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Here’s Why A Person With ENFJ Personality Traits Is The Best To Fall In Love With

Understanding who you are as a person and knowing what category you fall into when it comes to your personality type is all a part of the process known as self-awareness. When you are aware of yourself, you understand yourself better and are able to function in society with ease. Your personality is not only a cool thing to know about, but also very important with regards to your daily behavior and attitude. It affects every single aspect of your life, including your choices, decisions, relationships, etc. One of the best ways in which you can determine your personality is by checking out the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which can classify your personality into one of sixteen types. Today, we are going to be talking about ENFJ personality traits, and how it affects relationships.


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The MBTI test consists of a series of questions which you are expected to answer truthfully, so that the test can understand your perspective and attitude, which can finally determine your personality type. It shows you how you are likely to behave in certain situations, what your dominant character traits are, how confident and assured you are, and your weaknesses which are characteristic of your personality type. All this is determined based on qualitative answers that you give.

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The 16 personalities which can come as possible results on the test are further divided into 4 broad categories. These are:


Each of the personalities under these categories has something in common, which is why they are grouped under one category.

Today, we are going to talk about the ENFJ personality traits, which falls under the second category, which is Diplomats.

About ENFJ Personalities

ENFJ stands for extraversion, intuition, feeling and judgment. According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, these people are defined as ‘Protagonists.’ The reason people with an ENFJ personality type are referred to as protagonists, is because they behave like one, and their role in society is always associated with their relationship with others. They are often the leader-like people that we have in our lives who assume administrative functions, including our mentors, guides, bosses, teachers, politicians, etc. who are very adept at inspiring and encouraging others, and often shine out as examples or sources of inspiration.


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They have the confidence to take initiative in situations where most people would feel the need to back out or take a back seat. There are few problems and sticky situations that a Protagonist would not tackle head on, and they often emerge with the brightest and more creative solutions to problems.

They are hyper-involved with the people around them, and are often dependent on them for validation and attention. In fact, they tend to thrive on the general admiration and awe that people have towards them, and their ability to lead and direct.

What makes them vulnerable however is the fact that this involvement might become too deep-seated, and they may start getting too invested in the lives and problems of others. They tend to forget about their own ambition, motives and goals when trying to help or listen to another, and may vicariously live their lives through the problems of others. This can make them vulnerable and easy for other people to take advantage of their kindness and genuine concern.

They are instinctively altruistic, seeking out ways in which they can make the lives of everyone around them comfortable and convenient, even at the cost of their own comfort and convenience.

ENFJ Personalities and Relationships

What we have discussed till now is what personality actually is, how it is determined, and the dominant characteristic traits of one particular personality type, which is ENFJ, or the Protagonist. However it is important to understand that personality is a broad umbrella under which various aspects of life function, and are directly affected by your personality. Of these aspects, one of the most important things is the relationships that one has in their lives. Your personality can directly affect that kind of relationship you get into, and the way that your relationship will play out.

Because of the giving and altruistic nature of the ENFJ personality type, there is a very distinct quality to the relationships that these kind of people are in. Here is a relationship map for the ENFJ personality type, outlining the potential features of your relationships, and how you are likely to behave in one.

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1. Meeting people

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ENFJ personality types are sensitive and extraverted, which makes them easily emotionally available to people. They don’t have trouble opening up to strangers. They are also very dependent on relationships for emotional support and external validation, which means they are always open to getting into relationships, without taking them causally or engaging in flings.

When it comes to selecting partners, they are eager, but careful, gauging whether their potential partners have the same level of commitment as them when in a relationship. People are attracted to them because of their pleasant personalities, their humor and optimism.

2. Early stages of a relationship

Protagonists are very intuitive and gauge the dynamics of a relationship very early on. In fact, they have incredible insught into their own selves, as well as others and are psychologically alert and precise. Because they are so invested in the lives of other people, they make sure that their partner feels comfortable and at home with them from the very start (a quality that they possess not only in romantic relationships, but with everyone they meet in life).

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They make use of conversation and sensitive behavior to understand their partners, and are very patient and understanding towards the people that they are involved with, a quality which is rare and highly sought after. They show their appreciation for their partners through physical affection and by showing concern for them and allowing them to rise above themselves in all things.

3. Long-term relationships

Protagonists usually get into relationships for the long haul, and don’t care much for short-lived flings. They tend to love their partners with trust and honesty from the very beginning and are willing to do anything and sacrifice anything for the happiness and success of the people they love. Nothing makes them happier than their partner’s happiness, and they can often sacrifice their own benefits in order to make their partner’s happy.

They prefer routine and stability and do everything they can to avoid conflict and confrontation and sometimes even avoid things in order to keep the peace. They are selflessly dedicated to their partners, which is a quality that remains consistent throughout the years, and one can expect a loving, giving, fulfilling relationship when they are involved with a Protagonist.

4. Rough Patches

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Their tendency to sweep things under the carpet in order to avoid present problems and conflict can lead to deep-rooted issues in the future in their relationships, where unresolved issues from the past keep getting dragged into situations. They are also susceptible to getting their heart broken very easily, because not everyone comes with the same level of love and compassion that they do, right from the beginning of their relationship.

Sometimes in an effort to make their partners happy, they can lose sight of themselves and their goals and end up falling behind, or losing out on opportunities or a shot at their own happiness. In order to keep a stable relationship, it is important to ensure that both individuals are on the same page, and one doesn’t fall behind in an effort to uplift the other. The good this is, Protagonists have an incredible insight into who they are as people, and even though they tend to get carried away while trying to make their partners happy, they eventually realize what they are doing and get back on track. What is certain, however, is that they will leave no stone unturned to ensure mutual happiness, and make things right when things do go wrong.

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All in all, people with ENFJ personality traits are some of the kindest, most loving and giving people out there, who will inspire you, love you and instill you with optimism and positivity with their go-getting and happy attitude. They are truly some of the best people to fall in love with, not only because of the great characteristic traits that they possess as leaders and guides, but also because they covet a healthy relationship above and beyond everything else in their lives.

It is the responsibility of the partner of the Protagonist to be as concerned about their well-being, as they are of the people they love. They are true believers in mutual happiness, and are some of the most selfless and kind people out there, who can only enrich your lives in more ways than one.

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