-y are all part of the platter that satiates a man’s palate. He shall never tell you how much he loves it when you talk dirty to him or tease him, in your own distinctive style – but there shall be parts of him that will! You can, then, go all in and engage him in a ravenous romp that shall have him craving for more! Plus, take the reins once in a while and spice it up RED HOTTT!

6. To give it how he likes IT

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And this one isn’t just about the sex! He loves it when you cook his favorite meal or arrange his ties a specific way. He loves that you allow his pooch Bruno to cuddle up with him on the couch, even if it means extra cleaning! He loves that you bring him breakfast-in-bed after waking him up with a morning romp 😉 So, take care of the things he likes – pay attention to his needs and give it to him – coz he isn’t going to spell them out!

7. To be with a woman who’s the right mix of gentle and strong

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Men want a graceful, tender, sensitive, caring, nurturing, and sensible woman with a positive spirit. Not the ditzy, too-out-there woman! But they also want a woman who is strong, independent, has passion, strives to reach her goals, and exhorts him to do the same. Such a woman who is the right mix of gentle and strong helps him grow into the best possible version of himself – the man he knows he is capable of becoming!

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8. To be an insider

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Men like to be a part of all your nitty-gritty-grimy-dirty-and-not-quite-dirty-secrets. No, they don’t need to know about your romps with former flames, but they don’t like to feel that there is a part of you that you do not feel comfortable sharing with them. They want to forge the ‘connection’ they have a mental image of – yes, they do!

9. To be TOLD what’s wrong

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The ‘nothing’ is wrong answer pisses him off like ‘nothing’ else – REALLY! So, the next time he asks just tell him what is wrong! If he didn’t want to know, he wouldn’t ask!

10. And yeah, fashion advice


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Surprised? Yep – sometimes, he may ask – on others, he won’t. But he does need to know if those trousers match the shirt! And yep, which belt to don too!

And that’s all under what men secretly want – we don’t want to be flooded with too many thank-you notes either! Just kidding – we love to hear from you! There’s a comments section DOWN THERE! 😉

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