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12 Reasons Why Your Sister Will Always Be Your Best Friend

As someone who is ridiculously close to her sister, I always vouch for the fact that you never need a best friend as long as you have a sister. My sister is two years younger than me and bosses me around all the time. She has her temper tantrums and is so moody that I often wonder if she suffers from a split personality disorder. But, if God gave me the power to change one thing about her, I would prefer not to because I love my sister for who she is. Sisters are best friends and there is no denying this fact. If you have a sister who you adore or you wish you had one, here is an ode from one sister to another.

Be prepared to feel mushy and take a walk down memory lane as you look back on all the reasons why your sister has also always been your best friend.

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1. She was your first friend


Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

She has been your friend even before you learned what friendship really meant. Just like we say that people never get over their first love, it is also impossible to forget your first friend. If you have a lovely sister, she would have been that first friend, and thus, you must cherish her for who she is. The bond between sisters keeps growing stronger with time as you often learn what friendship truly means.

2. You have been through thick and thin

Remember that time when your mother almost found out about the night you snuck into that late night party? Wasn’t it your sister who covered up for you? Also, do you recall that hilarious laugh you had while munching food in the middle of the night just because everything felt right when she was by your side? Yes, when you have a sister, she will be by your side through thick and thin. Honey, how can you not fall in love with someone who has always been there for you?

3. The true partner in crime


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

We all like to break a few rules from time to time. After all, where would the fun in life be without that? Your sister has always been your real partner in crime, and you get nostalgic as you relive some of the spiciest secrets, daring moves, and embarrassing stories that the two of you must have shared over the years. I have both done my share of crime and helped her dig her own grave too; thankfully, we were smart enough to make our exits before we were shamefully caught. 😉

4. She has always had your back

There is no doubting the love of a sister. They know how to have your back. If you promised to turn up on time but ended up tossing your tiara, drinking more than you could handle, and fumbling your way home late the night before, she knows how to cook up the lamest excuse in the blink of an eye and save you from being grounded. You two have had each other’s backs so many times that you can sniff danger and chaos even before it happens. I tell my sister whenever I sense something, and she replies, “I’ve got your back, sis.”

5. The bearer of the darkest secret


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

We all have dark secrets. I probably have more than what is normal for a human to have and my sister knows every single one of them. I have no qualms telling her every deep dark secret, and I am not even ashamed of them. If there is one person who would hug me even if I have just killed someone, it will be my darling sister. If you have one such sister too, go kiss her before you read any further. They are the twinkle of your eye and deserve to shine.

6. She knows all of your stalker stories

Come on, I know every girl is a true stalker at heart. I have spent a lot of hours checking out what my ex posted on Instagram and who he dated after we split. Not only this: being the psycho I often am, I also stalk my long list of friends to know what’s going on in their lives. If you’re honest enough, you would know that the zing of stalking has its sass. Having a sister would mean that during those long late nights in winters where you are draped in those comfy quilts, you would giggle as you both would shamelessly stalk everyone that you know in common.

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7. Don’t tell. Let’s use telepathy


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Of course, you don’t need to tell her every damn thing. Sometimes you just need to look at her and wear that ‘don’t give me away’ expression and she knows well what to do. She will cook up an instant story and you will follow the lead because hello, she is your lovable and absolutely adorable sister! You don’t even need to speak the words out loud to tell her what is going on in that dark mind of yours.

8. She has seen you at your worst

Your sister has seen you at your very worst when there was absolutely no makeup on your face. She has seen that face plastered with too many pimples and she didn’t flinch. She has been by your side even when you were too hormonal or going through an emotional meltdown as well. When someone has seen the worst of you and they still pout and kiss, how can you not love her to the moon and back?

9. No pretenses

friends taking a selfie

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

When you are with your sister, there is absolutely no pretense. She is the person you grew up with and so she has seen all of your sides. You don’t need to fake being someone else because she knows you inside out, perhaps even better than you do. She has seen your likes change over the years and how you evolved into the person you are today. So, there is nothing that you need to worry about. She is not going to be judgmental and she will love you for who you truly are regardless of how much you may suck at times. So, why you don’t give her a big, fat wet kiss to celebrate your sisterhood because you are never going to find someone better? :)

10. Soaks your tears and stands your BS

You know one of the reasons why sisters make the best friends? The answer is that she is the one who stands all of your BS. Sisters may tell you how crappy you are and even call you names. She may make you look in the mirror and tell you precisely where you went wrong. But in the end, when you are down and heartbroken and in pain, she is going to be your armor. She will fight every bloody battle just to make sure that you will stand tall and come out fine. You know that story of how the handsome prince comes galloping on a white horse? Honey, that is pure bogus. Your sister is your true knight in shining armor. Tell her you love her!

11. Because she loves you, unconditionally

best friends

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

There ain’t no shortcut to love. One simple reason as to why sisters are best friends is simply because she loves you unconditionally. Her love is not dependent on how much you love her back. A sister is always going to be the true beat of your heart and she will stand by you even when the rest of the world may walk out. She is never going to let you sleep with tears in those glistening eyes and will crack terrible jokes just because she loves to see you smile. Love is so mushy, isn’t it?

12. You and I make an us

She really is a part of you. There is no one in this world who could substitute her in your life. Years down the line, when you both may not be in the same city anymore and there will be so many things that will have changed, she will still be that second part of the ‘us’ that you remember. Your hearts are connected and your smiles are shared; in essence, you are one soul in two bodies. What more can one really need?

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Are you feeling the pull to hug your sister close all over again? I need to take a pause right away because my moody sister is giving me a dirty look and I am going to land one big kiss on her plump cheek.

Share some mushy sister stories with me about why sisters are best friends! I can’t wait to read them and giggle. Cheers to the sisterhood!

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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12 Reasons Why Sisters Are Best Friends For Life
'The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend,' said Cali Rae Turner. Here are 12 reasons why sisters are best friends. :)
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