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8 Things That Shouldn’t Be Dating Dealbreakers, But Totally Are

Life is a b*tch. It allows you to overlook seemingly trivial differences in love early on (coz well, the *feels*) and then, make the very same *trivial* differences stare you in the face like red flags you just cannot ignore! Not that these are full-blown danger signs like sexism, chauvinism or even a roving eye- but they somehow become dealbreakers. How, you ask?

Here’s how…

1. Eating at different speeds


Image source: Gifsoup

It may be that you are still enjoying your yummy quiche (yep, the French kind) when your partner, who has a terrible habit of gulping down everything on his plate in a five-minute I-MUST-take-a-dump-now spree, has been looking at your plate for over twenty minutes! What do you do- reluctantly offer him some quiche and make a mental note of breaking up when he does this next! You can’t share food when he’s had his share already- without any sharing!

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2. Hating on things you love


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You know that they don’t watch the same shows as you, are into some weird metal-punk band that you swear would justify Sonakshi Sinha’s claim to the judging panel on Indian Idol and also call you out on liking things that (according to them) have nothing in’em to LIKE! Yet, you throw an insincere ‘yeah, I guess’ dart toward them (which you secretly hope pierces them right through their heart to let them know how much they are hurting you) and still hope for things to ‘work out!’ Smell the coffee, already- oh, sorry- your partner doesn’t like coffee! You love it? No worries, it will WORK OUT!

3. Not getting references


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Given your divergent tastes, it is but obvious that the parallel lines of your lives are never magically meeting! So don’t think your partner would know what you mean when you say ‘winter is coming’ and wink! He’d just be taking off his pants when you obviously are turned off- BIG time!

4. Mentioning something they could know only from social media stalking

So- you are out shopping and you stop by these incredibly cute pumps you swear you have to have- when he says ‘but don’t you have them in tangerine already?’ Umm, yeah, coz that’s on my Instagram from three months ago. Guess you can go on, buy the pair and then, change your relationship status to ‘single’ so he can get a notification and have no good reason to work so hard!

5. Too Much Information guy


Image source: rebloggy

Yes, sharing is good. But do you really need to know that his cat has somehow managed to forgotten all about potty training and doesn’t do it in a box! FML!

6. Morning and day


Image source: Tumblr

So he is hot and cute and adorable and loves you so! Wow- congratulations! But just when you seem to have settled into your pajamas-and-chill phase with him, he surprises you with a detailed trip planned to Greece. Only all the itinerary involves early morning sight-seeing, adventures and more! Cool- you can wake up even earlier on vacation than when you’d for your job, right?

7. The one who can’t take a hint


Image source: Giphy

Me: You know, it’s rude to text while on a date.

Him: Yeah, I know, hate such people (texts anyway)

Me: *smashes phone in his face*

Ditto for all other life’s situations!!

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8. The overeager bunny


Image source: Tumblr

*as soon as I reach home*

Him: Thank you so much for the lovely time. I really loved every moment of our date. I really want to remember every detail of tonight forever. My mother will love you. Would you like to meet this Saturday? We can go home to meet my parents later.

Me: me 2…


Any dating dealbreakers that pop in your head? Tell us in the comments below…

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8 Things That Shouldn't Be Dating Dealbreakers, But Totally Are
Coz you don't see them until you see'em- these DEALBREAKERS!
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