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13 Things That Can Turn Your Dry Hair Even Drier And The Fix

We know that the nippy season is the absolute worst for your tresses. It sucks the moisture right out of your strands, leaving them worse than a frizzy haystack. Of course, there are a lot of causes behind the dryness but you can do a lot to control the damage. Contrary to what the hair products in the market may have you believe, dry hair isn’t a hair type and you aren’t perennially doomed to dressing your tresses in a veil of irrevocable dryness.

While the weather may be the culprit in stripping your strands of their natural moisture and your scalp of essential oils, there may be more to the problem than meets the eye. As someone who vacillates between greasy roots and bone-dry spectrums of hair problems every season of the year, I can tell you, for certain, that there are a few things you can do to lock in a silky mane. But before getting there, you must know the enemy you are up against. After all, you can’t fix a problem unless you know what it is. So, without further ado, behold the eight things that aggravate your dry hair situation further:

Dry hair care

1. Hot shower

Woman showering

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If you turn the nozzle to full-blast as soon as you hop into the shower, remember that the warmth may feel good on your skin but it isn’t doing any good to your tresses. If anything, it is actually stripping your strands of their natural moisture and turning them into a dry stack. If you wish to keep your locks hydrated and healthy, you may wish to reconsider the temperature of your shower.

2. Heat styling products

woman blow drying hair_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Tongs, curling irons, hair straighteners, crimping rods, blow dryers, flat irons- the whole brigade of heat styling products can wreak havoc on your hair. Of course, you can dodge much of the damage with a heat protectant spray- but lowering the frequency of use and using the products strategically can also help to lessen the amount of harm caused to your strands. Excess usage and prolonged duration of exposure can leave you with burnt, brittle hair.

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3. The cold weather

There wasn’t a chance in hell that the weather that was turning all faces ashen and flaky was going to spare your mane. The more the mercury dips, the more your mane’s going to be s*cked dry! Opt for refreshing sprays and formulas that can act as a natural barrier betwixt the dry, harsh wind and your hair and prevent the loss of moisture. There are many moisture-retentive products in the market that help lock in water particles as well as combat dryness, frizz and/or other cold season hair problems.

4. The sun

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There is so much written about not skipping sunscreen, even in the cold season. Ever thought that the sun could be responsible for long-lasting damage to your hair as well? Turns out the sun can pull off an evil one on your tresses- even when it isn’t the sweltering heat of the summers. So, the least you can do to protect your hair from the UV rays is to spray on hair sunscreen or cover your hair with a floppy hat!

5. Over shampooing

While your scalp is responsible for producing natural oil to moisturize your strands, excessive washing can call for a strike in the factory. Over-washing your hair can strip your locks of the much-needed oil and strip them of all moisture, leaving them dry, brittle and lackluster. Also, the chemicals in your shampoo (sulfates and alcohols) can be responsible for creating extra dryness.

6. Wrong hair products


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

While you may think you are making informed choices when you drop thick, fat wads of green on hair products, using the wrong hair products can be coming at a much dear cost than you know. Most alcohol-based products induce dryness by stripping your scalp and strands of their natural moisture.  So, you might love the beachy waves you get after a generous spritz of hair styling spray, but the after-effects might leave your tresses dry and damaged.

7. Smoothing treatments

We know that these treatments help you realize your dream of luscious, lovely locks but these smoothing treatments can also leave your hair thirsty. While one smoothing treatment isn’t going to strip your hair of moisture, too many of these in quick succession can lead to a build-up of protein that dries out the strands and leaves them brittle and susceptible to breakage and fall.

8. Hormonal changes

Birth control pills, pregnancy and menopause are all periods of intense physiological changes that can have an adverse effect on the hair- leaving the strands drier and more brittle.

If you wish to control the situation or repair the damage that’s already been done, here’s what you can do:

9. Layer up

Dry and brittle hair is a common problem round the year- but the cold season can be especially cruel on your tresses. The easiest solution is to go for a heavier dose of moisture, just as you would dab on an extra layer of moisturizing cream on your skin. This shall help lock in the moisture in your strands and prevent them from escaping. There is no better move to keep your locks healthily hydrated.

10. Use an ion blow dryer

An ion blow dryer dries the hair from the outside as opposed to a traditional blow dryer which dries the hair from inside and within the shaft, moving outward by gradation. The difference has a huge impact on hair health and can also be a great time-saver.

11. Limit the usage of heat styling products

This one goes without saying. Lowering the frequency of use and using the products strategically can help to lessen the amount of harm caused to your strands.

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12. Opt for weekly deep conditioning

Slot a day for a deep conditioning treatment to help your locks turn silkier and smoother in no time.

13. Use sulfate-free formulas

Sulfates zap your hair of essential moisture- so remember to pick out products sans sulfates, so you can wake up each morning to happy hair day!

We hope these tips for dry hair care shall help you say goodbye to dry hair problems forever!

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