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[Insta-celeb series] Marlon Teixeira Instagram Pictures Are Absolutely Drool-worthy!

Well, Marlon Teixeira knew he had arrived when he found himself the only male model to share the ramp with 89 gorgeous women at a Chanel fashion show!

Every time this criminally hot hunk from Brazil roves about on the runway in Bushwick hipsters or slides down those hot black undies for a shoot, well, *things* within us flutter! 😉 When this ohh-so-hot heartthrob scorches the runway, heartbeats rev up to wring the heart-o-meter! 😉

marlon teixeira

Marlon Teixeira

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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And if you haven’t heard of this hot hunk yet, well, we have got just the right platter of the delicacies this dude decks on the ‘plate’ – and we can bet our a** it would PLEASEEEEEE your palate (not necessarily, the ordinary kind) 😉

  • Of Brazilian descent, Marlon Teixeira is half Portugese, a quarter native Indian, and a quarter Japanese <ohh-the looks-swoon>
  • He loves going to the beach, in his denims – and we love him going to the beach too – coz, well, he goes topless! <looks at those chiseled abs and swoons again> 😉
  • The 22-year-old hottie is an ace skater and surfer!
  • His risque photo shoots make us go *#%^&# ….. I mean, just look at him with Stephanie Seymour in L’Officiel Homme Paris! Could it get any more hotttt??
  • He has ‘Claudia’ inked on his right thigh – nope, don’t break your hearts yet, that’s his mother’s name! <smiles again>
  • And oh, he loves kiwi juice
marlon teixeira and stephanie seymour

Stephanie Seymour and Marlon Teixeira

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Having begun his career in 2008 with his first international project in Paris and thereafter, Milan, he has come a long way since his ‘not-knowing-English’ days. He has worked with biggies in the business like Dior Homme, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange. And continues to add more tokens of success to his impressive trajectory!

And though I know that summers are already making all around you boil, I am sorry ’bout turning up the heat knob up – further! 😛

Here are the HOTTTTTTTT-est picks from the yummilicious Insta-platter from Marlon Teixeira Instagram profile:

Just look at those chiseled abs… <swoons again> 😉

Can I replace that crab in his hand? 😉

Has scruff looked better than this? Nope. I don’t think so …

And the hunk woke up like this … Sigh!!!

Cue, awwwww …. can there be anything adorable and sexier than a hunk like Teixeira holding a cute baby?

Oh, are you despairing the fact that I’m not with you … YET? Me too!!!!

Ohh … I just roused myself from the second time I swooned …

Marlon Teixeira Instagram pic proving that he is quite a talented artist…

Now he’s a DJ too? 😉

A lobsterphone?!

Awwww … having fun with some kids …

Yum, this Marlon Teixeira Instagram picture shows what the criminally hot dude eats for breakfast!


He rides a motorcycle too? Sigh!

And for the finale, take a look at this adorable cuteness that is Marlon Teixeira Instagram pic with his cuddly pooch…

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Marlon Teixeira Instagram Pictures Are Drool–worthy!
Marlon Teixeira is the criminally hot hunk from Brazil, whom we just cannot get enough of. Check out some drool-worthy Marlon Teixeira Instagram pictures!
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