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10 Not-so-obvious Things That Men Look For In A Woman Before Asking Her Out

It might be a bit of a shock to you, but most of the time, men are attracted to much more than good looks in a woman! Yes, physical appearance is undoubtedly the first thing that will catch his eye (no, he isn’t superficial; he’s human!), but if he is serious about getting to know her better, outward beauty will come last and matter least. He is looking for his woman, not a supermodel (though that doesn’t hurt!)! He seeks a sensitive companion who is warm and loving. She is confident about what she wants and where she wants to go. She respects herself and also other people around her; she doesn’t neglect their opinions, choices, and preferences.This woman is playful and fun to be with, her humor and wit adding spark to her charisma. She is supportive yet not suffocating. She is the one!

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In searching for this ideal soul mate, here are ten things what men look for in women.

1. ‘Status’ quo

confident woman (2)

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It is misleading to claim that men find ambitious and successful women to be intimidating. On the contrary, accomplished women have been shown to be extremely attractive to men—that ambitious drive instantly turns them on! Meryl Streep once said that she got the most compliments from her male fans for her role as the Editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine “Runway” in the film The Devil Wears Prada. Men take pursuing such an authority figure as a challenge, even if it means going for someone out of their league. In many cases, men are thrill seekers and this is the ultimate thrill for them: to date someone who daunts other men and women and, as a result, adds to his own charm!

2. “Queen of clean”

woman washing her face

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An unhygienic or messy woman is a complete no-no! Before a man can understand who you really are, he has to be attracted to you. An unclean woman with unwashed hair or crooked fingernails is sure to be rejected at first glance. Most women don’t know this, but a man notices the smallest of details in a woman, from her toenails to her hairstyle. Men want their woman to glow by the sheer virtue of cleanliness. Imagine dating a woman whose mouth stinks?! Ugh!

3. “She’s always a woman”

couple talking

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Being artificial or phony is sure to drive a man away! He may stand next to you to seek attention, but he’s not into you! When it comes to dating someone, men prefer to look for a woman who is her genuine self at all times. You may dress nicely or enjoy a shopping spree every now and then, but he should also be able to see shades of modesty and low-maintenance. Men like real women who are witty and intelligent, women who can stupefy with a great comeback line yet not sound rude. For men, when it comes to a woman, less is more! The ideal woman should be a great conversationalist. Both well-read and with a mind of her own, she should surprise him with great insights on a wide range of topics.When a man is with this kind of woman, conversations are stimulating and no day is ever dull.

4. The cochlear connect

couple talking

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Though men seek engaging conversationalists, this does not only mean that the woman will do all the talking. That again,  is extremely unattractive! A conversation is by definition a talk between two or more people, and as such, is a two-way street. A good listener is sure to attract more men than one who continuously blabbers, no matter how intelligent she may be. The fact that she listens when he talks (actually listens and doesn’t use that time to think what she’ll be saying next!) shows that she respects him and that she is willing to invite other ideas, even if they are contradictory to her own. This understanding quality in her is what he is looking for! And you thought what men look for in women was just outward appearance!

5. Venture for adventure

couple surfing

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Men look for a woman who is always up for something exciting. They naturally connect with a woman with this adventurous streak because it resonates with a similar streak within themselves. This bond is usually instantaneous, but most of the times also long-lasting. You do not need to jump off a cliff, but you should be willing to try different ideas to spice things up and keep his life from becoming boring. Put simply, you need to step out of your comfort zone to catch his eye. Spontaneous escapades not only turn out to be great fun, but they also give the man and his woman a lot of time to talk and experience things together. They create moments where the couple can feel as one. In short, if you want to know the way to a man’s heart, you have to get his adrenaline pumping first!

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6. The humble rumble

woman smiling

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Humility is never overrated, especially when we are talking about what men look for in women. Humble people are more likely to have healthier relationships since they are more accepting of other individuals.  Men don’t like women who brag about themselves. Instead, they find humility coupled with sincere honesty to be extremely attractive. Such a woman is bound to be grounded. A man is always looking for modesty in a woman, a modesty which will help him keep his feet firmly on the ground too.

7. The cuisine closure

woman cooking

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You might be aware of the cliché, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Though a bit passé, it still holds true even in these modern times. Men absolutely love a woman who can cook a good meal and have a good time doing it. He may not expect her to cook for him all the time because he respects the fact that she is an ambitious woman with her own commitments (one of the other things on this list, remember?), but once in a while he hopes that she will surprise him with his favorite dish.He loves the idea of food as a labor of love that both of them can enjoy at home. And even better, each of these labors of love turns into a cozy dinner date!

8. The enigmatic enchanter!

woman lying on a couch

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A mysterious and magnetic woman is a total killer! In order to spark a man’s interest, a woman has to stay mysterious and not give in to the temptation of telling him everything about her. That enigma, that air of mystery about her will keep drawing him towards her. She’s unreadable, confidently ambiguous and not always trying to turn the focus of the conversation towards herself; he is, without a doubt, all set to be enthralled by this kind of woman! If she is predictable, she is not worth fantasizing about.

9. “Goodness, gracious!”

woman smiling

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A gracious woman is respected because her courteous nature is a refreshing force. Everybody who comes in touch with her holds her in high regard… While physical beauty generally decreases with time, the grace of a woman increases as you get closer to her and learn more about her. She is intellectual, has generosity of spirit, and is even hilarious! Although these qualities make her seem perfect, she is most definitely not. She is, first and foremost, a human being, and as such, is liable to commit mistakes. But what sets her apart is her gracious acceptance of her mistakes when she is in the wrong. With all these qualities in one woman, can any man resist her?

10. “In sickness or health”

couple holding hands13

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Not just a woman with a pretty face, men look for deeper qualities in a woman when thinking of a person they can potentially be with “forever.” A man always wishes to be with someone who makes him happy… It gives him immense strength when he knows that she’ll be there for him no matter what the situation. She needs to be emotionally tough so that the guy can depend on her. Her thoughtfulness and kindness are sure signs to him that she is the one. No matter how modern the man, he’ll always go for a family person when looking for a life partner. At the end of the day, he wants someone who brings joy to the lives of everyone around her!

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If you are a woman who possesses all these qualities or some shades of each, you are one heck of a lady, my friend! No man can resist your magic as a contemporary, sensible woman who embraces old-style femininity.Forget long legs! He is more interested in knowing if he can go the distance with you and make it an adventure in the process! Although men might seem unpredictable when it comes to what men look for in a woman, with these qualities, they sure won’t be able to resist getting to know you.

Happy dating!

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