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Simona Bonafini Shows Us WHAT IF Disney Characters Used Instagram

Rewind to the golden times of bedtime stories and I am sure a lot many of us would want to be one of the Disney characters, breathing the magic of a world where love and hate were absolutes.

Ever wonder what would have happened if the roles were reversed and these Disney characters wanted to be us? Living in a world where technology makes it so much more easier to spread all the love and hate! 😉

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Don’t wrack your brains too much, for Simona Bonafini has breathed life into that thought. In a re-imagination of Disney characters as real people living amidst us in the digital age, she has brought alive some of our favorite Disney characters and their Instagram avatars.

Simona Bonafini_cvr

Simona Bonafini – Disney Instagram series

Image source: Facebook

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And not only is Bonafini’s artistic skill top-notch right from the detail in Gaston’s chest hair to the ohh-so-sexy beach pose of Ariel’s selfie, but the imaginative victory in her use of hashtags, comments, and emojis to reek of each character’s essential nature is spot on. From the snazzy capture of a fashionista Cinderella to the ab-capture of Hercules, every picture in the Disney characters on Instagram series of Bonafini oozes sass! And if that much swagger weren’t enough, the perfection of Disney is still retained!

Check out your beloved Disney characters on Instagram, courtesy Simona Bonafini:

That couple who just cannot tire of PDA

Aladddin and Jasmine

Image source: Facebook

Because someone is an adventure junkie and the world needs to know

Alice In Wonderland

Image source: Facebook

Beach selfie le le le le le le le le le le le le re…


Image source: Facebook

Because GoT is GoT

Belle the Beauty

Image source: Facebook

#newshoes #newdream #tonightismynight


Image source: Facebook

Coz sisters are the best buddies

Elsa and Anna

Image source: Facebook

Am I hot or am I hot?


Image source: Facebook

Okay, show some mercy to the girls… #thatbody #thoseabs #fitness #gymlove

HerculesImage source: Facebook

Because I am a wizard and I can do anything…


Image source: Facebook

Because photobombing is the IT-thing

Peter pan

Image source: Facebook

Umm, time for truth… mirror, mirror…

The evil queen

Image source: Facebook

Why you do that? 😛

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Image source: Facebook

Talk of falling in love, mirror, mirror on the wall, tell us which is your favorite of ’em all? #magic #favorites #somuchswag #howtodecide

But you can, right in the comments below. Hit us up!

Featured image source: Facebook

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Disney Characters On Instagram: Simona Bonafini Shows How They'd Use Social Media
Wanted to see your favorite Disney characters on Instagram? Now, you can, courtesy Simona Bonafini!
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