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Hey Ladies, Do You Have The Habits It Takes To Have Great Hair?

If you’ve always watched a Sonam Kapoor or an Aishwarya Rai in L’Oreal ads with green-eyed envy wondering WHEN, when-the-heck-on-earth, would you be ‘worth’ the gorgeous mane they sport, ladies, the time is now!

winter hair care

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And the only obstacles standing between your dull strands and a new-YOU tressed to impress any time during the day or night are the healthy habits for great hair. Wonder what they are? The very healthy habits for great-looking hair that make the mane of an Aishwarya ohh-so-enviable. And while they may be all hush hush about it, we have the secrets locked right here in the NLT-beauty box for you.

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And because we love you ladies so much, here’s the key to those much-coveted healthy habits for great hair (yes, we are ‘there’ in our relationship) 😉

1. Saying NO to blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and the whole family of gadgets

woman using hair curler

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Granted you have to use them sometimes but the whole family of heat styling products are like uninvited guests that will bug you no end and ignore all cues to take an exit. Don’t open the door is all I’m saying! But in case you believe that you might need to get their foot in through the door, opt for a spray-in heat protectant to protect your precious tresses! Also, if you need to curl ’em up, you can go the roller way, which is gentle and does not heat up as much!

2. Sleeping the silky way, like the princess you are


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That’s right – sleep on silk. Silk does not rough up your hair cuticles the way cotton does, and therefore, avoids the frizzy strands the morning after. Don’t believe me, allow silk to make love to your hair through the night and wake up to smiling tresses!

3. Lathering up whenever your hair asks for it

woman caressing her hair (2)

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Yes, I know I know – you have been told that washing your mane regularly may leave it dry and stripped of its natural luster. Couldn’t be more farther from the truth! Here, at NLT, our experts recommend using good quality products and frequent washing. The frequency depends on how long you are exposed to pollution, humidity, what your hair type is, and the kind of work you do! If you live in a place subject to higher levels of pollution or humidity, your hair type is combination with oily roots or your work routine affects your hair (say, you are a fitness coach), you can actually benefit from frequent washing! The result – clean and shiny hair!

4. ‘Ditch conditioning? NO WAY’

woman drying her hair

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While washing your hair does add to the moisture content in your mane, skimping on moisturizing is a strict no-no from us. The general rule of thumb is to condition each time you shampoo. This shall reduce dryness, frizziness, split ends, and even protect your color!

5. No two-timing hair products

olive oil hair massage

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To have healthy and happy hair, you need to cultivate a healthy relationship with it. How? By being loyal. Do not keep switching up your hair care brands simply because you cannot find one or because your friend recommended it. Looking for the real deal isn’t wrong but blindly hopping from one product-wagon to another is harmful for your tresses!

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6. Coz hair needs its FOOD too

olive oil for hair

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As you eat, so shall you grow – ditto for hair! What you put in your body contributes to the quality, growth, and volume of your hair! While healthy eating habits pretty much win half the battle, a protein-rich diet along with sufficient zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids elements will aid your hair follicles to grow healthy hair!

7. And not to forget, vitamins


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It is easy to miss out on these li’l gems even whilst gorging an impeccable diet. So, load up on the crucial vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs that are integral to healthy looking, fuller, shinier, and stronger hair. Hit that perfect balance and get the bonus benefit of having great looking nails and skin!

8. ‘Meet my bff, sunscreen for hair’

woman brushing hair

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While we always take care to clothe our skin in sunscreen before heading out to be in the company of that ball of fire in the sky, we forget that it is staring down at our strands too! So, it is advisable to apply a leave-in conditioner every other day and spritz the strands with a generous application of heat protectant with SPF on damp hair, in cases of exposure for long durations!

9. ‘No, no comb, don’t you bite’

hair thinning

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Go gentle on your hair with the comb. Use a wide-toothed comb for brushing your hair and make sure you brush your hair from bottom to top to prevent those stubborn knots and snarls from angering your comb!

10. ‘Just a li’l, Scissors’

woman getting hair cut

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Trims are a must-do item on the checklist even when you are growing out your mane. And the reason is very simple. Regular trims prevent split ends, breakage, and hence, add to lustrous growth and volume.

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11. Showering mantra: Cool it

shampooing hair

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Excessive hot water can burn the volume right out of your mane, so be careful, that’s too HOT to handle! Working up the water to a lukewarm temperature can help rinse your suds clean whilst allowing you to lather up completely! And as you finish it up and add the final touch of conditioner, the colder, the better! Cold water will lock in all coveted nutrients giving your hair a beautiful, healthy shine!

There you go. Coz you REALLY are ‘worth IT!’

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Healthy Habits For Great Hair: 11 Things You Must Do
The only obstacles standing between your dull strands and a new-YOU tressed to impress are the healthy habits for great hair.
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