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eid al-adha 0

The Non-Vegetarian Who Cried, “Bakri Bachao!”

On the occasion of Eid Al-adha or ‘Bakri Eid’, scores of Muslim families gather together to sacrifice a goat in commemoration of a religious ideal. Known as the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, it is greeted...

shy woman_New_Love_Times 0

Childless By Choice: Yes, We Exist

Motherhood is a stage in the life of a woman. It is not a defining characteristic, the sole purpose or the only “correct” way of experiencing womanhood. Yet, for centuries, motherhood has existed side...

health benefits of walking_New_Love_Times 0

Dear Writer, Suicide Is Not Poetry

I don’t want to be your bloody canvas. Nobody does. Imagine a white board with blood dripping from it. Gore is not pretty. Gore is terrifying. Gore is commercial property that Tarantino can showcase,...

separating the art and the artist_New_Love_Times 0

Can We Separate The Art From The Artist?

Do we separate the art from the artist? Should art be allowed to exist by its own right, independent of the artist’s life and experiences? Is it right or just to let the contexts...