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Meghan Trainor Shares Bad Experience On Dating App Tinder

Seems like quite a few celebrities are smitten with the popular dating app Tinder. After unconfirmed reports of single actor Leonardo DiCaprio using Tinder looking for love, actress, singer, and former Lizzie McGuire spoke out about how she was looking for normal, regular guy on Tinder. Now, rumors are flying around in the Internet ether that the 27-year-old actress might be recording her dates on Tinder with a potential reality TV show in mind. Now, the All About That Bass singer Meghan Trainor has revealed that she had tried the popular dating app, without anything to show for it.

It isn’t a big secret that the 21-year-old hit maker is looking for love. She has been pretty vocal about it, what with her singing about her ongoing search for her ‘dear future husband’ in her song. During a recent interview by Shazam Top 20, Trainor talked about her experience searching for love, also admitting that she had tried Tinder. But to her bad luck, her experiences of trying to meet boys via the app left much to be desired. And she’s not going back to the app anytime soon either, thanks very much!

meghan trainor

Meghan Trainor

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

The singer said,

“Tinder. I was on that for a hot week when I wasn’t famous. Then these dudes hit me up. One kid said, ‘Do you wanna hook up in my mom’s car?’ I said, ‘Not really.’ And he was like, ‘You’re missing out.’ I said, ‘I’m sure. Deuces.’ Like, that’s all I got from Tinder.”

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Although Meghan Trainor’s experience on Tinder seem pretty tame when compared to some of the horror stories that are doing the rounds on the Internet, she only had good words for Hillary Duff, who’s pretty active on the app. Meghan met Hillary recently, and the two got along pretty well.

“That’s my girl. I recently met her,” Meghan Trainor said about Hillary Duff. “She’s the coolest person ever.”

Further along the interview, when asked about what she prefers in men outside of Tinder, Meghan agreed that she would prefer ‘classy guys with their own apartments.’

“That’s the goal!” said Meghan. “Or at least a job would be nice. A job. Get a job. Don’t have your mom’s car.”

Check out the snippet from the interview here:

In another of her interviews to the US edition of Marie Claire magazine, Meghan revealed that she doesn’t need to be impressed with a fancy or perfect date.

“Coolest date I’ve ever been on: The guy set up a night of bowling. We didn’t have bumpers, so I had to pick up my game. He won. He didn’t even try to be polite and let the girl win. But I got a strike and he didn’t, so I felt like I won, you know?” she said.

In a chat with Seventeen magazine, Trainor admitted that she hadn’t kissed a boy in ‘forever,’ and also hoping that her patience would pay off in the long run.

“I keep telling myself that the right guy is going to be worth the wait,” she said. “When I find the one, it’s going to be like, ‘Damn, that’s why you took so long! ‘Cause you’re awesome!”

Well, we sure hope that the cute singer’s patience does pay off in the end and she finds her ‘one’ soon enough. Good luck, Meghan Trainor!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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Meghan Trainor: Tinder Turned Me Off
Meghan Trainor confessed on a recent radio show that she had tried the dating app Tinder, but had been put off by it. Read more about it here.
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