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25 Rustic Wedding Dresses Urban Brides Would Love

If you are an urban bride tired of looking through wedding dresses that are soft, embellished, and very traditional, you should look beyond the usual options which are available and try to experiment with your look. If you are looking for an unconventional take on your wedding attire, then there are some rustic wedding dresses which are bound to take your breath away. The essentials of wedding dresses made for the countryside include things like lace, trains that end at the ankles, and a corset-like bodice.

rustic wedding dress

Image source: Tumblr

Essentially, these wedding dresses are semi-formal and they are also made in a manner which allows the urban bride to wear it in a barn or a ballroom, a cottage or a church, with equal ease. It allows brides to enjoy the fashion without having to deal with all the other fuss involved.

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Here are 25 of some of the most beautiful country-inspired rustic wedding dresses that you can check out for your Big Day.

1. The Daydream wedding dress

rustic daydream wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

This dress is nothing short of ethereal, and appropriately, it can make you look like a goddess. With pearlized beaded highlights on a body of sheer lace material, this dress is going to give off a shimmer when you walk down the aisle. The sweetheart neckline adds to the Bohemian feel of the dress.

2. Vintage style dress with large bow

rustic vintage style with large bow

Image source: Pinterest

This kind of dress is perfect for a garden wedding taking place outdoors. The satin texture torso of the dress is divided from the layered material which makes up the skirt by an off-white embellished bow. The bow adds personality and sass to the dress, which is otherwise simple and rustic.

3. A-line lace wedding dress

rustic a-line lace wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

This dress encompasses the idea of a rustic wedding with its cut and style. The bateau neckline with the sleeveless top half of the dress matches the bottom half, where the A-line skirt is also made of beautiful lace with fine floral detailing. The monotony is broken with the help of a stunning satin belt, with bejeweled detailing.

4. Full-sleeve lace wedding dress

rustic full-sleeve lace wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned before, lace is a recurring aspect found in rustic wedding dresses. There is something excessively gorgeous about this full-sleeved lace wedding dress, with a chiffon and satin skirt. The specialty is the sheer lace body-con back, which is adorned with buttons until the very end of the train. The bodice ends with a fish-line border. This dress allows flexibility in choosing the design of the neckline, depending on what the bride prefers.

5. ’60s inspired mini-shift wedding dress

rustic mini shift wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

This is one of the more unconventional options for a wedding dress, but urban brides are bound to dig this because of all the excitement that this tiny dress packs in. The gorgeous V-backline and the bateau neckline along with the cute lace cap sleeves make it a gorgeous piece. The subtle A-line and comfortable length makes it the kind of dress you can wear all day long.

6. Sarah Stevens flowy dress in off-white

rustic sarah stevens flowy wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a rustic wedding dress which is so beautiful that people will be stunned by you walking down the aisle, then you need not look beyond the Sara Stevens collection. One sample from this line is this gorgeous dress, with its embellished cap sleeves, silky bustier, and sweetheart neckline, which is going to make you look like a country goddess on your wedding day.

7. Halter neckline wedding dress

rustic halter neck wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

A halter neckline on your wedding dress looks sporty as well as elegant, and it is perfect for a semi-formal wedding ceremony. The skirt and the rest of the body are covered in subtle lace work, and if you want to add more personality to the dress, you can tie a simple satin belt around the waist.

8. Rose-colored wedding dress

rustic rose-colored wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a more traditionally elegant dress to complement your rustic wedding, then this is a great option. Some of the most attractive and alluring features about this dress are the rosy tint and the off-shoulder neckline.

9. Sleeveless lace body-con dress

rustic sleeveless lace body-con dress

Image source: Pinterest

Any bride would love to get married wearing a wedding dress as elegant as this one. The low-cut neckline is reminiscent of the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore for her wedding, and the satin belt on the midriff on top of all that elegant lace is drool-worthy.

10. Strappy semi-cathedral pleated dress

rustic strappy semi-cathedral pleated dress

Image source: Pinterest

This is one of the finer examples of a rustic wedding dress, which will certainly appeal to the chic urban bride. The A-line skirt, semi-long train, the pleats all over the dress, and the natural waistline all add to the charm of the dress. The embellished shoulder straps are the perfect finishing touch.

11. The free-spirited, lacy dress

rustic free-spirited lace wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

Urban women love their clothes to be convenient and drop-dead gorgeous at the same time, and a wedding dress will certainly not be exempt from this rule. This is a wedding dress which encompasses both in the most brilliant way, and is as rustic as it comes. The square neckline that is almost a halter and the in-your-face lace work are definitely beautiful aspects of this dress. The flowy, goddess-like silhouette completes the look.

12. Mermaid style rustic dress

rustic mermaid style wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

Hilary Duff wore this rustic, mermaid style dress perfectly and made it look as if clouds were hovering beneath her feet. Paired with the strapless sweetheart neckline and the bouquet, this is the ultimate country wedding dress.

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13. Easy silhouette crepe silk wedding dress

rustic easy silhouette crepe silk wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

Whether it is the subtle lace cap sleeves, the silk crepe bodice with the easy silhouette, or the simple V-neckline, this is one of the coolest, most beautiful rustic wedding dresses you can find.

14. V-line BHLDN wedding dress

rustic v-line bhldn wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

Rustic implies simple and elegant, and this simple yet eye-catching lace and tulle number is the perfect choice for you. The lack of sleeves is highlighted by the beautiful use of jewelery and accessories.

15. Tulle wedding gown with gold detailing

rustic tulle wedding gown with golden detailing

Image source: Pinterest

What could possibly be more rustic than incorporating the colors of the countryside in your wedding dress? With streaks of gold and off-white, this dress has a sweetheart neckline and the most gorgeous detailing along with an embellished belt.

16. Rustic, asymmetrical wedding dress

rustic asymmetric wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

Some rustic elements like lace, beads, and belts take away from the simple feel of the dress. Without incorporating these elements, this dress will make you look and feel stunning on your wedding day. The sweetheart neckline, the heavy material, and the simple but elaborate belt detail are eye-catching.

17. Tulle and satin wedding dress

rustic tulle and satin wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

When you make the right use of tulle and satin, you get a wedding dress that is rustic and simple in its essence, but chic and elegant in its outward look. The copious amounts of tulle in this off-shoulder number, along with the sudden break in material, are truly gorgeous.

18. Vintage inspired barn dress

rustic vintage inspired barn dress

Image source: Pinterest

There is nothing more romantic and rustic than old lace in off-white and peach, and this is exactly what is used in this stunning piece. The criss-cross bodice creates a simple, balanced, and unique V-line for the neck and the rest of the material falls comfortably around the body. The detailing is exceptional, of course.

19. Polka dot wedding dress

rustic polka dotted wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

The name might sound strange, but once you see the picture, you will fall in love with the idea of a polka-dotted wedding dress. The A-line skirt ends at the ankles, and the Grace Kelly-inspired lace neckline is one-of-a-kind.

20. Champagne dress in heavy silk

rustic champagne dress in heavy silk

Image source: Pinterest

There are several things that work well with this dress. The shimmery combination of white, grey and purple creates a beautiful color. Also, the material and the ease of the cut are such that you can wear it in any kind of wedding.

21. High neck chiffon dress

rustic high neck chiffon wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

When you are looking for rustic wedding dresses, you can find some unconventional styles and necklines, such as this one, which is a nice break from the traditional sweethearts. It has a key hole back and a billowing chiffon skirt, along with a high, sleeveless torso.

22. Shirt, boots, and wedding skirts

rustic shirt, boots, and skirts

Image source: Pinterest

Could it get anymore rustic than this? The plain denim shirt, the leather belt and boots, and the voluminous skirt to go with it is the ultimate rustic wedding look you could hope for.

23. Half-sleeves and lace dress

rustic half-sleeves and lace dress

Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, it is best to keep it as simple as possible. This dress, which has a high waistline, half-sleeves in simple lace, and a skirt to perfectly complement the lace on top, achieves this perfectly.

24. Boho lace wedding dress

rustic boho lace wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

Boho-chic fashion and country styles seem to go very well together, and when you bring them together in a wedding dress, you have a result which is as splendid as this. The almost barely-there backline with the perfect sheer lace train are both light and elegant. The sleeves too add to the casual charm of the dress.

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25. Embellished silk and tulle wedding dress

rustic embellished silk and tulle wedding dress

Image source: Pinterest

This is one of the most beautiful examples of a rustic wedding dress. This number is all about the plunging neckline, the detailing on the airy cap sleeves, and the figure-hugging silhouette of the dress which is covered with a sheath of tulle.

There are many different types of wedding dresses, but there is something inherently alluring and attractive about the rustic style and cut extensively used in today’s wedding dresses. This is probably the reason why more and more celebrities and urban chic women are opting for the simpler, elegant styles from the countryside.

Featured image source: Pinterest

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