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Florida Woman, 24, Marries Her Grandfather After Hooking Up On Dating Site!

Incest: sexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other.

A 24-year-old Florida woman is in the midst of a media frenzy, thanks to her wedding. Why? Because she dated and married her own biological grandfather, who is 68.

The couple met through an online dating site, and hit it off. After a whirlwind romance, they tied the knot. However, three months after their wedding, the couple was going through some old photo albums, which led to the discovery that they were, indeed, grandfather and granddaughter!


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

He had married his son’s daughter. Both the bride and the groom wish to be unnamed, but he has said that he has no wish to end his marriage to his granddaughter. The 68-year-old has been married twice before, and he is estranged from both his previous families. And the bride too, who is from Jacksonville, has been estranged from her family, making it easy to miss realizing that they were, in fact, related by blood.

Since the man has two failed marriages and costly divorces in his past, he has no wish for his latest marriage to end in divorce.

The Miami pensioner who recently won a lottery, making him a millionaire, said that his current wife, who is also his granddaughter, that she is in despair after discovering their relationship. However, he has made it clear that he has no plans to split from her.

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Talking to reporters, the 68-year-old man said that he was looking for companionship online, where he met his bride. The Florida Sun quoted him as saying,

“I just felt strange when I saw here photos. It was like a sense of déjà vu, but at the time, I couldn’t figure out why she seemed so familiar.”

I bet!

She said, “When I saw my father in that photo album, I just felt an overwhelming sense of despair.”

The couple now reside in the Golden Beach neighborhood in Miami. The pensioner said that his wedding day was the happiest day of his life.

“I’ve already had two failed marriages, and I’m determined not to have a third,” he said.

Speaking about her desire to make it work, the bride said,

“Every couple is different and special in their own ways. I feel our bond is so strong that even something like this is not enough to make us give up.”

Is their relationship legal in Florida? Apparently not, because according to Florida Statute 826.04, anyone who “knowingly marries or has sexual intercourse” with a blood relative of “lineal consanguinity” has committed the crime of incest. Incest is a third-degree felony, which carries short prison sentences and hefty fines. Although the couple denies any knowledge about how closely they were related before their wedding, both insist that they intend to make their marriage work.

How that would work, is anybody’s guess! 😛

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Florida Woman, 24, Marries Her Grandfather After Hooking Up On Dating Site!
A 24-year-old Florida woman has married her grandfather! And that's not even the weirdest news!
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