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Doing Nail Art Designs The Right Way

8. Marble nails

Another trend that has caught fire in the last two months, especially, is the marble nails. Now to give it your all, we suggest you combine this trend with the metallic design.

9. Accent nails

The metallic nail polish is most loved for its versatility. You can give it so many spins, and each will be as trendy; that is guaranteed. While some of the ways are a little complicated and might require the assistance/guidance of a manicurist, there are some that can be easily achieved at home. One of the latter is the metallic accent nail.

P.S. Accent nails look really hot in black. Just saying.

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10. Foil on the sides

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Amping things up with some glittery foil at the edges of your nails can look creative and is very simple to attain and maintain. Try it now.

11. Vibrant gold and glittery moons

To up your nail game the next time you decide to go casual, try is new and absolutely rad nail art design. A lot of manicurists from around the world are recommending this, by the way.

12. Ombre metallic manicure

There are days when you don’t want all your nails to be colored metallic (why though?!). On days like that, go for the metallic ombre tip instead. It is gorgeous to look at, and you can go bonkers trying out different patterns and designs.

13. Black as coal, and shouts femme fatale

If you like all things black, then we suggest you go for this high-shine black lacquer that shouts femme fatale. Make sure you team it up with a very dark lippie.

Article Name
Doing Nail Art Designs The Right Way
In today’s post, we will tell you all about the best nail art designs and the color combinations that are timeless.
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