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Here’s Why A Person With ISFP Personality Traits Is The Best To Fall In Love With

People who would like to believe that relationships that are meant to be require no effort, and they just happen, are sadly mistaken. A relationship between two people only works out over a period of time when both of them work towards it and for it, and their personalities are compatible. All relationships in the world, no matter how perfect, have problems ad their own ups and downs which have to be resolved. This becomes easier to handle when one is aware of their own personality traits and the personality traits of the person they are involved with, since your personality is detrimental to your behavior and your decisions.

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Myers and Briggs developed a personality test whereby one could classify their personality into a type, out of 16 distinct types. Each of the types is a combination of characteristics, which comes together to form a distinct personality. Of these, one type of personality is the ISFP personality type, and today, we are going to be discussing ISFP personality traits with regards to the relationships that such people are likely to have.

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About ISFP Personalities

 ISFP personality traits fall under the last category of personalities, which is ‘Explorers’. People who have this type of personality are also called ‘Adventurers’. ISFP stands for introversion, sensing, feeling and perception. As you can see, most of the characteristic qualities about this personality type are based on emotions and feelings, which is why they are considered to be one of the most emotionally adventurous and artistically inclined group of people.

They are rebels in the true sense of the term. Adventurers hate being bound by the norms of society and traditions and are often found playing by their own rules, not paying heed to the consequences that might follow. They have an intense sense of intuitive spontaneity within them, which makes them rather unpredictable as people, even to those who claim to know them intimately. They are constantly searching for inspiration, which they get by interacting on a personal level with people and ideas.


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They are all about living in the moment, and can often have dangerous disregard for the past or the future. Despite being emotional creatures, they have no trouble moving on and letting go, and for them, living their best life in the present is what life is all about. Because their creative output is almost always at a high, they attract a considerable amount of attention. They are also very charming, with their own individual idiosyncrasies which makes them appear like an enigma to people.

They are, however, very averse to criticism, and can have anger management issues when they are faced with negative criticism. Because their senses are so heightened and often sharper than the people around them, they tend to lose their bearings when dealing with people who are less mature than they are. They tend to function on their own, and engage in exciting and thrilling activities on their own, because at the end of the day, their predominant trait is that of an introvert’s.

These were the most dominant ISFP personality traits. Now let us look at how they perform in relationships.

ISFP Personalities and Relationships

Because they are mysterious and introverted, the relationships of people with ISFP personality type are also a source of great intrigue. They aren’t the kind of people to dive head-first into a relationship, and they spend a lot of time thinking about the kind of love life they would want. Here is how they would perform in a relationship.

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1. Meeting people

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The adventurer is a very attractive personality, and they have a lot of stories to tell because they are explorers by nature, and inquisitive by habit. They are charming, artistic and self-conscious, which makes them very alluring to people. However, when it comes to searching for a partner themselves, they tend to shy away from such pursuits. They don’t actively search for a person to date or have a relationship with, because they are introverted and prefer to fly solo in whatever they do.

They are amazing listeners, and people tend to confide in them once they start talking. However, when it comes to confiding to other people or even being their true selves in front of people, the Adventurer will not allow any of that to happen any time soon. This makes them a little inaccessible, and they are either found to be in a very serious relationship, or very single.

2. Early stages of the relationship


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The early stages of a relationship with an ISFP personality can be full of surprises. Although there isn’t much that they are likely to reveal about themselves in the first few months (or even years) of dating someone new, they never allow it to get interfere in their relationship.

They are very giving, selfless people when it comes to love, and prefer the choices of their partner to dictate the course of the relationship, rather than let their own choices and opinions get in the way. Loving the Adventurer is an adventure in itself, because of the unpredictability and instinctive behavior involved. They don’t indicate anything or drop hints about what they want, but if they are with the right person who is able to understand them without an explanation, then they get it right from Day 1.

3. Long-term relationships

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Despite the unpredictability and the mystery and the obvious preference to fly solo, Adventurers make for amazingly loyal and caring partners. Because they find it so difficult to open up to new people, they tend to hold on to the ones that they do open up to, very closely. When it comes to practicality, they fall short, and let their partners take the lead and take most of the decisions. However, being in a long term relationship with an Adventurer is one of the best, most rewarding things ever, because it is in their nature to constantly seek out excitement and inspiration.

They find new and exciting ways to show their partner how much they love them, and are some of the most loyal people out there. They hate stagnancy and routine, and as long as they can find thrill and excitement in each day that they spend with their partner, there is nothing stopping them from living a long, healthy fulfilling life with the people they love.

4. Rough patches

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Adventurers have a lot of trouble opening up to people and involving them in their lives as an equal, which might make it difficult for them to maintain long term relationships. Despite being very emotional creatures, they aren’t very good at expressing themselves, which also might be a source of misunderstandings and miscommunication for the people they fall in love with. Because romantic relationships are never a priority for them, then don’t keep too many expectations, and if their partners don’t meet the base minimum expectations that they do keep when it comes to love, they leave them immediately.

In this regard, Adventurers can also be very emotionally detached, which doesn’t change much, even after they have been with a person for a considerable period of time. They channelize their internalized emotions into physical emotion, which is perhaps the only way they can show their partners how much they are committed to the relationship.

5. Compatibility

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It is very important for Adventurers to find the right match for them. Unless they find someone they are perfectly compatible with, chances are that they won’t waste time with them at all. Here are the two personalities that they are most compatible with:


As you can see, both of these personality types have extraversion as their predominant traits. It is important for an introverted personality to be with someone who is extroverted, so that the rate of approachability, whether it is the meeting stage or later on in the relationship, is more. However, ISFP, ESFJ and ENFJ have some perceptive traits in common, which makes them look at the world the same way, which is important for any long and healthy relationship.

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All in all, people with ISFP personality characteristics are exciting and intriguing people to be with. Stale, boring and stagnant relationships are something that one doesn’t have worry about when they are with someone who has an ISFP personality type. They are creative, quiet, artistic and positive, which makes for great partners, if they are with the right people. It is essential to be patient enough to understand them, and be okay with the way they function and deal with the world, after which you can expect a long, healthy and fulfilling relationship with them!

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