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#Oops 12 Things All Boyfriends Regret Saying!

You have been there, done that! One wrong sentence and booooommmm, all the nuclear weapons in the world wouldn’t match the wrath of your girlfriend! In fact, if you have happened to catch Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 recently, you are probably quoting some lines too, aren’t you?  

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Well, guys- too bad you’d have to make do with this- coz THAT, as they say, is the way of the world! We can show you where you are going wrong, though:

1. “You are not the most prettiest girl I have dated”

are you on crack

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Dude, what were you smoking? No, seriously! Did you just land on earth and get introduced to girls! She already hates all the b*tches you went out with. Yes, even when she says she doesn’t! Lump it.

2. “Wow! This dress makes you look so slim”

Uh oh- you thought you were just paying her a compliment but here’s what she heard- you look fat at all other times and this dress is helping mask the flab! bear the consequences!

3. “It’s a guy thing, you won’t understand”


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You never tell a girl that. She tries hard to be a part of your bro-mances and if you tell her that- what she hears is a chauvinist statement that undermines both her intelligence and her effort! Yes, you can bid your bro-nights a goodbye for at least a week!

4. “Your hair is so well-tied today”

So you are basically saying that he hair looks like a bird’s nest every day. Dude, she is always tressed to impress- or so she’d like to believe- even on a bad hair day! So, do her a favor and stop with your ‘so-called compliments’ already! What’s more- learn to compliment better and for REAL! Go figure!

5. “Stop being so sensitive”


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Guys! That’s what we do. And God forbid, we stop- you aren’t going to like it!

6. “You remind me of my grandmother”

Thanks! Girls love being told that they remind you of women who bore maternal instincts toward you! Bah- what’d you do if she told you you reminded her of her dad- Freud much! Thought so! <unless of course, it’s in some cute-sy context where she behaves exactly like your grandma did when grandpa proposed to her with the same Tiffany ring that you are popping the question with> Umm, yeah- we are difficult like that! Just pick your moments!

7. “You ask a lot of questions”

say what

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May be if you gave her the answer she wants to hear the very first time, she need not have to ask so many freaky questions!

8. “My Ex did it for me”

chill for a sec

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Oh hell ya! What’s coming next is- why don’t you go hump her, a*shole?

What- Can you blame her?

9. “I don’t like your friends”

They are like her family. And such comments on family is off-limits- duh uh!

10. “Is that what you are going to wear?”


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Yes, she was going to wear that until you said this. Now it’s time for you to suffer. Wait for another two hours until she finds the next right dress and another hour or two until she gets ready. No, no, you brought this upon yourself! And no, the night isn’t going to get better!

11. “You are so easy to please”

You did NOT just say that. Did you mean she has no standards? And did you just put her below all others you have been with? Dude, you should have known better! Next time, beware!!

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12. “That’s not a girl thing”

6 honest girlfriends

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Oh boy, so you are telling a girl that it’s not a girl thing. Don’t you think she’d know better what is a girl thing and what isn’t? Don’t you teach her about that, okay!

We have done our bit, you go do yours!

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#Oops 12 Things All Boyfriends Regret Saying!
Uh oh - boyfriends - you are making boo boo-s! Some major ones too!
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