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Meet Me By The Clock: 9 Timeless Love Lessons From The Unsinkable Titanic

I was not even a teenager when Titanic hit theaters. But the spell of that magical moment when Leonardo DiCaprio kisses Kate Winslet as they gaze into the sunset, standing at the bow of the ship, arms spread wide, is still strong! And it was the timeless epiphany in the ‘meet me by the clock’ note that encapsulated all the magic LOVE could be in realistic time capsules that the world is popping even eighteen years after Titanic debuted. And you know what these pills do – give us timeless love lessons through Titanic movie quotes.

jack and rose kiss

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So, without further ado, here are the top nine love lessons from the Titanic movie that it gifted us, even as it sank:

1. Love can come knocking, anytime

love can come knocking_titanic

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Rose didn’t expect to meet Jack on the ship, much less fall in love with him, when she was betrothed to another. But it happened. Sometimes, a mere acceptance of the fact that love can walk into your life, anytime, anywhere, is half the battle won! Not only did their love for one another grow with every moment they spent with each other, but their love never faltered, for a single second, even when apart! No fetters of class, social conduct or the supposed ‘moral’ code could keep them from loving each other completely!

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2. Romance is never out


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Candle light dinners and flowers – even gems are all okay – but who knew that the kiss Jack metes out to Rose, on her hand could be so charming that she’d forgo her caviar and pâté de foie gras to dance the night away with fiddle players, downing mugs of beer! After all, romance, whichever form it takes, is an essential ingredient of love! And the only way it can work is when it is real! Real romance does not need external tokens for displaying affection – it is pretty much God’s gift to you, and a magical one! Use it, and use it often! Leo is quite the magician with romance, don’t you think? 😉  Make a note, folks – this is golden!

3. Your instinct is your best guide


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Jack has led all his life, not really having a plan and Rose has pretty much led a life on the opposite terrain – guarded and away from riding on the winds of whim! Rose knew that Cal wasn’t ‘the one’ for her and yet she couldn’t quite yield to her faint inner voice until Jack came along and made it resound far and wide! And it is only when she lets go, trusts her instincts, and becomes totally vulnerable in her growing feelings for Jack that she experiences the bliss that comes along with giving oneself completely. She does not quite know the logic behind it, but she trusts it and decides to go along with it. And we all know why – as cliché and sappy and overtly-done romantic as it may be – we know it – when it’s right, it’s right – you just know! :)

4. Nothing worthwhile comes without risk


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Jack has turned the sheltered life of Rose upside down with his spontaneity and dare-to-dream attitude. But his all-consuming love for the woman, who is betrothed to another, especially when the ‘other’ is a powerful, influential man could not have come easy! But then, what does? Jack taught us that nothing in life is certain and promised, and when you do find something worthwhile, never, ever let it go. Step up and make it happen. No matter what the risk be!

5. Challenges bring you closer


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Of course, not all of us are going to be battling it out and braving the storm on a sinking ship – but the occasional struggle can bring us closer! There is a special quality about holding onto each other whilst fighting the challenges that the world throws your way! And you don’t have to take my word for it – you only have to look up to these immortal lovers to BELIEVE!!

6. Not having your s**t together is okay

no plan_titanic

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Remember the scene where Jack unabashedly declares his love for the free life, “I love waking up in the morning, not knowing what’s gonna happen, where I’m gonna wind up.” Can you blame Rose, who led all her life in a cage, albeit of gold, to have taken fancy to this vivacious and vibrant lad, who had no qualms about not having a go-to plan in life?? Well, I can’t, coz I’d love him too! <actually, I’d love him either way, but okay> The bottom-line is that there is no truth to the lies that the society has concocted for people to figure out a viable plan to lead their life! Nobody, not even those with a plan, have their s**t together, and it is okay! Leo got Kate! Do you need any more evidence??

7. True love endures

love endures_titanic

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Admiration passes, love endures. Admiration is fleeting and only extends an arm to hold on to for the good that it sees in you. True love, on the other hand, embraces your flaws and is accepting of your weaknesses. Nowhere is it more clear than in the love of these two immortal lovers, from different worlds – not only appreciative of each other’s differences but accepting of each other’s shortcomings too!

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8. True love sacrifices

love sacrifices_titanic

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Well, for those who have seen the movie <and I am hoping it is just about every being walking the Earth>, do I even need to expound on this one?

9. True love never dies

love never dies_titanic

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Well, when you watch Rose, in all her graceful greys, recalling her love on the sea, do you ever feel any of her heartbeats have ever skipped Jack? And that is the point. True love never dies. It lives on – in hearts, memories, and the consciousness of the universe! Yes, it does! :)

And that’s what Titanic has meant to me, all these years. Yeah, yeah, call me a sappy old romantic if you will, but I can bet you saw the movie a dozen times too! 😛

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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