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The Ultimate Guide On Hair Color Trends For Fall 2017

I love the Fall; I wait for it all year not only because how pleasant the world around gets, but also because you can finally try all the fashion trends that you have been missing out on because of the heat and the humidity. Also, since it’s not winter yet, you can step out of your house and flaunt those fads!

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In today’s post, we will tell you all about the best hair color trends for fall 2017. We have curated the ultimate hair color trends that have been flooding different social media sites with celebs donning the warmest of colors on various red carpets and models looking all chic in different shades of silver on mag covers.

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Fall 2017 so far has been the season of the blonde and the beautiful. We have seen Katy Perry adorn her strands with some platinum, which seems to enhance her pixie by several notches. Allison Williams, on the other hand, has chosen flaxen strands to usher in a fresh take on hair trends. Balayage still seems to be in vogue, especially the buttery balayage. In case you were thinking that these trends are pretty predictable, we suggest you fasten your seat belts for what’s about to come next. From moody hues to tinges that will send a sweat down your spine, we have got them all in here! From grey to auburn and ruby to onyx, get ready to decide which one/s you would like to flaunt this fall.

Hair Color Trends For Fall 2017

1. The coolest shade of grey

People went crazy with platinum this year. We saw the shade on almost all the runways that showcased trends for spring and summer 2017. If you went platinum too, and want to update your style this fall, go for this icy shade of grey or should we call it slate grey.

Those pre-lightened hair strands of yours are sure to make this shade pop out. Also, this combination will make it easier for you to slowly return to the original blonde hair shade.

So if you have gone platinum already, then rev things up a little by trying this slate shade of grey. It is both vibrant and an absolute trendsetter.

If you want to turn your strands a little darker, then you can go for a bob look with slate gray hair tips just like the one Jourdan Dunn was sporting this year at the Met Gala. If you think you can pull that off, then you should definitely go for it. Remember to ask your stylist for more volume and body. Also, make sure the shade it muted and not loud.

When you add a lot of texture to your hair, you showcase this style in the best way possible. T add volume and texture, you can curl your hair, or go for a texturing spray.

2. As red as a ruby

Celebrity stylists all over the world are drooling on this hair color trend. I am all in for this one, are you? If not, then consider this. A striking shade of red that heat up everything this fall, do you think you can really miss out on this!?

There are be nothing for hot yet classy than a red as deep as ruby. Do you know why the celebs of 1960s looked so much exclusive than us, because they adored and adorned red. To learn how it is done, follow the mistress, Florence Welch.

If you prefer the Lily Collins look and want to shift this trend toward the cooler side this fall, then take the plunge, we say. Go for the striking shade that is unpredictable and turns things more fun!

3. The onyx you need

This one’s black, but not quite, and this mystery makes it so alluring that almost all MUAs from all over the world have given this trend an assenting nod.

To achieve this look, you need to find yourself the right stylist; the stylist who understands this shade well and can give you exactly what you want. Here are a few tips from Ryan Sanger of Bomane Salon based in Beverly Hills,

“Take your base deeper and darker than the traditional brunette, adding cooler tones to cancel out the warmth the summer sun brought out in your hair.”

If you are head over heels in love with Adriana Lima’s hair color, then you can go for it, but do remember to add the necessary dose of luster. Fall and winter are known to strip our hair of its moisture, and so, you need to not only nourish your hair regularly with essential oils and organic cleansers, but also make sure your hair color is not dull. Also invest in a smoothing cream.

If you want a low maintenance look, then this one is definitely a hair trend you should adopt without any thought or qualms. So if you do plan to go darker, then do make sure you are still on the cool side. Go dark, but not black, is what we mean.

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4. Balayage

A French way of highlighting your hair. What makes it unique is that the color is hand painted onto your tresses. The stroke needs to be gentle yet done in one sweeping motion. This detail makes it different from other techniques of hair highlighting.

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The Ultimate Guide On Hair Color Trends For Fall 2017
In today’s post, we will tell you all about the best hair color trends for fall 2017 that have been flooding different social media sites and mag covers.
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