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Make Haste Before It Melts: Here’s All The Fun Ways We Are Taking To The Ice Cream Nail Art Trend

One of the things that we love about nail art is that when it comes to putting stuff on their nails, people absolutely lose all forms of control. However, this is the kind of anarchy in art that we appreciate, which is why we have decided that we are obsessed with the new ice cream nail art trend. I mean, what could we possibly hate about it? It’s ice cream. On your nails. Here are all the reasons why you need to get yourself this scrumptious looking manicure right now.

1. Your nails look edible

Not only do you get to have melty ice cream designs on your nails, but you also have the cone and the entire shebang with details and highlights, which totally matches your cone of ice cream.

2. You can express yourself

By painting all the things in life that really matter on your nails, such as rainy weather and ice cream. It looks minimalistic and super cute as well so you don’t have to worry about non-matching nails and clothes.

3. There is no limit to the amount of ice cream you can put on your nails

The best thing about ice cream nail art is that you can have as many numbers or types of ice creams that you want on your nails, and have ice cream cones rain from your cuticle to the tip of your nail so that you establish yourself as the dessert queen that you are.

4. Your nails can express the happiness that ice cream induces in you

Ice cream instinctively induces in you a belligerent smile, which you can paint on your ice cream which is on your nail so that there is no end to the happiness that you feel.

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5. There is nothing more fascinating than bejeweled 3D ice creams on your nails

Imagine having realistic representation of ice creams on your nails, with your sharp edges doubling up as the cone and jewels to bring out the sexiness that is the ice cream.

6. Your nails can actually look like a real scoop of vanilla ice cream

Right down to the grooves and texture of some great quality vanilla ice cream, your nails too can look yummy and delicious and can easily double up as a scoop of soft-serve. Also, glitter nails with ice cream nail art is giving us quite a few wicked ideas (Hint: galaxy nails).

7. You flaunt the real you, aka, the ultimate ice cream enthusiast

With patterns and colors that make you look like some sort of ice cream pro, you can finally express the real you by creating an actual ice cream on your nails and then accentuating it with glitters and other edible looking colors.

8. You can experiment with your choice of topping

Not only do you get multi-colored ice creams on your nails, but also you can attempt to recreate your choice of topping, whether it is sprinkles or chocolate chip and mint or the quintessential cherry on top.

9. Your nails can even look like a fancy ice cream catalog

This is the kind of thing that you will have no qualms splurging on because come on, it is ice cream on your nails. This is why you can even make your nails looks as fancy as possible with artistically drawn ice creams which can even double up as a catalog, which is like the model version of the real deal.

The only possible disaster that could occur is that before you can show your ice cream nail art off to every single living acquaintance of yours, you might accidentally destroy it with your teeth. 😛

Featured image source: Youtube

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The Fun Ways We Are Taking To The Ice Cream Nail Art Trend
Yes, you read that right - ice cream nail art - how COOL is THAT!
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