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Because Sometimes, It’s About The DRAMA: 12 Dramatic Hair Accessories That We Want To Pin On NOW

Having a few hairstyle ideas up your sleeve is always a good idea if you want to jazz things up a little! More of a #Iwokeuplikethisperson, who literally means the words? Fret not! The hair accessories we have brought to the table today, can be pinned in a minute or two! On days when you feel jaded of your present sartorial choices, and want an immediate boost, pull yourself together and try your hands on these hair accessories!

For those who are always busy to mess with the hair hot tools, (and yes, I am referring to shampoos and conditioners too!) these badass hair accessories can come in handy!  In the past few seasons, runways have flaunted hair adornments left and right! Remember Prada’s Fall Collection of clipped ponytails last year? Or Rodarte’s floral hair accessories? Upgrading your brio factor has become so easy these days; all you need to do is top off your half-up style with a barrette!

So let’s dive into the 12 toppers which have made it to this list!

1. Flower power

Name anyone who does not fancy fresh flowers in spring! Especially, when they make for an amazing hair accessory! Grab some blossoms from your shrubbery and pin! If elusive is your statement of style, try smaller petals.

2. Floral headbands

Imagine yourself in this beauty! Now, can you say no to it? Any outdoor concert and you know how you are stealing the show!

3. Chic turbans

Turbans can ginger up a simple outfit in a flash! A turban is also a cool way to avoid from getting your hair wet in the pool, don’t you think?!

4. Forehead wraps

“It’s too cold outside and only a lunatic would wash her hair every day!” We feel you woman, and that is why we think you should just throw a forehead wrap on and look like a model instead! #lifehacks

5. Embellished fancies  

While at Fendi they call these, “futuristic bands”, we have dubbed them embellished fancies, because they are!! It is time you channel your inner mystique with these headbands!

6. Exotic bandeaus

Pack a couple of these bandeaus in your vacation portmanteau, and team them up with a maxi dress once you are there!

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7. Classic ribbons

Vionnet helped this vintage hair standby make a comeback. A long red or black ribbon in your hair can up any outfit’s chic factor!

8. Jewel hair clips

Tired of that pony?! Modify it with some jewel clips. You can even stick them in braids for an antiquated look, which is a major hair envy!

Pro tip: Wear it to brunch!

9. Bun twist  

Having a bad hair day? That’s like every day for me! Twist it away with a top knot, and then decorate it! Even if you are not quite a pro at tying a topknot, there is nothing to fret about. Add a floral pin to take away the attention from the ‘not-so-perfect’ bun! Place the pin on the top or on the side of your bun to get a go-to look!

10. Not your standard bobby pin

Cue: Fringes and bobby pins of different colors! Let your imagination run wild!

11. Put a bow on it!

A king-size bow is not silly at all if you know which coiffure to use it with!

A bow barrette can look dashing on a half-up style, adding the right amount of style needed there, also without much work! If you want to get a little adventurous, think of accenting your pony with a metallic bow!

12. Chain strands stretch circlet

Bling on, as they say!

Sometimes you have got to let your hair down and add a little bit of bling!

Hair accessories are something we don’t pay much attention to but they can make a huge difference to the way you look! ☺

Featured image source: tbdress

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12 Dramatic Hair Accessories That We Want To Pin On NOW
Because these hair accessories are too good to be true!
Riya Roy

Riya Roy

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