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Of Perfect Imperfections: Let’s Embrace Our Flaws (If That), Like These Celebs Do

Look in the mirror- are you constantly focusing on an ‘imperfection?’ Take heart, you are not defined by your flaws, and even the most beautiful and celebrated women in the world have them. These ‘flaws’ as you call them aren’t flaws- they are perfect imperfections that make you YOU! Love and embrace all your perfect imperfections!

This season, NLT has been focusing on telling all women how being be-YOU-tiful is the most beautiful thing ever, so let’s embrace our perfect imperfections and wink at the world, with that ‘I’ve got this’ bada*s attitude that is all ours’. Think you are up for it? Let’s find out…

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1. Moles: A mole is an abnormal collection of pigment cells that occurs either during birth or grows later. Several cultures consider moles as marks of beauty. They are not just hereditary, studies show that there is a good chance of finding a mole exactly in the place where your ancestors had it.

Take heart: Moles are genetic-so adopt them like you would a family heirloom! There are iconic celebrities whose moles are their sex appeal.

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Image source: Pinterest

Guess who else has moles: Cindy Crawford, Eva Mendes

Precaution/treatment: If the mole situation still bothers you, there are things you can do. Moles can be removed by radio frequency machines, unlike earlier, when a surgery and stitches were essential. If the mole changes in size or colour, get it checked by your doctor.

2. Varicose/spider veins: Varicose veins are most commonly found on the backs of calves. They are dark purple or blue in color. Spider veins can be blue or red in color, and are found on the legs and face. Varicose veins are found deeper under the skin and look like branches of tree. On the other hand, spider veins are superficial and resemble a fine web. Both are associated with ageing.

Take heart: Varicose and spider veins are common (and not life threatening) among women with jobs that require standing for long periods of time, or those who cross their legs frequently while sitting. Damn you, Sharon Stone!

perfect imperfections_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

Guess who else has varicose veins: Kristin Davis

Precaution/treatment: To prevent varicose, you need to keep your legs at rest whenever possible. You can wear stockings that cover your legs from thigh to toes and provide support. Daflon tablets are commonly prescribed by doctors. Spider veins can be treated by injecting sclerosants into the corresponding blood vessels. Four to five laser-sittings can help reduce their visibility to a certain extent.

3. Crow’s feet and wrinkles :- One of the first wrinkles to appear, crow’s feet are a part of the natural ageing process, and are impossible to get complete rid of even after many treatments.

Take heart: Wrinkles may be inevitable; however, their appearance can be reduced or delayed by minimising exposure to sunlight, smoking and harsh beauty regimens. It’s easier to think of wrinkles as smile lines-if you’ve lived and laughed well, you will have them.

perfect imperfections_New_Love_Times

Image Source: Pinterest

Guess who else has wrinkles: Linda Evangelista, Brooke Shields

Precaution/treatment: Using sunscreens and umbrellas helps decrease wrinkles around the eyes. Celebs like Linda Evangelista and Brooke Shields swear by Botox, a procedure that’s gaining popularity as a temporary solution among women with hectic schedules.Creams with retinol and vitamin C and glycolic peels are some of the other tried and tested methods.

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4. Scars: “Women could have superficial scars or deeper ones like burn or keloid scars,” says Dr Blossom Kochhar, a leading skin expert and aroma therapist. But according to a study at the University of Liverpool, UK, facial scars made no difference to a woman’s perceived attractiveness. The study also showed that women are attracted to men with scars as they associate scarred faces with bravery.

Take heart: Scars are the most common skin problem, caused due to acne, accidents, burns, injury or surgeries.

Guess who else has scars: Padma Lakshmi

Precaution/treatment: According to Dr Kochhar, using lavender oil, scrubs with coconut water as the base and injections that dissolve keloids help. She also recommends exfoliation and laser removal of scars.

5. Birth marks: These are flat or raised pigmented blemishes that appear on the skin at birth. Some may also appear during adolescence.

Take heart: Birthmarks suddenly appearing on the chest and back, are very common. These are mostly harmless patches of hyperpigmentation. However, it is important to get them checked if they change colour or size.

perfect imperfections_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

Guess who else has birthmarks: Catherine Zeta Jones, Christina Aguilera

Precaution/treatment: These are usually genetic and cannot be prevented. Their appearance can be reduced by laser treatments, but the results can vary.

6. Pigmentation: It occurs as a result of abnormal melanin production and results in dark and light patches. The most commonly found pigmentation is the butterfly rash (also known as melasma), a dark patch found on the face. Almost 60 per cent of women in India suffer from it. Vitiligo, or white patches, and freckles are also types of pigmentation.

Take heart: Genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, excessive sun exposure and smoking all contribute to pigmentation problem which only affect the top layer of the skin, but not the organs beneath. If we were you, we’d be more concerned about the smoking.

perfect imperfections_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

Guess who else has pigmentation: Lucy Liu, Lara Flynn Boyle, Evangeline Lilly

Precaution/treatment: Avoid sun exposure by using an umbrella and sunscreen. Sunscreen should be reapplied every three hours. Perfumes and deodorants should be sprayed on clothes, and wait for five minutes before you wear them. Fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, like black grapes and oranges, should be consumed regularly. Lightening creams that have licorice, tretinoin, arbutin and other drugs are recommended. Regular chemical peels and laser sitting help reduce pigmentation.

7. Cellulite: Cellulite is formed when subcutaneous fat, or the fat present right beneath the skin, gets trapped in pockets, giving the skin a dimpled appearance. It’s found in areas like the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. It may be determined by genes, skin type, age, level of body fat and tight, ill-fitting underwear.

Take heart: Almost 80 per cent of the women in the world have cellulite, and despite the unsightly bumps it causes, most live long and happy lives! Cellulite can be attributed to genetic factors, high level of oestrogen, postnatal conditions, unhealthy diet, and thinning of skin due to ageing.


Image source: Pinterest

Guess who else has cellulite: Julia Roberts, Mischa Barton

Precaution/treatment: You can try body sculpting, liposuction and reliable fat reduction techniques offered by trained dermatologists. Many dermatologists discourage the use of anti-cellulite creams, as they are not very effective. But for best results, stick to the right diet and exercise regularly.

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8. Stretch marks: These are lesions formed around the abdomen, thighs and hips after childbirth or post weight loss or gain.

Take heart: Stretch marks, to millions of women, means that they’ve won the weight battle, or of the journey that culminates in mommyhood.

Guess who else has stretch marks: Sienna Miller


Precaution/treatment: You can never completely eradicate stretch marks as is the case with many skin problems. Even after medication or surgery, the collagen repair cannot be optimal. The best you can hope for is a 50 to 60 per cent improvement in the condition. Use coconut or olive oil to moisturise the skin and lighten the stretch marks.

The best relationships in the world are those that start with self. Wear those scars like badges of honor. Love the hell out of all your perfect imperfections, because no matter what the world says, they are just perfect- because they are yours!

Featured image source: Pinterest

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Embrace All Your Perfect Imperfections Like These Celebs Do
Love the hell out of all your perfect imperfections, because no matter what the world says, they are just perfect- because they are yours!
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