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Runaway Bride, the bridal race

Remember the movie “Runaway Bride”, where the protagonist Maggie Carpenter, left three men at the altar, and is in the process of trying to get hitched for the fourth time? The publicity poster of the movie showed Julia Roberts donning a pair of sneakers with a beautiful wedding dress. What do you say if we told you there is an actual event where women do exactly what Julia Roberts did in the movie? Well, almost the same.

Welcome to the Bridal Race!

brides with wedding dresses and sneakers, getting ready for the run

Brides with wedding dresses and sneakers, getting ready for the run

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In the city of Belgrade, the Serbian capital, around 100 brides-to-be gather for the annual Bridal Run every year. It is a 150-metre dash on the streets of the capital city. The catch – all the ladies are dressed in wedding dresses, paired with comfortable sneakers. Before the race begins, the ladies stretch their muscles and keep a sharp eye on the finishing line. After all, they’re all there for the prize – a dream wedding and the wedding dresses they have on.

It’s a breathless dash of around 100 brides with raised wedding dresses and the slap-slap of their sneakers on the asphalted street. And one lady came out on top, finishing the dash in just 19 seconds. Whew!

The organizer of the annual event, Zorica Jovanovic told Today’s THV, “[We] want to show our enthusiasm for sports through this event.”

And one of the ladies who lost, jokingly said, “My groom was waiting for me at the finish line, but (since I didn’t win), the wedding is off this year.”

bridal race

Brides making a dash to the finish line

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It isn’t without merit that brides-to-be are referred to as Bridezilla a la Godzilla. We just hope that the ladies don’t trip and break their legs in their mad dash towards their dream wedding.

On your mark, get set, go!

Would you participate in a similar race, if given a chance?

Featured image source: Shutterstock

Chaitra Ramalingegowda

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