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The NLT Guide To Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

When two people just start dating, almost everything seems exciting and sexy. But over a period of time, things tend to get monotonous, and there is a conscious effort that needs to be made to rev up things.

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In today’s article, the team will give you the ultimate date night ideas for married couples in this guide. But first, let us skim through, what we call,  the golden rules of a date night, shall we:

  • Leave your worries behind before heading out for a date night
  • Avoid all unpleasantness
  • Do not bring up issues that push your date over the edge
  • Do not behave like a sulky teenager
  • Do something interactive
  • Running errands together does not count (!!!)

For anyone whose recent date nights flopped or where jus stale and boring, this guide offers partners some really quirky ways to rediscover each other and to rekindle the flame. Most of them can be done in the coziness of your homes which makes this guide the Best!

Here are the suggestions that will make your date night super creative and fun. So let’s begin!

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Date night ideas for married couples

  1. How about a game night at the arcade?

You guys may not be teenagers anymore, but there is nothing why you shouldn’t act like one! To spice it up a little, try your hands on a Pac-Man and see who has still got it in them! According to Vikki Ziegler, the author of The Premarital Planner, playing games helps couples infuse the flirtatious energy back into their chemistry.

  1. How about a camping trip at your home?

Going for a camping trip not only involves a lot of time an energy, it also requires a lot of cash! In case you are feeling a little strapped on cash, then try camping out at home. No we aren’t asking you to be silly. On second thoughts, why not be silly! Try setting up an indoor tent, and make it all romantic with flameless but flavored candles and fairy lights. You could either watch a movie in the tent or make a movie of your own. 😉

  1. Find a common cause, and volunteer together!

Is this supposed to be sexy? Well, why not?! Doing things together, gives you and your partner opportunity to learn more about each other. It affirms your shared convictions and beliefs. You can start by picking an organization that is locally-based, get to know their goals and vision, and then start attending their events and taking part in their volunteering opportunities.

By serving society together, you will be forging a bond that is the strongest there ever can be. Jeannie Assimos, the chief of advice at eHarmony says,

“Get closer by serving together, whether that’s helping out at a soup kitchen, shoveling snow for a neighbor, raking leaves for a single mom, babysitting for friends in need of a night out, or reading classics aloud at a nursing home.”

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  1. Ginger up the kink factor!

Naughty date night ideas has to include one where you go berserk on the kink element! From putting your hands to use under the perfectly lade tablecloth to engaging your partner in a quickie in the lift or the parking lot, provided there is no CCTV camera. The thrill of getting caught, always adds spice to the lovemaking!

  1. Have fun with some naughty sex games! 

Marks the spot

This is a guessing game, something like “guess that number”. However, in this case, you will use a spot on your body. You have to keep a specific spot in mind, and your partner has to go on kissing every part of your body until they guess the correct spot. Now it depends on you whether you want to be truthful and tell your S.O. if they hit the right spot, or let them keep guessing… and kissing! 😉

Strip pong

You will need a dining table for this. Set it up like a beer-pong table, albeit without the brew! Arrange half a dozen 16-ounce plastic cups in the form of a triangle at both ends of the table. Grab two ping pong balls. Both of you should stand at the opposite ends of the table. Now throw a ping pong ball into the cups turn by turn. Whenever one scores, the other has to remove the cup and a piece of clothing! Also, the person who lands the ball in all the six cups can ask for a sexual favour of his or her choice!

Pick a card!

Take a deck of cards, and allot a sexual meaning to each. For instance, hearts represent smooching, diamonds is for a massage, clubs equal a manual stimulation, and spades are for oral! Now the number on each card depicts the number of minutes the act has to be done. So say she picks up a ten of clubs, then he has to give her a rubdown for 10 minutes! And if he picks up an ace of spades, he gets an oral for only a minute! Hey! It is how the cards were dealt. That’s not my fault! 😉

Not so quick!

Lie naked in bed, and ask your guy to stand at the door of the bedroom. Now ask him questions about yourself, and yes, they can range from sexy (like, which position you like the best) to personal (cue: Your favorite vacation spot). For every correct reply he can take a step toward you. However, for each incorrect answer, he will have to step backwards. Let us see how quickly he can get into bed with you! 😉

And the last advice is not from us, but the Queen herself, Oprah Winfrey, people!

When Oprah was asked via Instagram what, according to her, was a perfect date night activity, she revealed the trick she uses to get Stedman Graham, her partner, into the mood. In her case, at least, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

In the video she posted, she takes on a hushed, sultry tone to explain,

“To make [Stedman] black-eyed peas and cornbread as a surprise for dinner,” after which she winks and says, “Honey…hush. It’s all you need.”

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So there you have it, both Team NLT and Queen Winfrey giving you some great date night ideas for married couples. If you have some tips up your sleeves, then feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Hasta la vista!

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Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License 

Article Name
The Ultimate Date Night Ideas For Married Couples
In today’s article, the team will give you the ultimate date night ideas for married couples in this guide.