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12 Girls Reveal How Men Freak Out When Denied Sex

There are times when men just EXPECT women to have sex with them and when denied sex, they lose their shit. Oh no, this isn’t some fictitious tale, it happens to women around us! It might have even happened to you. A few days ago, on a friend’s insistence that I join a certain dating site, I came across a couple of douchebags who took no reply from me as a personal freakin’ insult! Like, bro, calm the f*ck down. I am just not interested.

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And within an hour, I had at least 70 messages from guys who expected me to hook up with them and when denied, they went ballistic and started calling me names I had never even heard of. I unregistered the next minute.

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But I was on the internet with my identity protected. This kind of harassment happens in real life too, where guys feel they are ‘owed’ sex because they took you out to one lousy dinner (where you probably split the bill, too). We asked 12 girls to reveal what happened when guys expected to get laid but didn’t, because true to the sanctity of consent, the girls exercised their rights and denied sex:

  • “I went on a date with this really sweet guy on whom I had a crush on since a while now. After dinner, I headed back him to his place to have a cup of coffee. We started kissing and then as things started getting, well, hotter, I told him that I wasn’t ready and wouldn’t have sex. He freaked out and telling me how he had spent 1500 rupees on the dinner and how I HAD to have sex with him. I smiled at him blandly and left. I never saw him again.” – Rita, 25.
  • “Once I went on a holiday with my boyfriend and by the end of the say I was so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. But my boyfriend wanted to have sex and when I refused he was a complete child about it and slept on the couch saying I don’t care about him anymore and what not. God.” – Sandy, 32.
  • “I found this guy on a dating site and we decided to meet. Though I had made it very clear to him that I wouldn’t have sex with him, he spent the entire dinner trying to convince me to do it and that I wouldn’t regret it because he was ‘so good at it’. I left as soon as I could.” – Samantha, 22.

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  • My friends set me up with this guy who insisted I let him massage my toes for some time if I didn’t want to have sex. It was so weird and creepy that I bolted out of there the second I could.” – Sarah, 24.
  • “I was at a party and I was slightly buzzed and all of a sudden there was a guy on me. I didn’t even know him. It was so weird. When I threw him off, he started sobbing.” – Diane, 20.
  • “I was making out with this guy whom I had my eye on since a while now, but suddenly I didn’t feel like going through with it so I told him that. He actually started crying and saying things like ‘Oh my god, why does this always happen to me?! Did I do something wrong?’ No, relax, I just don’t want to do it.” – Alina, 28.

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  • I was camping with my friends and this guy I had been flirting with ended up staying in the same tent. He took it as a given that since we were in that shared space, sex would happen. I said no and turned away. He gave me one freezing look and stormed out and spent the night out in the wilderness. Good for me, I got the tent to myself!” – Amanda, 21.
  • “We were just messing around and suddenly grabbed a condom. I said no, let’s just make out tonight. He got so mad that he ended up breaking a glass. I left immediately and blocked him everywhere on social media. What a creep!” – Tara, 24.
  • “I told this guy that I was casually seeing that I wasn’t going to have sex with him, he asked for a justification and demanded that I give him an explanation so as to WHY I wasn’t going to have sex with him. I never saw him again.” – Pam, 36.

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  • “I was in a relationship with this super-hot guy who demanded I give him a blow-job when my friends were in the immediate next room, waiting for me to get a bowl of popcorn from the kitchen. I said no and left. He stormed out just after grabbing a handful of popcorn. What a joke.” – Chloe, 26.
  • “This guy was sweet talking me into having sex with him by telling me how special our ‘bond’ was (I had met him for the first time, btw). I walked out of the restaurant and he started yelling on top of his voice – “HOW DARE YOU WALK OUT ON ME? YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET THIS OPPORTUNITY AGAIN!” Yeah, as though I was missing out on a sure-shot lottery. I laughed and left!”  – Kate, 27
  • “When I told him no, he insisted he was a GOOD guy. And he deserved better.” – Mary, 21.

Do you have any experiences where men freaked out just because you knew consent is paramount? Share your stories in the comments below.

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12 Girls Reveal How Men Freak Out When Denied Sex
We asked 12 girls to reveal what happened when guys expected to get laid but didn’t, because the girls exercised their rights and denied sex!
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