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All The Amazing Benefits Of Neem Oil For Your Skin And Hair

Neem oil is nothing short of a miracle for your overall health. It is the answer to all the questions troubling you about your hair, skin, and health. Composed of antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties, as well as many cleansing and healing abilities, it is no wonder it’s one of the most popular ingredients in medical and cosmetic industries. Right from your beauty care to health care, there is just no end to the many benefits of neem oil.

So just get your notebooks out as today we are going to learn about all of it!

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All the skin benefits of neem oil

1. Complete skin protection and unmatched efficiency in fighting off aging

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The matchless supply of antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and carotenoids make it possible for neem oil to smooth out your wrinkles, and diminish fine lines. It defends your skin against environmental damage and free radicals that age your skin.

2. The safest and the most successful shield against acne

Using neem oil for skin is highly advisable for treating acne. It cleanses pimples, prevents scars, fights impurities, and helps in curing all the signs of acne from your skin.

3. Your best bet for remedying the symptoms of eczema

Be it the trouble arising from the genes, or otherwise, neem oil tackles it with the load of vitamin E and fatty acids. It shields against bacterial infection, reduces redness and swelling, reduces inflammation, and soothes irritation.

4. An all-powerful cure to fight off fungal infections

Packed with gedunin and nimbidol, it has been proven effective on about fourteen different fungi cultures. It destroys the fungal infection and works great in curing skin conditions like ring worms, foot, and nail fungus.

5. Repairs the dryness and damage of skin

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

It can supply skin with such amazing moisturizing that even curing the driest skin is possible. Its herbal moisture can rid your skin of freckles, cracks, and flakes.

6. Your sure shot cure for getting rid of the troublesome pigmentation

The natural discoloration in the skin is caused by melanin. Neem oil works as the best pigmentation cure by slowing down its production naturally. It can not only prevent, but also cure pigmentation of skin.

7. Provides your skin deep cleansing from inside out

Neem oil is unbeatable when it comes to cleansing your skin. Right from wiping the dirt and dust, it also gets rid of the dead skin, pore clotting, and pimples.

8. Makes your skin shinier and healthier from the inside

Promoting skin cell growth, enhancing healthier blood flow, purifying your skin, and nourishing it right, neem oil helps you have beautiful and healthy skin.

9. Prevents and cures your skin from the environmental damage and pollution

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Right from the damage that sun’s harmful UV rays can cause, to the unavoidable effects of increased pollution, regular use of neem oil  shields your skin.

10. Helps in achieving evenly toned, clear skin

Fighting the premature pigmentation and keeping your skin pure and clean, neem oil can get you the brightened and shiny skin you love.

11. Works its wonders equally well on all skin types

One of the best benefits of neem oil is that you can avail its wonders irrespective of your skin type. It works equally effectively on both dry and oily skin, and even on sensitive skin.

All the hair benefits of neem oil

1. Promotes healthy hair growth naturally

Packed with even more antioxidants than blueberries, neem oil has everything your hair needs to grow. It nourishes the hair follicles with the regenerative properties that promote quick, strong, and lush hair.

2. Remedy your dry hair by conditioning with natural moisture

The high moisturizing power of neem oil revitalizes your dry hair and restores the healthy and fresh feel to the hair. All it takes is a twenty minute deep massage every now and then, that’s it.

3. Supplies your damaged hair with all the nourishment it needs

If your hair is lacking in nourishment, the many fatty acids from the neem oil can do them great good. A deep nourishment with its regular use will get you repaired and shiny hair in no time.

4. Cure flaky dandruff in no time

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Anti-fungal in nature, neem oil treats your dandruff troubles from the root cause itself, as it fights off fungus and curbs inflammation.

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5. Nothing works better on scalp lice than this natural medicine

Even one of the most scary hair troubles, lice, doesn’t stand a chance before the insecticidal properties and pungent smell of neem oil.

6. Relieves your scalp of itchiness and irritation

Working with its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic side all at once, it treats the itch, cures the redness, and even prevents loss of moisture.

7. Makes your hair stronger and healthier from inside

One of the many properties of neem oil includes it soothing, astringent, and cooling nature along with the matchless healing abilities. Regulating the production of sebum, it promises you naturally healthier hair.

8. Gets rid of the frizzy texture of your hair effortlessly

If you have a naturally rogue texture or even if you’ve developed one, by using neem oil for hair massages, you can smooth your hair. For results without the stickiness, you can even mix some drops in your regular shampoo.

9.  You can count on the nourishment of neem oil for treating the split ends

Caused by the excessive use of heat, chemicals, alongside the harsh effects of pollution, split ends are just damaged hair. The wonderful moisturizing properties of neem oil will get you repaired, shiny, manageable ends quickly.

10. Helps you remedy all the symptoms of eczema

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Eczema is an infection that can affect your scalp too. With itching, constant irritation, and redness as its symptoms, it can be a troublesome condition to deal with. But with the antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties of neem oil, it can be cured and cleansed in no time.

11. Regular use shields your hair from premature graying

The deep nourishment of neem oil delays the signs of aging and early discoloration of hair. You can count on it for younger, stronger, and naturally colored hair.

All the health benefits of neem oil

1. Neem oil boosts and supports your immune system

Rich in the supply of antioxidants, neem oil is great at fighting the free radicals that are responsible for causing illness by damaging cells. So, it boosts your immune system with its antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

2. Offers you strong anti-inflammatory properties to benefit from

The anti-inflammatory properties of neem oil make it an amazing cure for pain. It can save you from skin conditions like inflamed wounds, muscular pain, and arthritis. It calms and cleans your body.

3. Promises you the perfect and complete dental health

A popularly used product in your toothpastes and mouthwashes, neem oil offers benefits by preventing both cavities and gum diseases. Killing harmful bacteria, it promises you perfect oral health and hygiene.

4. Fights off a wide range of parasitic problems for you

Neem oil is very effective on the parasites that infest your insides. It is considered especially effective in fighting the intestinal worms.

5. Helps in keeping your digestive system well and healthy

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Image source: Pinterest

Along with keeping your gastro-intestinal tract clean, one of the popular medicinal uses of neem oil includes keeping your digestive system fine and curing conditions like diarrhea and constipation.

6. Extends great help in relief from warts, cold sores, and herpes

The healing abilities of neem oil help treating the signs and symptoms of warts and sores. It relieves the pain and remedies the infections.

7. Proves useful in treating minor wounds to health

The pain and damage caused in minor injuries like shaving cuts and small burns can be fixed with the curing touch of neem oil in no time.

8. Makes your makeup and cosmetics more effective and skin-friendly, reducing the harms

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

One of the most popular essential oils used in the cosmetic industry, neem oil, makes the products healthier and more beneficial.

9. Is an excellent insect repellant

A natural insect repellent, it is also health- and skin-friendly. So, promising you no harm, neem oil can keep you safe from everything from the hair lice to the ticks that trouble your pets.

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10. Supports and helps your liver in functioning well

Helping your system to filter the toxins out better, neem oil betters the functioning of the liver, which qualifies it as an excellent remedy for jaundice.

11. Provides you a hopeful help in the treatment of cancer

Proven effective in reducing the size of the tumors, neem is gaining popularity in the treatment of cancer as well.

Now that you’ve counted some of the most helpful benefits of neem oil, we bet you’re going to buy yourselves a bottle as soon as you can. So, go ahead!

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All The Benefits Of Neem Oil For Your Skin And Hair
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