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#GoingBackInTime 17 Things That Will Remind You Of Your Engineering Hostel Days

Those were the days…weren’t they? The days you inevitably think of when you listen to ‘college days’ by Gaurav or ‘All Izz Well’ comes roaring on the radio! The 2 am Maggi, the p*rn binge-watching, the counter-strike marathons…ahh, you are already in the corridors, aren’t you? 


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Then, let’s remind you of a few more things that weren’t just a part of your engineering life, but LIFE itself:

1. Woe of Warden – Teaming up against the warden or making him a partner in crime- toughie, huh? But the seniors have all the tricks up their sleeve for either. Only it comes at a price.. 😉

2. The secret SuttasTurning the room into a smoke box that could very well shame Sujoy Ghosh’s movie sets is the usual pastime. After all, the motto with engineering ‘students of all years’ isn’t ratta maar- but sutta maar, no? 😉


Image source: Tumblr

3. Burning the midnight oil – Now this may be the scene the night before the exam, but engineers sprinting from one room to another in search of notes, photocopies, and books to scrape to passing marks (which, would anyway, not happen) is quite THE sight, right?

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4. The late night Charchas– If not exam, an engineer would surely be with his mates in the late night operating canteen of his college discussing about anything and everything under the sun. Where else did you think social media ripples originated?

5. Counter (Studies) Strike – Ever seen people break laptops coz they couldn’t shoot the opposite faction in time? Welcome to engineering hostels, my friend!


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6. The hookah party – When they fill in their pipes, there ain’t no stopping’em! With ‘dam maaro dam’ playing in the backdrop and some killer talk, all of them can vouch ‘life sahi hai, tension nahi..’

7. Khub Jamega Rang Jab Mil Baithenge Teen Yaar– Coz who needs an excuse to drink?

8. The pranks – Yes, we have toned that one down. The R-rated ragging! We just have three words- for all three factions who are for, midway and against the thing- parampara, pratishtha, anushasan! 😛

9. The twisted noodles meal – Coz who can eat the patthar roti, kacchi sabzi and ubli huyi daal from the mess, right?

10. The smash on birthday bash – Coz kicking your buddy coz he was born is a birthright, no?


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11. New season/episode chase – If you haven’t watched it, you’ve lost it!

12. The hunger race – Coz ‘ghar gaya tha, khane ko kya bheja aunty ne’ is a signature one! Emptying the snackbox someone got from home even before he could sniff it is what friends are for!

13. Internet security trespasser – There is at least one in the hostel who surely knows the way to trespass the security of internet and access all the fun websites. And HOW- the nation wants to know! 😉

14. The door banger – He is the one who knocks on everyone’s door at any time and then, goes whoosh! And it can be spooky, huh- especially after you have binge-watched horror flicks!

15. The tutor – Coz everyone wants to pass- and this guy has the pass to make everyone pass!

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16. The washroom lover – You find this person more in washroom than in his room or lecture room. Wonder what he eats? 😛

17. The rooster – This is the guy who is quite the early bird and is given the onus to wake everyone early in the morning and take their lazy bones to the lecture- coz hey, there’s a thing called attendance and you are short on it!

So, whose faces are popping in your head?

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17 Things That Will Remind You Of Your Engineering Hostel Days
Let's take a trip back to the golden days, shall we? Good old Engineering hostel days!
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