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8 Easy Face Exercises That Help Tone Your Face

That next door baby has the chubbiest cheeks you’ve ever laid your eyes on, and you just can’t help aww-ing and wanting to pull her cheeks. That might not be true in the case of grown-ups though! Of course, it is perfectly all right and equally beautiful if you like your cheeks to be all chubby and cute. But if you’re looking to tone your face and shed some of the double chin and the chubby cheeks, then these face exercises are the way to go!

1. Put that smile on

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Oh yes, smiling is one the best facial exercises there is to shed weight from your face. You just need to smile as wide as you can but with your lips closed. Keep at this position for about ten counts and bring your face back to the relaxed position. Do this for at least ten counts at a time and watch the structure of your face change for the better. Just remember that your lips shouldn’t be parted. You get to smile and look beautiful at the same time! One happy face exercise, this.

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2. Tongue it

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Image source: abestfashion

Sounds like fun already, doesn’t it? Because it is! As far as facial toning exercises go, this one works like magic. It works on the very important muscles below the apple of your cheek. To get the best out of it, stick your tongue out and stretch it toward your chin as you would if you were trying to touch it with your tongue. Hold this for about ten seconds before you go back to the normal position. You’ll feel the tension in your muscles. Do this for ten counts, just not in public maybe? Though that would be fun too! 😉

3. X’s & O’s

No, I’m not talking about the game, obviously. This face exercise involves pronouncing the letters X and O while you make an exaggerated use of your facial muscles. It’s like stretches for your cheeks and jaw while you say your alphabet. This will be perfect for you if you’re looking at burning some cheek fat and strengthening your facial muscles. You can do it just ten times a day and feel the difference within two weeks.

4. Lift it

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Image source: Pinterest

Like literally! This is a workout for your upper cheek muscles. You have to pull your cheeks upwards towards the eyes without changing the position of your lips and then slowly lift the cheeks from below like you do when you smile. Repeat this for ten counts every day, and you’ll have yourself a lean look for them cheeks. Let’s all do the cheek lifts!

5. Fish face time

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Image source: Pinterest

This is another fun one! You’ll have to purse your lips while sucking in your cheeks to look like a fish. Once you get there, try pushing up the outer corner of your lips into a smile and hold for ten seconds. Do it ten times to work all the cheek areas and your jaw simultaneously. Do it like the fish!

6. The jaw way

This will help in kicking out all the extra layers on your chin. Drop your jaw like you do when you see that your annoying sibling actually saved you some ice cream. Just make sure you stretch and drop it down as much as possible and then jut out your lower jaw till you feel the tension in the cheeks. Hold and repeat at least ten times for best results.

7. Puff it up

face exercises_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

This will give your upper and middle cheek muscles the workout it needs. Keep your lips closed and puff up your cheeks with air. Now, keep moving the air from one cheek to the other while you take some crazy selfies on your phone. Hold the air for five seconds on each side and repeat it ten times. It’s like using your mouthwash every day. You’ll love it for sure.

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8. Neck rotation

It is one of the most basic and the most effective workouts to get rid of a double chin. It works your neck muscles and tones the jawline and chin. Keep your head straight at a normal position and bend your head to one side and rotate it in the same direction for ten counts. Do the same on the other side and continue this for about five minutes. Just remember to keep the spine straight and shoulders down at all times.

These face exercises are your best bet if you want to shed some face weight. Natural, simple, and inexpensive unlike those huge surgeries with scary sounding names. The best part is that you can do any of the above face exercises at any time and it won’t matter if you are sitting or standing. What more could you ask for?

Featured image source: Pinterest

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8 Face Exercises That Help Tone Your Face
Worried about your double chin? Your chubby cheeks? With these easy face exercises tone up your face in less than two weeks!
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Deepika Singhania

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