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16 Failsafe Tips On How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Ain’t love grand? The greatest, most complex and most beautiful emotion the human heart is capable of feeling. Love makes us do the most insane of things; it’s what drives us to wake up each morning in spite of knowing the inevitability of imminent death – the will to make something of this life even though in the grand scheme of things it probably doesn’t matter.

Love is the sudden burst of sunlight on a gloomy afternoon, a tiny speck of color in this monochrome life. And what is love all about? Love is about preserving that smile of your lover’s which seems like your life source, when you can go to any length to give them just a few brief moments of happiness.

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Hence, without further ado, here are 16 failsafe ways on how to make your girlfriend happy:

1. Appreciate her

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This the easiest, least expensive and most genuine way you can let your girlfriend know how much you love and care for her. It’s nice to remind her and yourself, from time to time, why she is the woman of your dreams. Tell her how her smile lights up your smile, how the smell of her perfume dazzles your senses; tell her how her handwriting makes even the harshest of words seem like lines of poetry, how you’ll prefer her off-key singing over Beyonce’s any given day. These little things can go a long way in making her day and her life with you, a lot happier.

2. Cook for her

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Let’s face it, nothing makes a girl happier than a nice freshly cooked meal. If your girlfriend is someone like me, then food is something that will cheer her up and make her happy even during the darkest of times, more so if that food is cooked by the man of her dreams. The best part is, it doesn’t even have to be something fancy! You could cook a bowl of some pasta or a wholesome sandwich for her. It’s the thought that counts, not the calories.

3. Try to be a good listener

Sometimes, all a girl needs is someone who’ll be there to listen to her rant. It could be about a difficult day at work or a fight with her mother; all you need to do is just be there. That’s it. That’s all you’ll need to cheer her up and bring that smile back on her face. You don’t even have to offer her sagely advice and precious words of wisdom, you only have to listen. Make her feel like you are there for her through thick and thin and she’ll be the happiest girlfriend the world will have the fortune of knowing.

4. Respect her personal space

As lovely as it must be to spend every second with your girlfriend, sometimes you both need a much deserved break. It is essential for both of you to have a life outside each other for your relationship to be a healthy one. Give her some privacy and let her do her own thing sometimes. Both of you are individuals with your own set of interests and there is no reason those should take a back seat just because you’re in a relationship. Consciously make an effort to let your girlfriend (and yourself) pursue those hobbies and interests, catch up with your friends and families, and take that nap you’ve been meaning to. Nothing will make her happier than leading a life where she can balance her relationship with everything else.

5. Make her a playlist of her favorite songs

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What better way than music to bring happiness to the love of your life. Music helps finish those unfinished sentences which sometimes words cannot fully articulate. Moreover, a playlist also goes on to show that you’ve been keeping track of your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes. So, pop in her favorite cheesy love songs by that boyband she’ll never admit she loves because she’s too embarrassed, and you’ll see how truly happy it will make her underneath all that cringe attack.

P.S.: Throw in a surprise raunchy number in there to get the sexy times going!

6. Cuddle with her

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Who can resist a good cuddle? It uplifts the spirits like nothing else can. It doesn’t even have to be sexual all the time. Squish her under your teddy bear embrace as the warmth from your heart seeps into hers and makes life bearable for her, even if it’s just for a few seconds. We often undermine how effective positive human contact can be in any relationship. Not only is it comforting in times of despair and otherwise, it also signifies trust and faith and stability in a relationship.

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7. Be respectful of all women

Strive to be a man who treats all women right. This is what truly makes a woman happy and proud of her lover. Men often make this mistake of undermining other women, just to make their significant other feel special. That is not how this works. Telling her she’s “not like other women” is not something a woman actually wants to hear; that’s just another misogynistic misconception of the patriarchal society. Women are independent beings who don’t need a man to judge other women for them to feel better about themselves. We can do much better without your judgmental attitudes, thank you very much.

8. Be considerate of her opinions

Yes, you may be one in heart and soul but you are still two very different individuals. This means that there will be difference of opinions once in a while; and the mature thing to do would be to agree to disagree. Imposing your opinion on someone and undermining theirs, just because you are in a relationship with them is not an ideal way of keeping them happy.

9. Get to know her better

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When you know a person better, you get a fairer idea of how to make them happy. Try to remember the little details about her – how she takes two sugars with her tea, how she leaves the crust off of pizzas, the way she ties her hair in a tight bun. Try to figure out the kind of person she is. She’ll be elated and positively surprised the next time you make her that perfect cup of tea, exactly the way she likes it.

10. Be extra nice to her during a ‘certain time of the month’

This might just be the most important point of them all, so you might as well take some notes on it. Buy her chocolates, watch her favorite movies with her; you have no idea how even your mere presence can do wonders for her and help her take her mind off of her monthly quota of excruciating pain and horrible mood swings. AND you get to be her hero and source of happiness.

11. Surprise her

When I say ‘surprise,’ I don’t necessarily mean the Ted Mosby kind of surprises with the blue French horn and his grand gestures of love; it’s the little things you do for her – showing up with a tub of her favorite ice cream, sending her favorite flowers to her at work – that keep the spark alive and make your girlfriend happy.

12. Trust her

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This is essential for any relationship to work out. You have to trust her and make her trust you too; it’s a two way street. Transparency is key and the slightest hint of suspicion can grow into this massive monster which will ruin things for you. While a certain amount of privacy is necessary, try to avoid hiding things from each other and refrain even from white lies. You must be comfortable around each other and be able to remain your true selves no matter how flawed you think you may be, that’s what makes you both human and your relationship a stable one. An honest man means a happy woman.

13. Make time for her

As healthy as it is to spend some alone time in a relationship, it is essential that you do not end up avoiding each other completely. Yes, your friends are important, you have to finish that assignment that your boss has been nagging you about but be sure that you give your significant other the time they deserve. You don’t have to always take her out to fancy dinners or the cinema, even taking a nap together counts. What matters is that you spend time together in each other’s company, not the amount of money you spend. After all, you are what makes your girlfriend happy.

14. Don’t be judgmental of her friends

We all adore our friends, sometimes more than our family. They are our confidants, our go-to people when life gets sucky. No one likes to hear ill about their friends, and neither will your girlfriend. Even if she has a fight with them, make sure you never say anything judgmental about her friends. She might use the harshest of words out of anger, but she will not be happy if someone else does. If you truly believe that her friends are harmful, use the right words and try to make it sound as kind as you possibly can. This is one of the don’ts that you must remember so as to not make your girlfriend unhappy.

15. Indulge in spontaneous activities with her

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Don’t ever let the children in the two of you die. Be weird, be crazy; let down your guards once in a while and just let go. The best plans are always the ones made spontaneously. It could be a hike, dancing, or even roller skating. Doing fun activities together helps you reconnect with your girlfriend and is a good way of keeping her happy.

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16. Be yourself

As clichéd as it sounds, your girlfriend loves you because of the person you are, not because of the gifts you give her or the meals you cook for her or the amount of activities you do together. The reason she derives happiness from the above things is because you are there with her to enjoy and experience them with her. You are her source of happiness, the light of her world. As a very wise Panda once said, “there is no secret ingredient, it’s all you.”

Professor Dumbledore rightly said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” You are that light switch in your girlfriend’s life. The little things that you do for her, including your very presence are what will bring true happiness to her. The Beatles were right when they said, “all you need is love.” So if you follow these tips on how to make your girlfriend happy, then you’re surely going to be one of the best persons in her life.

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