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Be Frizz-Free: 10 Solutions You NEED For Fighting Frizzy Hair This Winter

Winter is a trying time for your tresses. And if dry scalp wasn’t troublesome enough, static, frizzy hair adds to the woes of winter! But fret not, you can still kick out the stress of your tress by making use of our most trusted tips to combat frizzy hair? Ready?


Worry not- this one is handy and easy, breezy- so the breeze too shall dare not stress your tressed dressed to impress! Ready now?

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Here we go…

1. Observing due diligence with conditioning masks never hurt those fighting frizz. When your tresses are stripped of moisture, the dry tresses soak up moisture from air and tend to frizz. To avoid such an occurrence, it is necessary that you fortify your hair with some lush smoothness vis-a-vis some deep conditioning for 10 minutes each week. This will help seal your strands and prevent moisture from the air to seep in.

2. Strategic combing of your tresses is a must. While wet hair needs to be combed by a plastic brush or sorted by one’s fingers, dry hair must necessarily be detangled by a metallic comb. While the plastic comb helps eliminate tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping of the wet strands, a metal comb helps keep the frizz at bay for dry hair.

3. Dressing your strands in a protective coat of frizz control mask or gloss creme also helps to ward off the enemy- in our case, frizzy hair. So no matter your tress type, dress your tresses in a coat that shall prevent it from absorbing moisture from the air.

4. Careful drying is absolutely essential in order to ward off frizz. While soft drying with a towel is recommended in a gentle blot fashion, a hair dryer isn’t ruled out either. However, you need to keep a few pointers in mind for both of the drying methods. A microfiber or soft T-shirt are the best alternatives to a towel- so as to avoid friction. Also, gentle blotting- like you make use of when patting your face dry- helps avoid tugging at the hair follicles, preventing breakage and flyaways. For a dryer, on the other hand, an ionic, frizz-fighting tool is your best bet. While using blow dryers, you must always aim your nozzle down along the hair shaft, so as to fight frizz.

5. We’d recommend cutting out dry time so as to weed out poof altogether. If you absolutely have to use the dryer, go for low heat.

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6. Dry your hair at night. Drying your hair at night and sleeping on it is my personal best mantra for fighting frizz. Not only does it calm your unruly tresses, weed out unnecessary puffiness and keep frizz at bay, it also helps the detanglement problem.

7. Tying your hair in a high ponytail with a fabric scrunchie and sleeping on silk covers helps avoid static!

8. An old but gold option is to rub dryer sheets on your hair, brushes or even pillow covers. It kills the electric charges that have built up and keeps the frizz AWAY!

9. Use a frizz-fighting hair spray. A climate control hair spray will nourish your hair, fight frizz and keep your tresses weighed down- just like you want the mainstay of your mane to be!

10. An appropriate hairstyle like a braid or top knot helps prevent friction against clothing, cuts down the static build-up so caused and hence roots out the possibility of frizz!

Now go and be frizz-free, this cold season!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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Be Frizz-Free: 10 Solutions You NEED For Fighting Frizzy Hair This Winter
Say goodbye to frizzy hair, this season! Be frizz-free, forever!
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