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12 Manly Traits Women Wish They Had

Of course, some women love attention. But, there’s something they love more – the idea of secretly possessing some of those qualities typically considered ‘manly’. If you are a girl who has had a car break down in the middle of the road, you know what this is about. And if you’re a man who has heard his girlfriend mention, “I wish I could change that flat tire,” this will make sense to you. Even though we may deny it, the fact is, there’s a lot of stuff out there that we secretly (well, not no secretly anymore) wish we knew or could do.

Women can maintain their femininity while also desiring a more masculine edge. Tomboys know what this is. It could be anything from simply changing a flat tire to pulling up those dumbbells at the gym, or simply working knowledge of those electric wires around the house. And before you judge us, here’s a disclaimer: This is not about gender equality. This is strictly for those who understand playful humor and those of us who crave some of these manly traits in our lives.

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Here are just a few that come to mind:

1. Switching their minds off—at any time

dazed look

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It’s almost as if there’s a working mechanism directly in their bones. They are like Terminators. Not to say they are non-emotional, but they are definitely smart at dealing with their various emotions. Imagine going through a day without thinking about what your hot boss thinks of you, why your boyfriend is being so quiet, or what to wear at the next big bash. Ask him, and “I’ll think about it,” is the cool reply. How on earth do they manage that!

2. No mood swings

i wanna murder someone

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Oh yes – men have their moody days too, but for the most part, not like we do. The fact is, we can have mood swings even when there’s no PMS! And for some of us, well, it can feel like 365 days of PMS-ing. Let’s not take it personally, but it would be nice to not have to go through those crappy mood issues.

3. If only sex could heal

leave you empty

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The best way to get over a breakup— an adult ‘sleepover’ with someone else. Nothing heals better. And the best part is, men tend to agree! Let’s face it, how many getting-over-your-ex-sex stories have you had and dared to share? It seems to be a lot easier for men to share their escapades. Tell the world about yours, and the scenario shifts. How we wish we could do the same! It’s not necessarily about gender equality for us, it’s just something we find more tricky to do.

4. Accepting mistakes without melodrama

i screwed up

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“I screwed up.” It’s really that simple for men. “I didn’t mean it like that.” “But I wanted to say….” “I think I’m always wrong.” “Ok maybe I screwed up but you…” All of these are some standard replies when something goes wrong. Maybe we can try being more direct next time!

5. Peeing on the streets

master of my own bladder

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Every woman who has been stuck on the roads with no washroom in sight and a bladder about to burst, you know what this feels like. If only we could simply unzip those pants and take a leak, life would be perfect, right?

6. Hair is sexy

grimes doesn't shave her legs

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Their body hair is one of their definitive masculine traits, unlike for us women. Every time you go to the spa and get that wax stripped off your arms, you are reminded of this pain! How cool would it be to keep those thick eyebrows and that upper lip hair and say it’s in vogue?

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7. Win those games


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Whether we like it or not, the fact is, gaming can be a pretty masculine endeavor. If you are a gamer, you know how good men are at all those online games, especially racing and wrestling. Not saying women don’t play them well too, but there’s no denying men have a clear win here.

8. Ready within minutes

how people dress

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Scientists will take years to figure out why we women, despite all of our preparations made in advance, fail miserably at getting ready quickly. What if we could swap this trait with men? We all wish for this every time we get flak instead of compliments after hours of getting ready.

9. No makeup zone


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Men do not have the same standards when it comes to skin issues such as acne. In fact, a beard is a simple solution. I wish the women had that choice. It’s not for nothing that the skincare brands feature us in all their advertising. Imagine a guy in a “no-pimple-commercial”. How we crave for this spotlight to leave us!

10. Hog without guilt


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Men also seem to experience less pressure when it comes to gaining a bit of extra weight. Men can pull off a few extra pounds without feeling guilty. They don’t seem to care what the others have to say as much. That’s something a woman would definitely love.

11. Get sweaty, look sexy


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It’s safe to say we don’t feel our most beautiful when we are sweating a lot. Men are sexy when they are all sweaty. This is one of those masculine traits women would love to adapt without a doubt.

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12. Bad hair day is cute

bad hair day

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Imagine a world without any hair straighteners. Welcome to a man’s world. This is one of the masculine traits women would love to have. Bad hair days are one of those things we wish we could do away with. Even if women have a bad hair day, it’s a pain to just ignore it and we have to figure out a way to fix it before heading out for the night!

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12 Masculine Traits Women Wish They Had
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