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25 Of The Most Winning Conversation Starters That Would Get You Noticed

Words are the greatest inventions of the human race. Mere letters stringed together have the power to convey the most complex of expressions and feelings. They are our only defense against those awkward silences that prevail when we meet someone new. The sound of silence is akin to the deafening screeches of a banshee, and the only way to make it stop is to talk. Talking brings us closer to people; it helps us understand them better. People underestimate small talk a lot. But it is often, these tiny snippets of small talk that leads to those deeper and more meaningful conversations.

Conversations also go a long way in making a lasting impression on people. The first conversation we have with people is the most important one; it has the capacity to make or break a person’s impression of us. When all the tricks and gimmicks we employ to make ourselves seem interesting and ‘cool’ eventually fade away, our words are our saving grace.

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Here are 25 good conversation starters that will help you nail that first impression people have of you, fill all those unsettling silences, and make you come off as the appealing personality that you truly are:

1. “What was the last book you read?”

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This is one topic that is bound to dig up an interesting conversation. Talking about books gives you an idea about what the personality of the other person is like, what their opinions are about certain things and about their literary tastes and preferences. If they’re truly a bookworm like you are, this might just be the start of several enriching discussions on books. Make sure to give your opinions on the book and author to keep the conversation engaging. If it’s a book you haven’t read, promise them that you will get back to them once you do. This is a great way of ensuring that you have a shot at another conversation in the future with the person of your fancy.

2. “How was your day like?”

Asking someone how their day went is an excellent way of letting them know that you are interested in them and want to know what they have been up to. It also shows that you genuinely care. Listen to what they have to say and share details about your day as well to keep the conversation going.

3. “Do you like the food here?”

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If you’re at a social gathering, there is bound to be food. A great way to break the ice and initiate a conversation with someone is to talk about the food being served at the event you’re at. Talk about how amazing the salads are or complain about the lack of bacon in the menu. Take the conversation one step further by sharing interesting food-related stories or recommending dishes from different restaurants to each other. If you’re lucky, the food talk might end up in a dinner date at that fancy restaurant both of you have been wanting to try!

4. “Do you like this music they’re playing?”

Whether you’re hanging out at a club or a party, you’ll always find music, and talking about music is a great way to start a conversation with that stranger you’ve been eyeing all night long. Ask them if they like the music that’s being played, talk about your favorite bands; most people can’t resist bursting out into passionate rants when asked about their favorite bands and artists.

5. “So, what plans do you have for the weekend?”

We all look forward to the weekend when we can hit pause on our mundane, everyday life and take a breather from the endless meetings and assignments and projects. Asking people about their weekend plans will give you an insight into how they like to spend their free time and relax; this is also a light, fun topic and will give you lots to talk about while keeping the conversation interesting at the same time.

6. “Is there anyone you know here?”

If you’re at an event or social gathering, chances are that the two of you might have some mutual friends. Asking people this is a sure-shot way to have to an interesting conversation and will help you get to know each other better.

7. Talk about trending topics

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The internet is constantly buzzing with the news of a new viral video, funny memes, celebrity screw-ups, political issues and the like. Bring up any of these topics to break the ice; and commence an interesting and fun conversation.

8. Notice their body language

A person’s body language tells a lot about their personality and current state of mind. If someone seems slightly energetic and approachable, chances are you’ll be able to indulge in a fun conversation with them. On the other hand, it would be advisable to not approach someone who looks like they might be irritated; this may not be the right moment to strike up a conversation with them.

9. “What are your hobbies?”

Most people have a hobby that they’re very passionate about and would love to talk about. Not only will this conversation starter make the other person open up to you, it will also give the two of you ample opportunity to carry the discussion forward with several follow up questions. Plus you get to know them better as a person.

10. Crack a joke

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Humor is a great way to lighten someone’s spirits and an excellent maneuver for breaking the ice before a conversation. Make sure your joke is genuinely funny and not too offensive as most people may not find it funny even if you do.

11. “Would you rather…?”

If you’re interested in talking to someone you think is interesting but don’t know how to get over that initial awkwardness, ask them a would you rather question! Give them wacky and absolutely strange options to choose from and share a laugh or two. You could shift to slightly more serious topics once you’re in the flow of conversation or continue to make a game out of it and have some fun.

12. “If you had the choice, would you be here or somewhere else?”

Instead of complaining about how boring the event is, you could ask the person if there’s somewhere else they’d rather be and strike up a conversation with them. Who knows, you might end up ditching that boring work party after all and visit that ‘somewhere else’ they just told you about!

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13. “Do you believe in aliens?”

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As far as good conversation starters go, this is a risky one, but if it’s the right person, this is sure to strike up a very interesting conversation. We all have opinions about the existence of life beyond this planet, and most of us nerds out there would be more than happy to share these opinions with someone willing to lend an ear.

14. “That outfit looks great on you!”

Sometimes, the best way to catch someone’s attention is to compliment them. I wouldn’t encourage constantly feeding someone’s ego just  for the sake of grabbing their attention for a few minutes, but a nice compliment here and there really does light up a person’s day and make them want to talk to you further too.

15. Observe their surroundings

The person you want to talk to might have an interesting tattoo, a t-shirt with a band logo or a film/TV show reference or an electronic gadget the same as yours. Notice these minute aspects about a person you’d like to talk to, and start up a conversation about any of these things you noticed. It gets the message across that you paid attention to them and that you’re interested. “Hey, I love that band too!” or “What does that tattoo of yours mean?” or “I have the same phone! Isn’t it great?” are great ways to strike up a conversation.

16. “So, what’s your opinion on <insert political news>?”

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This may not always lead to a fun conversation (especially since politics is always so controversial), but this might just lead to an intellectually enriching conversation between you and the person you want to talk to. It is always healthy for people to have engaging debates and exchange ideas and opinions.

17. “If you knew you were going to die in a day, what is the one last thing you’d like to do?”

For most people, talking about death and existentialism isn’t exactly the prototype for a ‘fun’ conversation; but, trust me, this is going to bring out a lot of interesting answers and give you an insight as to what they truly like in life. This will make for an engaging conversation which neither of you will want to end.

18. “What is your dream holiday destination?”

We all love traveling and planning out our vacations well in advance. This is an enjoyable way of sharing travel tips and anecdotes and getting to know each other better.

19. “Do you think ghosts are real?”

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Everyone has varied opinions when it comes to the supernatural. This is will make for a rather fascinating conversation where you can share all sorts of spooky tales and legends; or even shift to the spiritual and serious side of things and converse for a long while.

20. “Isn’t the sky beautiful today/tonight?”

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This might be a weather-centric conversation starter, but it’s definitely much better than that horrid and cringe-worthy conversation starter that people have been resorting to for ages. Talk about how beautifully blue the sky is with the fluffy clouds and the happy sun; or how majestic the moon looks with all those stars twinkling gleefully all around her.

21. “What is the best memory you have from your childhood?”

Our childhood days were undoubtedly the best part of our lives, and we love taking every opportunity we get at reliving those happy days. Break the ice by reminiscing and laughing over memorable childhood antics.

22. “Do you believe in the existence of a higher power?”

Here’s another controversial one, but if it works out, you are guaranteed to have an intriguing conversation for a good hour at least. Everyone has different perspectives and beliefs regarding the existence of a higher power. The trick here is to keep an open mind, not to be judgmental and to be able to perceive the matter from varied points of view.

23. “What’s your workout routine?”

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We love the idea of keeping our body in shape. We also love talking about how we love or hate the prospect of having to work out in order to achieve that goal. Find out what the other individual’s workout routine is like; you might even end up motivating each other to stay put on your routines or spend a good time complaining about it.

24. “What is one book/movie/other creative work that really inspires you?”

Art affects us all differently; each individual perceives art in their own unique ways. Discussing works of art brings out your passionate sides and makes the conversation a mesmerizing one.

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25. “Do you believe in magic?”

This is a rather subjective and intriguing question to ask and is definitely going to pique the interest of the person you want to initiate a conversation with.

It is these initial conversations that are the building blocks of our relationships with people. The ability to carry on a fun but meaningful conversation is infinitely more attractive than all the materialistic luxuries the world has to offer. Conversations enrich the mind, heart and soul and give us a peek into the psyche of the other person as well; enabling us to perceive them better. And these good conversation starters help you do that. We hope with this article, you’ll never stop having such stirring, illuminating, and amusing conversations with every new person you meet.

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