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The Quintessential Festival Makeup Trends That You CANNOT Miss Out On!

The festival season is upon us, and I am sure you are as excited as I, about the new trendy ideas on makeup for festival! The out-there makeup looks are what all of us secretly want to try, but if the venue or the occasion is not right, and you are not ballsy enough to go for an out-of-place-look, it isn’t a good idea. But now that the festival season is here, it is high time you have some makeup fun!

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From brightly pigmented eye shadows to metallic lip shades, we have got them trendy makeup for festival covered. Before we go into the glittery and bold trends that go well with all festive looks, allow me to let you in on some festival beauty tips.

1. Weather check!

Though winter is here, do not trying saving up on your sunscreen! SPF is essential even if it rains or snows.

Experts suggest that you cherry-pick an oil-free sunscreen since that will protect your skin.

2. Dirt removal

Wipes are INDISPENSABLE this festive season. These will be your best friends to avoid breakouts. Try going for a natural brand that is free of chemicals.

Experts recommend an Aloe Vera based wipe.

3. Spot treatment

No one maintains a good skincare routine during festivals, so I won’t charge you guilty for that, coz who isn’t, right?! However, since the season won’t spare you the break outs, you will need a quick remedy to treat, not just spots, but also mosquito bites or cuts.

According to experts, the tea-tree-oil-based blemish sticks are the best for their anti-bacterial properties.

4. Keep the skin hydrated, ALWAYS

You must have a skin tonic spray handy with you. This will not only help you keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, but will also make your skin feel fresh and smell divine!

Experts want you to try an instant skin tonic spritzer with a hydrating floral essence.

5. Stay protected from germs

It is in this season that you will visiting places that, certainly, aren’t the cleanest of environments, right? A natural anti-microbial hand gel should have a place in your kit before anything else!

Experts suggest you pick a gel that is alcohol-free and doesn’t form foams, for obvious reasons.

6. Bling is still the in-thing

No matter how old you are, festivals require you to over dress and splurge on that glitter! In your face colors, topped with glitters, is the best way to play with eyeliners, this time of the year.

Experts say you should go for an uber-dramatic look with eye shadow dabbed over the eyelid and a sharp winged upper lash-line.

7. Lips that are ready to rock-n-roll!

If you are a festival goer who likes keeping it fuss-free and wants to spend time catching up with friends and dancing like crazy, rather than indulging in makeup, just put on a lippie that is bright, and you are sorted!

For an instant yet glammed up look, try a shade that is vivid, something like cerise.

8. A cure for your hangovers!

‘tis the season. Period! You are going to overdo your vodkas and tequilas, and so, make sure you are stashed with rehydration sachets. These will help you restore the balance between natural salts and fluid, and will ensure a quick recovery, so that you can go booze-binging again the next day! 😉

Pro tip: Try a rehydration tonic with a lemon or a honey base.  

9. Touch ups are a must!

Makeup always needs extra help to stay the way you want it to, no matter the weather is great or the sun is shining bright or it is bucketing cats and dogs! A spray to set your makeup is what you need to look fresh as a daisy throughout the day (or night).

Experts suggest you splurge on a makeup setting spray that comes in a bottle, which is friendly travel-size and fits in your purse.  

10. The ultimate hair trick!

Before you go go (I am all Wham, at the moment!) do not miss out on a professional blow dry. This will ensure that your hair looks oh-so-good during the course of the evening.

Pro-tip: Pick a fuss-free dry shampoo that absorbs the extra oil, lends your body hair, and keeps it smelling sweet.

Let us now move on to the trendy and on-point makeup for festival, shall we?

1. Glitter underbrows

Last year, we were gluing glitter on top of our eyebrows, something that hurt our precious brows, right? This season is all about the underbrow trend, in which you glue the sparkles below your brows to highlight your brow bone.

2. Hair gems

This Instagram trend is spreading like wildfire, and why shouldn’t it! When removing the gems, all you got to do is take some hair oil and rub it with your fingertips onto the back of the hair gem. This will breakdown the glue and the gem will slip off your hair effortlessly.

3. Metallic lips

If you are still not excited about the festive season, this trend will pick you up! Nude metallics are so rad, and they are the easiest way to slip into the bold trend!

4. Blue eyeshadow

Teal eye shadow is what you need right now! Dampen your brush a little to get an opaquer look. For a subtle and soft finish, apply a dry eye shadow and ditch liquid, say the pros!

5. Hair stenciling

This one is one hell of a colorful hair trend that I, for sure, will be trying it, this season! You can pick vibrant geometric shapes or go all cloudy and dreamy with the stencils.

6. Glitter roots

This trend isn’t for the faint hearts! But if you want to give it a try, all you need is a jar of sparkles and some hair pomade! Now go nuts and try some rainbow glitter roots!

7. Double buns

Kendall Jenner’s double buns (no pun intended!) are taking the fashion world by storm! And maybe, we will soon see Harry Styles become the first male celeb sporting a double man bun, who knows?! If you are still not sure about going all in, try an Ariana Grande double bun first!

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8. Coral lippies

Maybelline’s Keep Me Coral is a lovely lippie shade with brown warm undertones. The creamy finish lends your lips that smooth finish and the bright glitter warrants a rich lip look.

That’s a wrap from us! Which of these makeup trends will you be trying this festive season? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Featured image source: Pinterest 

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The Best Guide For Makeup For Festival: You Cannot Miss Out On This One!
The festival season is officially here! Are you aware of what trends are making waves this season? Here's your guide for makeup for festival!
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