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17 Things That Look Incredibly Romantic In Movies But Are Doubly Annoying In Real Life

Here I have some unbelievably hilarious things that will happen to you, if romantic things from the movies start happening in your real life. Get ready to shrug off all those ideas one by one, as the REAL and annoying side of the picture-perfect romance makes you pee your pants.

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1. The very first meeting of eyes with the background of magical musical melodies


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I am just going to leave you with one thought- you begin to lose yourself in her eyes and ‘chu chain chu chain’ starts playing in the background!

2. Falling for an outcast criminal and dreaming your happily ever after


Image source: Giphy

Let’s face it, the passion of it sounds damn intimidating but a relationship like this is only going to place your love story behind bars and not some glamorous estate.

3. A 3 AM proposal


Image source

Picture your true love jumping into your bedroom this late into the night- even if the guy somehow manages to pull off this Spiderman-ly window stunt, believe me hon, this proposal is only sure to make you scream- and not in joy!

4. The slow-slow motion hug with a long-long run


Image source

I dare you to go for it just once. The rolling laughter of all your spectators will be the next ‘remember the time when we embarrassed the crap out of ourselves’ story for dinner time or maybe not!

5. Enemies turns soul mates


Image source: Pinterest

Both of you hate each other to the core and can’t even stand the sight of each other- there is no way on earth that’s changing unless of course, you are IN a dharma movie!

6. Your magnetism making him stop a flight


Image source

For heavens sake, people- there is no way you are dodging air hostesses, those metal doors and ground staff, security personnel and more- to meet a girl! And you know that! There is no ‘jaane na’ here- only ‘jaane tu!’

7. Take off for a happily ever after with a stranger on a train


Image source

Issued in public interest- keep away from inflammable substances and strangers on train! You will NOT bump into a Shahid Kapoor on this express!

8. Leave a sandal for him to find you


Image source: Giphy

I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’m ruining my beloved pair of Steve Madden’s for any guy, however charming he may be!

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9. Run away to live your love with only your teeny hearts


Image source

No funds, no job, no place to go and even no plans. Do you really think this movie elopement plot can ever work in your young real lives?

10. The Titanic carefree breath


Image source

Just give that a go and if you somehow save your backs from falling into the ocean, we will have a ripping laugh when her crazy windswept hair tickles those sneezes out of you!

11. The knight in shining armor


Image source: Tumblr

If a guy stops his horse for me midway on the road, I’m probably gonna run away screaming. But swap it with a suited hottie in a Lamborghini and now we’re talking. Okay mom- not even then- she says the world’s a bad, bad place!

12. The last minute brother switch


Image source

You’re just about to marry the guy and suddenly the lazy flame of love for his brother sparks in. Give into the wish and see how the perfect ending from the movie ends into real life mayhem.

13. The ‘Chand-Sitare ya Jaan maang lo’ promises


Image source: Giphy

Sounds so sweet on-screen, doesn’t it? But when it’s real life, you’re not going to settle for anything other than a big house and a bigger bank-balance. Ouch!

14. And the stalker gets the girl


Image source: Giphy

Romance 101 – stalk the girl with all you’ve got and she’s yours in the happy end. Well, try even half of it here, and a constant surveillance and an FIR is what’ll be served unto you- with a special time behind bars garnish.

15. The opposite thrives


Image source: Giphy

A stud falls for the geekiest chick in college, or a daughter of an industrial tycoon falls head-over-heels for an unemployed CA. If that happened in real life (ever), you’d be hearing the same people shake their booty to ‘breakup party’ soon after!

16. The frog prince


Image source: Giphy

Ha ha! I’d like someone to bring alive this one. Kiss that little Froggy and tell me if the aftertaste of slime is any close to a happily ever after!

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17. The perfect ‘That’s it’ sex


Image source: Giphy

Okay- if sex was anything like what they showed in movies, I’d eat my hat right now!

And since it is not, I don’t have to <yay> and for those lucky ba**ards among you who are saying it is, well, you don’t know me- so…haha!

But on a different note, like HOW? HOW?

Featured image source: Giphy

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17 Things That Look Incredibly Romantic In Movies But Are Doubly Annoying In Real Life
There are a few things that you can only trust the movies to make GOOD! This is how they'd look for REAL!
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