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Color Of Woman’s Underwear Reveals What Sort Of Lover She Is

If you’re planning on going lingerie shopping, you’d better read this first.

So how do you choose your underwear? It’s more of a personal taste and preference than anything, you’d think. Or what kind of message they’d like to send out. And the color of your underwear has something to say about your personality – in bed, specifically. Because, apparently, the color of your underwear tells you what sort of a lover she is, revealed a psychologist.

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The poll conducted by the psychologist found that 72% of women now opt for nude or flesh-toned lingerie, ignoring all others colors, including the classic white and black underwear, or even fancy lacy sets. Like many other fashion trends that celebrities wittingly or unwittingly spark off, celebs are responsible for this one too. Hollywood siren Eva Mendes recently revealed that she feels most sexy in ‘either nude or very basic underwear,’ while pop star Katy Perry chose a simple nude bra and panties when she posed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

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Expert Donna Dawson drew a list after the poll for laundry experts. Dr Beckmann found that almost three quarters of the women polled now opt for ‘nude’ underwear, which really means that they have ‘nothing to hide.’

Dawson said,

“Colors at the warm end of the spectrum (red, orange, yellow), create feelings of excitement and vitality, and can actually raise our blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing rate.”

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Further, she said,

“A nude or flesh-colored bra denotes a personality that is natural, easy-going, down-to-earth, and transparent. This woman is relaxed, with nothing to hide.”

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“A red bra denotes a personality that is passionate, energetic, dramatic, and driven. This woman is not shy about asking for what she wants. Her moodiness and need for drama are also par of her allure.

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“A pink bra denotes a personality that is romantic and gentle and in need of affection. She is feminine, sensuous, and would never take the lead.

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“A black bra denotes a personality that is individualistic and powerful, as well as sultry. This woman has subtle charms and is deeply passionate.

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“A white bra denotes a personality that is innocent but open to suggestion. A woman who opts for a white bra is usually a willing learner,” said Dawson.

So the next time you’re going lingerie shopping, you better keep this list handy.

Is this list correct? Does the color of your lingerie correctly depict your personality – in bed, or otherwise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Color Of Woman's Underwear Reveals What Sort Of Lover She Is
What is the color of your underwear? A psychologist reveals that a woman's underwear shows what kind of a lover she is.
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