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12 Of The Most Common Sex Dreams, And What They Actually Mean

So you watched the movie Inception, wondering the whole time, “How did these guys never show up nude in their mysterious spying dreams?” Well, you are certainly not alone! Scientists believe that sexual dreams are very common among both men and women. On an average, 8 percent of a person’s dreams are related to sex. So when you see ‘melons’ and ‘poles’ (!) in your dreams and catch yourself in shameless acts you could never imagine participating in in your waking life, don’t you want to know what they may actually mean?

So let us put our Freudian caps on and try to find the meaning of dreams revolving around sex. Psychologists have spent almost a century now, trying to find common dream interpretation and dream meanings. It is high time we get to the bottom of these nocturnal adventures, once and for all!

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1. Cheating on your significant other


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Have there been times when you have woken up feeling guilty about cheating on your S.O. in a sex dream? Well, let me put your doubts to rest. It has nothing to do with you actually wanting to indulge in adultery. But on the contrary, it implies that you are insecure! These sex dreams can also echo the intensity of the sexual passion you feel for your partner. You are therefore, exploring areas of your sexuality in your dreams.

But if you have a dream about being cheated on by the S.O., it reveals a lack of adequate attention from them. It can be best interpreted as the fear of being dumped. It can also be an expression of your concern whether your mate sees a future with you or not.

2. Kissing the ex

In the dream world, even things as lame as a flying kiss can have millions of interpretations that are different and tricky! These sex dreams let slip a lot about your inner self.

If you see yourself kissing your ex, you are just delving into the happy moments of the past. You are looking back at the good times you and your ex shared. This dream could be triggered by a major adjustment in your current relationship.

If you see yourself kissing your friend in a dream, experts say that it symbolizes your reverence and adulation for your friend. Now, you can comfort yourself during that awkward moment when you meet this friend later in the day!!

3. Kiss from a stranger!

couple kissing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

If you see a dream where you are being kissed by a stranger, it is a dream of self-discovery. There is some aspect of you that you need to get more at home with.

If it is a celebrity you are sharing a kiss with, you are dying to be successful. It may also signify your waking attraction to or fascination with this particular celeb.

If, however, you see yourself kissing someone you absolutely hate, it represents betrayal, resentment, or compromise with an angry pal. If someone attempts to kiss you against your wish, it may mean that they are trying to shove their ideas or views in your face in reality!

4. State of undress and unrest!

Well, well! If you see yourself taking an exam wearing nothing, it is typically a case of anxiety! It is linked to the feeling of helplessness. You feel like you have absolutely let your guard down. Nudity can also mean not being ready for an important task or not meeting one’s own high-held standards for oneself. If in the dream, the people around don’t seem to notice your nudity, it means that you are magnifying your anxieties in waking life; making a mountain of a mole!

Though if, in your dream, you don’t seem to care about being naked, it means you have nothing to hide. You are proud of yourself. It is associated with trustworthiness, honesty, and a happy-go-lucky nature.

5. The big O

woman in bed_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Orgasm dreams characterize a thrilling end to something. According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, these dreams are said to constitute 4 percent of the sex dreams of men and women. This study also concluded that in women, 4 times out of 100, the orgasm was being enjoyed by someone else and not themselves. This phenomenon was not seen in men.

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6. Stripping in public

If you see yourself performing a detailed strip tease in front of the chemistry class, it does not spell madness!

This only means you need to be fanatical and direct about your sexual needs. On the contrary, it could also mean that you are being duped into doing something which you actually don’t want to. But think about this: what if you are being forced about something that will actually help you be more fervent and direct about what you need sexually? This will ensure that you incept all the way to the fourth dream level! 😉

7. Doing the doggy!

Rear door sex embodies submission. It means that you are afraid to concede to the desires and needs of other people. Oral sex, on the other hand, signifies the inclination to give and get pleasure. It is an indication of your creative energy. It may also be a reaffirmation of the fact that you are heading in the right direction in your life. If you are straight but are constantly seeing dreams of gay sex, it symbolizes your union with all your aspects. It can also be a representation of self-ardour and compassion. If you are uncomfortable with the sex in your dream, it means you are anxious and are facing insecurities in your waking relationship.

8. Your straight mate is having homosexual sex and you are doing it with your ex

gay couple_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

If you see your straight S.O. having gay sex, it symbolizes your fear of not being liked back by your partner. By seeing him as a homosexual, you would be able to dismiss your feelings better because you stood no chance. Many expectant fathers have also reported a similar dream.

If you dream about making love to your ex, it means you are reserved about embarking on a new relationship. If your wedding date is knocking at the door, it is common for you to see erotic adventures with anyone but your partner!

9. The symbols

  • The ‘third leg’ 😉

Implies sexual energy, aggression, power, and fertility, if it’s a boner (!). In case it is flaccid, it represents sexual frustration.

  • The ‘honey pot’!!

To dream of your own lady parts suggests that you are having some issues with your femininity. You are not comfortable with your sexual needs and urges. But it could also mean sexual control and influence. If however, you see dreams where the lady part is vanishing, it indicates a lack of confidence or your fear about sex.

  • The bosom

It is a symbol of primal nourishment. You need to be looked after and cared for. Alternatively, it could also mean sexual arousal and raw energy. A feeling of being exposed or intrusion to your privacy can also trigger this kind of a dream.

10. Sex with the boss

couple in bed_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

If you see a dream where you are making out with your boss, it depicts your ambition and drive towards making it big in life. It represents desire for power, influence, authority, and control. It is not a suppressed desire to actually get intimate with the boss! It means you want to be the boss. So it is invariably linked with a strong need for empowerment.

11. Kissing your bestie’s partner!

If your dream revolves around you kissing your friend’s partner, it means you wish to be in a relationship. You want to experience the raw energy of love. You may be desiring to awaken your passion and therefore, sexually acting out. The dream could also mean that there is a lack of reliability on your part! So don’t share it with your S.O. or that friend!!!

If you have a dream where everyone else but you, is kissing, it means you are extremely involved in some other people’s personal lives and relationships. You should give them some room.

A dream where you are kissing yourself suggests self-acceptance and self-love. It shows that you love yourself, warts and all!

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12. Looking for a hopeless place to love!

man kissing a woman's neck_New_Love_Times

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If in your dreams, you see yourself looking for a place to make love, it means that in your waking life, you are looking for a partner. It may also symbolize the need for an intimate emotional bond. Making love in public means you regret revealing things about yourself to others. If it’s a dream of unprotected sex, it means you are scared of getting pregnant. Even if you feel threatened in your daily life, you may see this dream.

An incomplete sexual act means that you are having a sub-standard sex life in reality! You may even be feeling powerless in your waking life.

So next time you have a sexually charged dream, know that there is nothing to be embarrassed about because, one, the dream was not under your control, and two, it does not mean what it seems to mean (in most cases!!)! 😉

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12 Common Sex Dreams And What They Really Mean
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