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Top 10 Winter Haircuts 2017 Has To Offer

Winter is officially here and it is finally time to bring out all those cute sweaters and badass bomber jackets that you have been desperately waiting to put on for a while. Winter fashion is all about being snug and cute and cozy, with a hint of sexy. But while you’re busy fishing out those endless numbers of woolly scarves and ugly Christmas jumpers that your grandmother used to knit for you every year with her shaky yet resilient fingers warmed by the fire in the hearth, don’t ignore those luscious locks of yours.

Winter weather is often very harsh for our hair and we prefer to have them tucked under our beanies and cute ear mittens. There are endless possibilities when it comes to quirky and cool haircuts that you can effortlessly flaunt this winter season and charm those you meet this holiday season. All you need is a healthy dose of inspiration and that’s what we’re here to provide you with.

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We’ve decided to help you in this quest for the perfect haircut by compiling a hearty list of some of the best haircuts that you can try out this season. Here are some of the best looks you can try out for your winter haircuts 2017.

Best winter haircuts 2017

1. The pixie

This is one of those haircuts that never go out of style no matter what. The pixie haircut (also called the cool-girl crop) is not an easy task for everyone to pull off. Nonetheless, it is a killer look! It can make you look stunning by tenfold (or more)!

Get this look if an edgy vibe is what you want to go for this winter. You have the option of either keeping it super short or growing it out a little, you can also make your pixie haircut as spiky as you want it to be. Whichever length you go for, be sure to use a pliable formula that will help keep your hair in place and keep the edginess going. No wonder 2017 is being hailed as the year of the pixie, with celebrated fashion icons like Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry, among others, opting for this playful and uber cute look.

2. The wet look

Be cool this winter with a wet look for your hair. The key to getting a successfully done wet look is to start off with damp hair. Then proceed to pick a hair-gel that suits your hair and apply a generous amount to it, starting right from the roots and continuing down to the tips. Brush your hair a good couple of times and then seal the look with hairspray to make sure it stays for long. Margot Robbie rocks this look and provides the much needed inspo for this winter haircut 2017.

3. The bob

Our hearts are forever owned by the Bob and nothing seems to ever come even close to this easy-breezy haircut that looks stunning in every season and weather. This chin-length haircut is simple, elegant and a timeless hit. It is perfect for all hair types, from thick to fine textured hair. Spice things up by getting a bob with beach waves, or keep it classy with a loosely curled style you simply cannot go wrong with. Bob haircuts also look amazingly smart when you add bangs to the mix, and if this isn’t a look that inspires to shake things up for your hair this winter, then we don’t know what will!

4. Bangs

If you ever find yourself debating whether you should get bangs, well, then the answer is yes. It is always a yes. If there’s one haircut that we could dedicate a shrine to, it would have to be them bangs. They come in all shapes and sizes and always look glorious no matter how you choose to style them. Whether they’re side-swept, fringed or blunt; bangs make everyone look stunning. This haircut is sure to light up all your gloomy winter mornings and motivate you to ditch the boring beanie. (No offence to beanies, though. We adore them.) This winter, the special attraction is the Bardot Bangs look- if done well, the haircut can transform your look  from an everyday one to classy.

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5. Natural curls

Get in touch with your roots and stop hiding those glorious curls. This winter sport this funky hairstyle and let those curls loose. Play up your natural texture or create your own- get hold of a curling iron and you can rip out those curls right before you leave for that cocktail party. Use a lightweight gel formula on your hair after you’re done curling so that the hairstyle stays its effortless self for a long, long time. After all, beautiful hair doesn’t just include super smooth straight hair or carefully curled perfect ringlets.

6. Sleek ponytail

This may look like a style that is fairly simple and boring, but nothing speaks powerful yet elegant like this style does. Go all out and combine the wet look with the ponytail or add the right amount of sleekness to it and voila, you’re as elegant as ever! However, even though this is a fairly easy look to pull off, choosing the right kind of hair product is of utmost importance. Carefully scan the markets before you settle for the right kind of hair serum, before trying out the sleek ponytail. Look fresh as a daisy with this neat and classy hairstyle.

7. Poker straight hair

2017 is the year you go back into the past to your teenage self who knew how to perfectly straighten hair, leaving not a strand behind. The trick to mastering this hairstyle is to make sure that your blow drier is absolutely on point. It would be wise to invest in a decent flat iron too if you want to perfect this hairstyle.

Start with freshly washed and detangled hair, then blow dry the entirety of its length right from the roots to the tips, with the air flowing in the downward direction. Tip: apply a tiny amount of hairspray so that the hair doesn’t fuzz up or become poofy after a while.

8. Side parting

This is a current favorite among a lot of celebrities out there and we’re really don’t blame them. Forget the everyday straight-down-the-line center parting that we’re used to and go crazy with side-parted hair this winter. Side- parting looks great with the wet look or even with playful and casual beach curls. It looks great whether you have your hair worn down or all tied up. Experiment around with this style and you will not be disappointed, we assure you!

9. The Modern Mullet

The mullet is a haircut in which the length of the hair at the back is longer and that at the front remains shorter. The Modern Mullet, also called MoMu can be adapted according to your hair and the shape of your face; and its comeback is possibly one of the greatest things that happened in the sphere of hair trends this year. This revival of the 80s hit haircut is however, much softer and less angular than its original version, which was essentially two separate hairstyles somehow rolled into one. Stylists recommend a heat protection spray before styling your hair in the MoMu look.

10. Undercut

The undercut just so happens to be the biggest trend of 2017 and we are not quite ready to part with this crowd favorite that is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. It’s bold, it’s edgy and it’s dangerous. This is the haircut you need in order to bring out the badass in you. Get this done if you have short, long or medium length hair because an undercut’s beauty lies in how edgy it looks irrespective of what the length of your hair is. Pick this if you want to be the centre of attention at every place you go too.

Now that you have sufficient inspiration to try out one of these winter haircuts 2017; it’s time to keep in mind some tips for maintaining the health of your hair during the harsh winter months. Remember that no amount of styling and fancy haircuts will make your hair look good if you fail to take proper care of it; especially because your hair is susceptible to greater damage during these winter months than any other time of the year. Here is a list of hair-care tips that we’ve added to this article for your benefit-

Never go out with wet/damp hair

If there’s one hair-care rule that you should follow during winter, it’s this one. Not only does going outside with wet/damp hair increase your chances of catching a cold, but it also causes extra damage and breakage of hair, and makes your color fade faster.

Protection from the elements

It is important to protect your hair from the harsh winter elements of rain, wind and snow; and the best way of doing that is to cover your hair with a hat or a scarf when you go outside. Make sure that the scarf isn’t tied too tightly though, because that could affect the blood circulation in your scalp.

Stay hydrated 

Just like how your body needs to remain hydrated in order to be healthy, so does your hair. Drink plenty of water so that your scalp does not become dry and flaky. Moisturize your hair with a deep conditioning treatment once every week using a hair serum.

Avoid over styling your hair

Yes, we know that it is tempting to constantly style your hair in different ways using a plethora of heat-based hairstyling tools such as the curling iron, straightener, and others; however, it is also important to make sure your hair is not exposed to excessive heat because that will lead to further damage and split ends, resulting from the dryness and lack of moisture in your hair.

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Follow these golden rules of hair-care, and try out the many styles listed above to make every day this winter a good hair day!

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Top 10 Winter Haircuts 2017 Has To Offer
Here are some of the best looks you can try out for your winter haircuts 2017.
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