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10 Vital Tips About Cuddling With Your Boyfriend That You MUST Know

Actions speak louder than words. When you like someone, merely saying that out loud is sometimes not convincing enough. You have to do something in order to let that special someone know how much they mean to you. Fortunately for us, that is exactly why cuddles exist.

Cuddling effectively induces the warm fuzzy feeling of being liked and loved by someone, thereby letting your loved one know how you truly feel about them. And you know what the best part is? You have science on your side to back you up. When you’re in physical proximity of someone you love and care for, you tend to feel happier and healthier.

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Women’s Health Magazine explained,

“When you touch someone, your body releases dopamine and serotonin; both of which can lift your mood and help fight depression.”

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Recent studies have shown that cuddling is the secret to a blissfully happy relationship. Studies conducted on over 1000 couples found that frequent cuddling helped measure and predict relationship happiness and longevity among men. Moreover, men who were on the receiving end of frequent cuddles reported being more satisfied with their partners.

Psychologist and sex therapist Megan Fleming, PhD. said,

“Men almost globally report enjoying when their partners initiate this type of touching.”

That’s proof enough for us! So, take out your writing pads and take notes, ladies! Here are 10 vital tips on how to cuddle with your boyfriend that you must know.

1. Sense his mood first

Before you jump straight to cuddling with your boyfriend all day long, sense his mood first. The tone of your cuddling technique depends on how he’s feeling at the moment when you initiate it. If you sense that he’s not in a particularly pleasant state of mind, then start by gently rubbing his back with your hands. Help ease some of the tension from his muscles. Embrace him slowly in a hug, and remain that way for a while, which will definitely help him calm his nerves down. Cuddling is scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety in people by making them feel warm and loved. Use the power of cuddling to cheer your boyfriend up!

2. Hold his hands

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Holding hands might sound like something that middle schoolers resort to, but trust me, it is the first step that leads to a good cuddle. Be careful though, because hand holding often ends up being rather sweaty and clammy. Take his hands in yours and instead of intertwining your fingers with his, keep playing with his fingers, draw patterns on his palm with your fingertips, and you could even bring it closer to your face and plant a sneaky kiss on his hands. That is guaranteed to get him all flustered and turn him into a ball of mush!

3. Sit close to each other

When you’re watching something on TV together, sit as close to each other as possible on the couch. Slide up to him and make sure your bodies are in contact. If his arm is resting on the back of the couch, then it’s a sign that he wants you to move into the space left by his arm. Take this opportunity and snuggle up to him. Take it slow and don’t rush into it though; this could ruin the moment. Rest your head on the crook of his arm to let him know your intentions.

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4. Lay your head on his lap

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If you want to learn how to cuddle your boyfriend the right way, learn about the easiest and most comfortable of all cuddling positions. All you have to do is simply rest your head on his lap and lie down perpendicularly while he sits up. This is especially great if you want to maintain eye contact with each other and share a conversation. You can take turns and let him lie down for a while too while you sit up. Play with his hair or lightly stroke his face for some extra lovin’! This is the perfect position to bring you two closer together, while also setting the stage for some intimate conversation.

5. Spooning

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This is a classic and the most traditional cuddling style there is. In spooning, there’s a big spoon and a little spoon, where you and your partner shall lie on your sides tucked into each other like a couple of spoons in your cutlery drawer. Take charge and be the big spoon for a change! Being the big spoon might just be more pleasurable for you and your boyfriend. You can grind against him and run your hands all over his body, and spice things up several notches! If your partner is resting his head on your arm, make sure your arm doesn’t go dead and ruin the moment for you!

6. Reclining cuddle

Change things up a little by trying this reclining cuddle. Put your arms around your boyfriend’s shoulder and move away from him until he gets the hint and lies down. Move into the crook of his arm after this, facing away as his arms are wrapped around you. Otherwise, you could also just lie on his stomach and face him directly. This could lead to a makeout session very soon, as you will be facing each other and very, very close to each other’s lips.

7. Sitting Spoon

This is another classic cuddling position favored by many. In this cuddling move, you and your boyfriend should both be sitting up and you should have your arms around each other, your back to his front. Your legs, however, should remain folded and turned outward in your boyfriend’s direction, fitting on his lap while legs remain positioned below you. In essence, he will be hugging you from behind.

8. Stargazer

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When you and your partner are out watching the sky and making stories out of the clouds, the stargazer cuddling position is the perfect one for you. Lie on your backs next to each other and tangle both your legs together. You can slip your arm under the back of his neck in a half embrace, but beware the dead arm. You can also hold each other’s hands while your bodies remain intertwined with each other. Contrary to the name though, you don’t always have to indulge in stargazing in order to reap the benefits of this adorable cuddling position. You can indulge in it even when you’re in bed together, or just lying on the carpet in the living room in front of a cozy fire. How romantic is that!

9. Half spoon

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This is another favorite, pretty much like the complete spoon cuddling position. To accomplish the half spoon cuddle position, one person must lie on their back and the other person should be lying on their side facing them. The person lying on their side can rest their head on the other’s chest. You may intertwine your legs for an even more intimate cuddling session. This gives you the perfect opportunity to talk intimate things, or the things you’re too embarrassed or shy to admit while peering into your boyfriend’s mesmerizing eyes.

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10. Face to face

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This is the most romantic way you can cuddle with your partner. You and your partner lie on your stomachs and turn your heads to the sides; you can even lie on your sides, whichever works best for you. Increase the romantic quotient of the atmosphere by holding each other’s hands in the space between the two of you. This is the perfect position gives you the illusion that you two are the only ones in the whole world, that you’re in a bubble of your own making. Also, this gives you the perfect opportunity to whisper sweet nothings to your boyfriend. Now, isn’t that romantic?

Along with mastering the art of cuddling, you can play with your boyfriend’s hair and rub his back and his arms gently, in order to mix things up a bit. The key to learning how to cuddle your boyfriend is to let him know that he’s loved and appreciated. Cuddles are a perfect balance between sexually pleasing physical touches, and the warm, happy feeling of being close to someone who loves and cares for you. So, don’t hold back on your cuddles and bask in their fuzziness.

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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10 Vital Tips On How To Cuddle Right With Your Boyfriend
Cuddling increases intimacy, and hence, learning the art of how to cuddle right with your boyfriend is essential!
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