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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Blush For Dry Skin

Different skin types can lead to makeup having a completely different affect on your skin, even though it is the same product at the end of the day. Dry skin is very different from oily skin, and you have to be very particular about choosing your makeup when you have dry skin. This includes choosing the best blush for dry skin, which won’t dry out your skin further, and damage your skin.

Dry skin tends to get flaky and cracked because this particular skin type loses moisture pretty quickly. When you choose the wrong makeup for your skin type, then the flakiness and the dry patches of skin get highlighted. This also leads to an uneven application. Since most cosmetic products contain some amount of artificial chemicals, they are also likely to dry out your skin even more. It can also make your makeup look super cakey and patchy, which you can avoid when you know which products are particularly suited for your skin type.

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You essentially need to look for blushes which not only give you long-lasting coverage, but also moisturize your skin, so that you can look flawless, while nourishing your skin at the same time. Before we can look at the best blush for dry skin, here are some skin care tips you can find handy, if you have dry skin.

  • Do not wash your face more than twice a day. It strips your face of essential oils and moisture, and makes it even drier.
  • Use face cleansers which contain ceramides, which is a compound which holds together the outermost layer of the skin and keeps it moisturized.
  • Use a natural exfoliating cream or scrub to exfoliate your skin at least two to three times a day. This gets rid of the dead cells which pile up on the surface of your skin and prevent it from retaining moisture and instead, makes it look flaky and dry.
  • Use hydrating moisturizers for your face so that your skin is stimulated and looks fresh. You can even use this as a base before you apply your makeup, so that the layers which will go on top don’t dry your skin out.
  • Use makeup from good companies and brands, because the less chemicals you expose your skin to, the healthier your skin is going to be, and the more flawless your makeup is going to look.

Now that you are prepped and ready to flaunt that flawless makeup, here are out top tips to find the perfect blush for dry skin!

1. Know your skin tone : One of the most important factors that you have to consider when buying makeup is your skin tone. Even though it is true that you can rock any color and any makeup when you have the confidence, it is also true that certain kinds of blushes suit certain people more than others. That being said, choosing your blush according to your complexion- light, olive or dark, can give you better coverage, and make you look even more appealing.

  • If you have light skin, then you should definitely go for roses, peaches or soft pinks, which give you the perfect tinted blush while at the same time, make you look edgy enough for a party. You should also look for hydrating and moisturizing formulas, and avoid powder blushes, and that could highlight the flakiness. Here is what we recommend if you have pale, dry skin.

Dior Cheek & Lip Glow

Bobbi Brown Blush in Pretty Pink

Becca Beach Tint

  • If you have a medium or olive complexion, then you should go for a little more saturation in your blush. Dense pinks, buildable corals, true pinks, soft orange and a vibrant peach are all colors which would bloom on your skin, giving you a wonderful coverage and extra glow. Here is what we recommend if you have dry, olive toned skin.

Yves Saint Laurent Crème de Blush

 Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush

Le Blush Crème de Chanel

  • If you have dark skin tone, then you can almost get away with powder blushes which aren’t as hydrating as the rest, because your skin tone doesn’t allow for conspicuous flakiness. You should definitely try out colors like dark corals, shimmery browns, spiced plums, reds and deep pinks and oranges, for that popping cheekbone makeup. Here is what we recommend for you, if you have dry, dark skin.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

MAC Casual Color

Maybelline New York Master Hi-Light by FaceStudio

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2. Decide on the occasion : Depending how where you are planning to wear your blush, you can moderate the shade, intensity and tone. When you are putting makeup on dry skin, it tends to get super flaky, so when choosing your blush for the occasion, you have to look at the formula and the longevity that the blush promises.

  • If you are prepping for something casual or formal, then stick to the basics. A sheer blush with only the slightest matte finish will give you a wonderful, gentle blush, without making you look too over the top. It is also a good option to go for lighter shades like peach, pink, light coral and light plum, instead of the dark, popping shades which won’t make you look casual at all. Here is what we recommend if you have dry skin, and are dressing for a casual or formal day out.
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If you have been avoiding blushes because you have dry skin, avoid no more because here are our top tips and picks for the best blush for dry skin!
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