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10 Things A Real Man Wants In A Woman

Finding and keeping love is a pretty difficult feat, since that you cannot possibly sustain a relationship with someone that you are not compatible with. When men and women meet, the first thing they look for are common interests and character traits, which will determine whether they have the potential to fall in love with each other. A real man in particular looks for certain attractive qualities that only some women seem to possess, which provide the opportunity for a truly rewarding relationship.

Now, please don’t freak out when I talk about “real” men. I don’t mean the opposite of alien men or robots. The term basically signifies the difference between boys and men. One of the most admirable characteristics of the latter is that they are more emotionally mature, and they are in a very steady headspace where they know that they can handle a serious relationship. Real men also dismiss the idea of discrimination between men and women.. For men like these, it is impossible to date women who are flimsy and insecure, because they are looking for stability and seriousness.

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Here are some character traits that a man wants in a woman.

1. The right amount of confidence

woman smiling with confidence

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One of the sexiest things about a woman is her confidence. Whether it is in the way she speakss, the way she conducts herself, or the way she carries her body, a woman who is confident is amazingly alluring, not only to men, but to anyone else who interacts with her. A woman who is confident is also able to hold her own in tough and demanding situations, which is a quality greatly coveted by men looking for a woman in their lives..

2. Independence

confident woman

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Most people are under the impression that men like dependent women because it gives them a sense of strength and it is a massive ego boost. However, that is completely incorrect. Real men are always looking for the virtue of independence in their woman, because only women who have strong personalities, with ambitions and determination, have the ability to be independent. Apart from that, a real man wants his woman to walk with him, shoulder to shoulder, without having to fall back on him for every little step they might want to take.

3. Intelligence

woman working

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Intelligence is one of the most underrated virtues considered by men when choosing someone to love. Physical beauty and social skills are both super important initially, but in the long run staying with a woman who is not particularly blessed in the intelligence department gets impossible. If a woman is intelligent, it is possible to have conversations and constructive arguments with her, instead of her simply agreeing with whatever you have to say. When both partners are intelligent, it is a mutually rewarding experience.

4. A good sense of humor

woman smiling

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You should never underestimate the power of a sharp sense of humor. A real man wants someone who has the ability to make them laugh with them and not at them. You can’t spend the entirety of your life being all serious and contemplative. Sometimes, you just need to take it easy. In a relationship, that is only possible when you have someone who understands your sense of humor and who can make you laugh.. Men also need someone who can make light of certain tense, critical situations, instead of losing their cool.

5. Someone who is compassionate

woman with her dog

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One of the better stereotypes associated with women is that they are naturally caring and compassionate because of their motherly instincts. While this is true in most cases, there are always exceptions. If you want to know what men want, one of the things that definitely makes it on their checklist is a woman who is compassionate towards others. When a man sees that a woman is sensitive to the difficult circumstances of others and does everything in her capacity to help them, he can’t help but appreciate her. It also speaks volumes about her character and good nature.

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6. Strength of character

woman thinking

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Strength of character means nothing other than a woman who has a strong personality and is emotionally mature. Real men, as I have already mentioned in the introduction, are men who are emotionally mature who seek a partner who is the same. A woman who has a strong personality and strength of character also tends to know how to handle difficult situations without succumbing to tears and defeat. Another thing that men love about women who have a strong character is that they don’t nag or expect things to be done for them because they are perfectly capable of doing things themselves. Why would any man not desire a woman like that?

7. A woman who is sexy

woman contemplating (2)

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There is nothing sexist or demeaning about desiring a woman who has great sex appeal. It means that she is not only physically attractive, but also loves to take care of herself. Sexy does not, however, mean a woman who dresses scantily or is sexually promiscuous. The way one talks, the way they do their hair, the way their voice sounds, or any other random attribute can be sexy, if a woman decides to be true to herself. Although this is a very subjective characteristic, it is nonetheless something that all real men desire their woman to possess.

8. Freedom of speech and thought

couple talking

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This might sound terribly political, but it is not. It simply means that men like women who like to express their views and thoughts without trepidation. However, there is a massive difference between expressing ones opinions and imposing one’s opinions. While the former is a very desirable quality that can leave men enamoured and interested, the latter can be a very obnoxious quality, which can have exactly the opposite effect. A woman who is not afraid to voice her opinions and, more importantly, a woman who is intelligent, smart and sharp enough to form unique and interesting opinions about things is certainly the kind of woman that real men want in their lives.

9. Playful nature

woman happy

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Just because women should be strong, independent and focused does not mean that they have to be cheerless all the time. That would be boring. Men love it when women bring out their playful side form time to time, reminding them that they can be playful despite being serious when it is necessary. Playfulness keeps the love and attachment between two people strong and secure, just like like-mindedness and compatibility do. Doing fun things together, getting surprised and just simply enjoying each other’s company is the best feeling ever, but it is only possible when both the man and the woman have playful, laid-back natures. Otherwise, a relationship might get strenuous and stressful.

10. Spontaneity

woman smiling

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Spontaneity is possibly the most underrated virtue when it comes to finding a woman who is perfect in every sense of the term. Without spontaneity, a relationship has the potential to fizzle out. What real men want is a woman who will be able to do things spur of the moment without being hesitant or scared. This can be anything from going out on an impromptu date to sky-diving. This keeps the relationship between the man and the woman on edge because they are doing things that are new and entertaining and exciting, all at the same time. Planning everything in advance is boring and also impractical. All men look for the kind of the women who will say yes to the most absurd yet exciting plans every once in a while!

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What a man wants in a woman is actually not very difficult to decipher. This list may make it look like one must be a goddess who possesses all of these miraculous qualities, but in reality, these are just some of the more natural character traits. If you find that you don’t satisfy them all, don’t’ sweat it. However, if you look in the mirror and can’t find any of these ten traits, you should start to internalize them moving forward—not only for the sake of getting a real man, but also for your own self-improvement.

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10 Things A Real Man Wants In A Woman
A real man is one who looks beyond a woman's looks and gets to know her personality. So what do real men look for in women?
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