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Which Eyebrow Shape Shall Suit Your Face?

While you may have doled out quite some wads at the salon for their top-notch beauty treatments and spent hours perfecting your makeup, a poorly done eyebrow can make or break your hard work. All your effort into looking drop-down gorgeous shall go down the drain if that ‘something-wrong-about-my-brows’ feeling lingers on your face! And while we’ve all been there, there is, indeed, a way in which you can ensure that you get just the right eyebrow shape for your face shape.

 basic face shapes



By knowing exactly which eyebrow shape suits your face and why! So, let’s go..

1. The oval face


One of the best face shapes, this one works well with almost any eyebrow shape. Curved eyebrows are the best bet for people with an oval face and our recommendation is to opt for the soft angled eyebrow. It goes with any hairstyle too!


2. The round face


For a round face shape, the aim is to always make the face appear less round and elongated. Which is why the high-arched eyebrow works best for people with a round face. People with this face shape should steer clear of the rounded eyebrows as they will only end up accentuating the round-ness of the face!


3. The long face


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People with a long face need to achieve the exact opposite effect from their eyebrow shape from their round-face counterparts. The aim is to make the face appear shorter than it is- and this can be achieved vis-à-vis the flat eyebrows. Flat eyebrows take away from the length of the face by drawing attention to the width of the face. Arched eyebrows are a strict no-no for people with the long face shape, as it shall only add to the length of their face.


4. The square face


People with a square face shape are the owners of a strong jaw-line. This rather striking feature of their face makes their face appear equal in width on all fronts- forehead, cheeks as well as jawline. The aim, therefore, is to soften the jaw line and balance out its effect. The best option for people with the square face if to opt for an angled eyebrow with a sharp peak. This helps even out the face whilst also taking away from the strength of the jawline. A thinly done eyebrow will suit the task.


5. The heart face


The aim, here, is to soften the striking curves of the face with rounded eyebrows in order to give it a typical heart appearance, with rounded tops and pointy bottom. This lends a soft feminine look while sharp curves angle the face. Best choice for heart shape is a rounded eyebrow with very soft arches. The arch may be high or low depending on whether it is a short heart shaped face or a long heart shaped face. The idea is to keep the width regular- neither too bushy nor too thin.


6. The diamond face


The most striking feature of this face shape is the wide cheekbones. The aim is to draw attention away from them and even out the face. A curved eyebrow comes in handy as it softens the angular quotient as the arch gives it an illusory elongated appearance.


I am sure you’d now have quite some tips for your stylist! :)

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Which Eyebrow Shape Shall Suit Your Face?
Your eyebrow shape can make or break your look. Don't believe me? Find out which one shall suit your face shape...
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