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10 Unmistakable Signs You Have Found The Perfect Woman!

You’ve been looking for HER everywhere – the perfect woman, but you’re not sure if you’ve finally found the one. Finding someone you love is not an easy journey. Out of the billions of people on this planet, everyone is hoping to find the right balance of happiness and compatibility.

You might know her from before or you might have just met her yesterday. There are certain signs that can point to her being your ideal woman, but of course, relationships are not about checking items off a list. Logic and reason are never what relationships are about in the end.

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But there’s going to be that one time when you think you’ve found the perfect woman. If that’s the way you feel about someone, here are signs that you need to watch out for!

1. You try to better yourself

couple in love

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We should do that anyway, whether we’re in a relationship or not. But when the right person for you comes along, you start to push yourself even harder. Your mother has tried to make it happen for months, but the motivation factor increases tenfold when this girl walks into your life and she inspires you to become the best version of yourself. It could be just about getting into shape or achieving a professional goal, and you’ll do everything it takes to see that sense of pride reflected on her face.

2. Happiness has a whole new meaning

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Singledom was all about what makes YOU happy – where you want to travel and what you want to do, and the perfect woman will not take this away from you. Instead, she becomes an important factor when you make decisions. It’s not about losing your freedom; it’s about having the privilege of sharing it with the one you love. Her happiness becomes equally important to you, so much so that you might even give up on a few things you’ve always wanted. Happiness becomes based on togetherness for you.

3. Other people are not so interesting now

couple in love

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You might have many other female friends, but you are no longer interested in them romantically. You’ve been with her for a while, and there is no one else that you’d rather talk to or look at. You just don’t see the point of talking to other women because there is no way that they could interest you more than she does. You want to spend all your time continuing to get to know her better and learn all there is to know about her because there is no one else you prefer to spend your time with. You’ve been waiting for the perfect woman, and now, you have her.

4. Future becomes very important

common life goals

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No, I’m not telling you to jump to buying engagement rings and booking honeymoon destinations two months into the relationship. You might have previously been afraid of committing to one woman. But with her, you find yourselves planning the next month together, and maybe even a few months after that. The reason you are with her is because you see it going somewhere. She’s your ideal woman; the one you’ve always wanted. You are beginning to see a future with her, and this excites you instead of scaring you away.

5. You WANT to be connected with her all the time

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Love letters may be the most romantic thing ever. But imagine living in a world where you have to wait to hear from her for almost a week! That is just not enough communication. Thanks to modern technology, this isn’t an issue. You can stay connected to her all the time and you want to do that. You want to talk to her all the time even if it just means texting her throughout the day. A message or call from her brings that winning smile on your face, and that’s saying something about how much you care for her. This massive increase in text messaging in your life doesn’t seem like a hassle to you.

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6. You trust her


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You feel a deep sense of trust with her about anything and everything. Little things like her talking to another man or going on a girls’ night out do not make you feel insecure. Jealousy is a normal human trait that everyone has. Some of us manage to keep it under wraps while others make a show out of it. You may feel jealous sometimes, but your trust for her overcomes these petty feelings. Be it with your past, your fears, and even when you are at your lowest; you trust and know that she’ll be there for you because she loves you too. Also, no matter what a gossip queen she might be with the girls, she is going to take your secrets to the grave.

7. Sex is not just sex anymore

couple in bed

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Physical intimacy with your loved one is obviously very important. It helps you both connect on a different level and there’s nothing like it. But, a relationship can’t be maintained on physical intimacy alone. Do you want to get close to her, kiss her, and rock her world in bed? Yes, you do! When two consenting adults are attracted to each other, there’s no stopping them. The difference is that it is not the priority. You love her even if you haven’t slept together yet. You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and are accepting of each other on a deep level. If you feel ONLY the lust, then you might want to look at your relationship again.

8. You find her beautiful

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I’m not talking about physical perfection or the society’s definition of what beautiful is. You just love her so much that everything about her makes you go weak in the knees. If you’re focusing too much on what you perceive to be her physical flaws, then she isn’t the right one for you. On the other hand, if you can’t seem to get over how beautiful she looks, you’re definitely in love with her. You consider her physical imperfections to be a part of her perfections. She is the perfect woman you’ve been looking for all your life.

9. She has become a part of you

couple in love

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She’s your happy place, and your love for her has only grown stronger over time. She’s become a part of you that leaves no space for any doubts about her. You love her, you can’t function without her, and you know it. You get that sinking feeling when you see her leave or when you’re not talking to her because of that silly argument you both got into. She means the world to you and you won’t have it any other way.

10. You just know

couple in love

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As clichéd as it sounds, this is very true. You should not ignore that feeling you have about her being the one. Sometimes, you just know. Of course, that doesn’t mean the relationship will necessarily move to you both spending the rest of your lives together, but there’s a very good possibility it might happen. You don’t know what the future holds, but for now, you know that she’s the one you’re content with. She’s the center of the universe for you. If you get the chance, you will give the future a shot with her because you feel so strongly about her.

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Sometimes, the best relationships are the ones that happen unexpectedly. You have no idea how you got there, but you did and you love it; and more importantly – you love her. You realize now that you were missing so much in your previous relationships.

You’re at home with her because all the heartaches and all your problems seem to melt away when you look at her; even if it is just for that one moment. But that’s just it; this moment is the one that will make you realize that she’s the one for you. If that’s how you feel, then you know she’s your perfect woman.

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10 Unmistakable Signs You Have Found The Perfect Woman
You have been looking for the perfect woman everywhere. But your current girlfriend comes pretty close to being the ideal woman. Be sure with these signs.
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