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Beauty Secrets To Get Rose Bud-Shaped Lips, Naturally

Unshapely lips are a total bummer because you end up spending more on your lip liner than your lipsticks, right? I know the struggle is real, woman, because I have been there done that! So let me just cut to the chase here: Cosmetic procedures are costly and they can result in scary side-effects… ask Dolly Parton about it! You may misshapen your lips, forever, because of a heavier dose or because of your face’s inability to cope with the surgery. Injecting your lips with fillers to make them plumper, and hence shapelier, can also lead to a worse “after” than “before”, if we are talking in terms of transformations. So that leaves us with just one option or rather a question: How to shape lips naturally? Let us handle that for you.

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Today, we will be walking you through a number of natural home remedies that can help shape your lips. In the latter section of the post on how to shape lips naturally, we will be looking at some of the facial exercises that can do the trick and are a more permanent solution. These exercises work on your fine lines, the muscles around your mouth, plumping up your pout and making it appear firmer, shapelier and juicier.

And should I even bother explaining how a natural looking shapely pout looks way rad than the ones that have been shaped using artificial shape fillers or Botox treatments of any kind?!

Read on to know more.

Shaping your lips with things you can find in your kitchen closet right now

1. Cayenne pepper

This is an old beauty trick that can shape lips naturally. Cayenne pepper is spicy, and when you apply it on your lips, it makes it plumper and gives it an outline.  Do not directly smear the pepper on your lips, though. That will burn the skin out of your tender lips! Mix a pinch of the pepper with cold water to form a paste. Put on this mixture on your lips, and leave it on for 15 minutes. Clean with cold water.

When you apply the paste on your lips, it will tingle. But fight the itch to lick your lips, because this mild irritation is what shapes your lips, making them plumper.

2. Essential oil

Essential oils like peppermint and cinnamon can be used in small doses to shape lips, naturally. These oils cause the lips to swell, as well, which makes them look plumper. Applying cinnamon oil greatly on the lips, can be a very bad idea, as it can cause severe irritation because of it piquancy. Try mixing the oil with a mild lip balm.

You can find some lip liners made naturally from Vitamin E, cinnamon oil and olive oil. Try getting your hands on the liner, for a short-term solution.

3. Capsicum oil

Capsicum is what give red peppers the much-needed spice. It is also available in the form of an oil, which enhances the flow of blood to your lips, improving their natural reddish tinge. Capsicum oil can be used as a natural serum to shape lips. Apply the oil, sparingly, on your lips, and give them that extra appeal!

4. Brown sugar and coconut oil

Exfoliating the lips improves blood circulation, and also enhances their glow. Prepare a mix of brown sugar and coconut oil, and gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion. This will make your lips look more plump, naturally.

Exercises to shape lips, naturally 

Facial exercises, devised by experts, can help you shape your lips the way they help shape other features of the face. However, when you are performing these exercises, make sure you are relaxed and feeling comfortable.

You can either sit or stand during these exercises. Performing them, in front of a mirror, will help you figure out whether you are doing them right or not. This is crucial since if you do not target the area you want to improve, the results will never be as expected!

To shape your lips, naturally, try the following lip exercises at home.

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1. The “Oooo”  

This exercise targets the facial muscles around your lips. This also helps enhance your pout. The exercise may feel a little silly, so have fun with it! It not only enhances you lip shape and makes them look plumper, but it also helps iron out the wrinkles.

Start by puckering your lips up. Now purse them as if you are about to kiss your babe. While you do this, make an ‘ooooo” sound for about 8 seconds. Basically, act as if you got an orgasm just by kissing someone! For best results, find yourself a partner to practice with! 😉

Repeat the move 10 times.

2. The “Eeee”

For this facial exercise, imagine someone is pulling at the corners of your lips and trying to make you smile real wide. Open your mouth as you smile. While you fake the smile, make an “eeee’ sound for another 8 seconds.

Repeat it 10 times.

3. The thumb and lip exercise

The thumb and lip exercise help you erase the fine lips along your upper lips, making your lip look fuller.

To perform the exercise, place your thumbs under the center of your top lip, so that your thumbnails rest gently against your gums. Now slowly and gently pull the upper lip down to cover the thumbs. Hold the pose for around 6 seconds, after which, release the lip lightly.

Repeat the exercise along the whole upper lip length for about ten minutes.

4. Whistle 

This exercises is real fun, but it is also a great way to shape your lips, naturally. It engages the muscles around your mouth, and with several reps, you can increase the volume of your lips while shaping them. How shapely can you make your lips by whistling is debatable, but there is nothing to lose here, right?

Try whistling scales, that is, go up and down and up, recurrently. Until you feel your muscles are engaged in whistling, keep doing it. This is an easy, pain-free, money-free, and musical way of shaping the lips. Can it get better than this, I ask?!

5. Move between smiles and frowns

Alternate smiles and frowns, and while doing that, try working your lip muscles, Press the lips tightly together, and smile hard. Smile lines and wrinkles will melt away in 4 weeks of you doing this exercise. When you smile really hard, and I mean a real ear to ear smile, try holding the pose for 15 seconds and then revert to normal. Now frown as hard as possible, and hold that facial expression for another 15 seconds. Now gently revert to normal. 15 reps should do the trick.

6. Smile and kiss

Stretch that smile as much as you can. While doing that, keep your mouth closed and the lips tightly pressed together. Hold the pose for about 5 seconds, and then make a pout, yes, the way you work your lips for a selfie. Make both the smile and the kiss as exaggerated as possible. Hold each pose for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

7. Closed-mouth smile

This exercise helps lifting the edges of your mouth and prevent sagging, which happens with age. Fold the lips over your teeth. Now lift the corners of your mouth by smile really wide. Hold the smile for 15 seconds and then relax. Perform the lip exercise 10 times, and with each rep, widen the smile further.

8. Lip press

Press your lips together. Try to form a lip line as straight as possible. Now imagine someone is trying to open your mouth. Try working against this pretend resistance, keeping the mouth firmly shut. Next, place your pointing fingers at the two corners of your mouth, and try pulling out, which will provide extra resistance to your attempt of keeping the lips firmly pressed against each other.

This exercise not only gives plumper lips, but also helps prevent wrinkles. Hold the pose for 5 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

9. Lip circles

Keep your lips tightly pressed against each other. Now try puckering them up, slightly. Next, move the lips to the right, then hold, and again move them to the left. Keep swinging the lips from one direction to the other, while keeping them tightly shut. Repeat each movement at least 10 times.

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10. Lip calisthenics

Are you loving the lip workout? Well, allow me to let you in on two of my favorite lip exercises. In the first one, hold the lips together. Shut them tight. Now oscillate them left to right and then move them again from right to left. Repeat it 5 times to get shapely and plump lips naturally.

In the second lip workout, hold the lips against each other. Now rotate them clockwise, and again anti-clockwise. Try 5 rotations in both directions.

That’s all we have on how to shape lips naturally. I bet you have a number of tips to share with us, right? If so, the comment section awaits you!

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Featured image source: Pinterest/thedumbbelle

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